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Aldi’s Grocery Haul

Since I always stock up on butter at Aldi’s during the Thanksgiving sales, I went and got the limit of 6 lbs. today. It was $ 2.49 a lb. It was $1.97 last year but inflation has taken it’s toll. Considering that butter is $ 5.69 in other stores in my area, this was a great deal. We use about 30 lbs. of butter a year because I cook with it. I had 15 left in my freezer and fridge. So I have 9 more lbs. to purchase and will do that over the next couple of weeks.

We were also out of the turkey tenderloins and Hubby really loves them so I purchased one at $ 6.49. He loves his coleslaw and we had none so I got this one at $ 1.69. He likes it cut finer than this but he will cut it finer himself.

They had no heavy whipping cream and the three stores that I have been in the last couple of weeks have had none either. Since I had 2 Half and Half in the fridge and I will now be using it, I picked up one more at $ 2.65. We both love the clear flavored waters so I picked up 5 more at $ .69 each plus bottle deposit. We have quite a stockpile of them.

Broccoli is my favorite veggie and we will be having it at Thanksgiving so I picked up one more at $ .95.

I picked up some French style green beans at the 2019 price of $ .49 each and some Cream of Chicken soup at that price also. They will go in my long term stockpile. My total for this Aldi’s haul was $ 35.60!

I have never seen my Aldi’s so crowded even on the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas week. There were only 4 carts left outside when I went into the store. Many, many people were stocking on all of those 2019 prices. They were buying cases of things. If they need them, it is a great time to do that.

When I went by my Super Walmart on the way home, there were hardly any cars there. Probably because Aldi has these 2019 prices on Thanksgiving items and Walmart just reduced them to last year’s price. With prices rising so fast, people want the best prices they can get.

I was worried that the butter would be depleted by the time I got to Aldi’s. I had an appointment at 9am this morning to get the snow tires put on the SUV. So I didn’t get to Aldi’s until 11am. They still had about 24 lbs. in the refrigerated case. That made my day! I haven’t paid full price for butter in years.

Speaking of the snow tires, we get this done every fall and then have them taken off in the spring. I paid $ 81.29 to get that done today. I assume it will be the same in the spring or maybe a little higher. I discussed with Hubby when I got home why we have never purchased wheels to have the snow tires mounted on. Then we wouldn’t have to pay this price twice a year. He or one of my sons could easily put them on. I told him that I think we should check out buying 4 wheels for the extra set of tires. I realize it would be an outlay up front but it will save us about $ 162.+ a year or even more as the price goes up every time we have it done.

We will be having leftover stew for the fourth dinner this week. Then it will be gone. Use up your leftovers, don’t throw them out!

Did anyone save on any Thanksgiving items this week? Come share with us and tell us what store you got them at.

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I went to Aldi yesterday and got the butter deal too. I also got 4 boxes of their stuffing mix at 75 cents each. I needed mayonaisse, and usually in the not too distant past, I could get Aldi’s brand for a bit less than 2 dollars. When I looked today I was shocked. It was 3.59!!!!! That was a 100% markup. I hadn’t bought mayo in quite a while obviously but that was ridiculous. I knew I could get ShopRite’s brand for 1.99 when it goes on sale so I am just going to wait until the next sale. Two weeks ago I snagged a great deal on bacon at Aldi. Their Applegate bacon was on sale for 1.99 because it was near expiration date. I grabbed 4 packages, portioned them out into ziploc bags and froze them.

Hi Mary,

It’s good to hear from you. Yeah on getting the butter deal. I noticed the stuffing. That was a very good deal. Wow. That mayonaisse is really high. I love that you scored on the bacon. It kind of reminds me when I scored the rolls of sausage meat really cheap when they were expiring. We are still using them. I cut them into patties for a lot of our Sunday breakfasts with our family. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Precious, this is Chris. I am still making my Aldi list. Last night I opened the last jar of applesauce so it is time to go. Yesterday I went to Kroger and got groceries. I happened on a boneless skinless chicken breast deal for 1.94/lb on the markdown meat so bought 4 packages. Made some for family dinner and froze the rest. I also had a $5 coupon off my meat purchase so Yay! Otherwise it was just the usual things I get. Raspberries and blackberries were .99 ea for the small packages so that was nice. Pasta was .79/box, cottage cheese 1.49 for small container, cream of chicken soup for .89, coffee 5.99 for 25 oz. were some of the deals I got.

We were at Aldi also stocking up on some really good stuff! I very rarely use butter unless it’s on toast or you’re going to eat it as is. I prefer cooking and baking with margarine. Aldi’s used to sell it at .79 cents a pound. Now, it’s up to $1.49. I stocked up on that. Gonna be baking a lot of cookies this season!

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