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Frugal Things This Weekend and Today

Since I like to cook 12-16 ounces of bacon at a time, I decided to fry a 12 ounce package in my electric fry pan on Saturday. My pan is large so I can put all the strips in at once. My natural gas to cook on the stove is much more expensive to use. So we now have bacon for a few days. I made eggs for me this morning and Hubby had some of his homemade Keto pancakes that I had put in the freezer.

I have been rearranging things in my freezer so that I can get another turkey or two in my freezer. I have been taking things out of the packaging and using my food saver to repackage them. As of Saturday I still didn’t have all of the prices for my area yet. But whatever the prices are, it will be the cheapest meat we can buy.

I was going to go to Top’s on Saturday to get the cheap celery with a Super Coupon. I was hemming and hawing about spending the gas even though I had to also fill the car up. So I looked up Walmart’s reduced price for the celery as part of their reduction for Thanksgiving and found it was $ .98. Top’s with the coupon was $ 1.29. I will go on Monday to Top’s, Aldi’s, and Walmart. They are all a block apart. Top’s has Rao’s spaghetti sauce for $ 5.29 after an e-coupon and cream cheese for $ 1.39 after a Super Coupon. I will tank up my car while I am there too since I have $ .20 off a gallon there that makes it the cheapest place to buy gas. I have a small list for Aldi’s and a little bigger list for Walmart. This way I can get all my shopping done and tank up the car in one trip.

Hubby and I have been using up the shampoo, lotion, toothpaste, and mouthwash that he brought home from the hospital.

My son and grandson came for breakfast on Sunday. We had sausage, bacon, and eggs that I pulled out of the freezer. The eggs made perfect scrambled eggs so I know that I can freeze whole eggs with no issues.

My son helped Hubby put the grill in the shed for the winter, put the cover on our huge patio umbrella for the winter, put the snow tires in the back of the SUV so that I can get them put on the car this week, and move the snowblower from the shed to the garage in case I need it to do the sidewalk this winter. My other son will tune it up and get it ready for the winter when he comes for Thanksgiving.

On Sunday, I put two sirloin steaks(I had no stew meat) in the crockpot along with a whole bunch of fresh veggies. I used a little bit of low sodium beef broth thickened with xanthan gum. It was delicious and it made enough for the next two nights or more.

I have always wondered but never did the research to find out which of the lights in my kitchen take the most energy. I have 5 indoor LED recessed flood lights in the ceiling over my counters. I also have two ceiling lights in the center of the kitchen that take 3- 5W LED bulbs each. So that is 6 bulbs when they are on. My research told me that at night when we are using lights now that it is daylight saving time, it is cheaper to turn on the flood lights than the 5W ceiling lights. So that is what we will always do.

I ran a full load of dishes and air dried them. I did one load of wash in cold water and hung it to dry.

Today is Monday. I was up and out early to run errands. I filled the car up with gasoline. I used my $ .20 off per gallon points so I paid $ 3.599 a gallon.

Then I went in to Top’s to grocery shop. I thought I was prepared but I missed the fine print in the ad that advertised the $ .58 price on their store brand turkeys. You had to spend $30. without the turkey included in that to get that price. I only had a couple of other things on my list. So I got the cream cheese for $ 1.39 with the super coupon, the Rao’s spaghetti sauce for $ 5.29 after sale and e-coupon, and a SF cool whip for $ 2.79. Then I looked around the store to see what I might need that was on sale. They had the Bounty 4 double rolls on sale for $ 8.49. I had an e-coupon for $1.00 off on one. Since I was down to just one paper towel roll at home, I picked up 3 packages. The turkey was 18.87 lbs. at $ .58 a lb for a total of $ 10.94. Next time I will read the fine print in the ad online. UGH! I will not be doing that again.

But anyhow, I got my second turkey. I might be able to buy another one on sale somewhere when I take one out to defrost for Thanksgiving. That is if there are any left in the stores. At these prices, it is the cheapest meat you can buy. I like to cook one every couple of months over the winter. Then I food saver the meat and use it in place of chicken. I always make bone broth from the carcasses and skin and can it. That way I don’t have to buy it. So if you have the freezer space, think about getting a few turkeys for cheap protein.

Hubby is out mowing the lawn on his rider. He said the doctor said he could try it and if it bothered him to stop doing it. I have been watching him while I type this because he is making me very nervous. But to far so good.

We are going to catch up on the shows on the DVR from last night when he comes in.

Dinner will be leftover stew. The rest of the day, I will be working in the basement going through boxes and only keeping what we really need.

Did you do anything in the last three days to save money?

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Hi Precious. We had a good weekend. Friday evening we took out a 1000 piece puzzle to do, our first of the season. We trade puzzles with a group of friends so don’t have to buy too many of them any more. Sometimes we also get some from our family members for Christmas or birthday gifts.

Saturday we had our little granddaughters over to spend the night. We made pizza instead of going out to eat and I made a pan of brownies. The leftover brownies I froze for dessert when we have family dinner on Thursdays. Hubby took the girls to get donuts on Sunday morning and I made eggs and coffee here while they went.

Sunday afternoon I went to Meijer since they are having their “buy 7 items or more and get each for $1” sale. They had some really good things this time, including bags of gala apples, 12 oz cans of Planters peanuts, big aseptic cartons of broth, and the usual frozen veggies I get on this sale. There were other good things included in the sale, like pretzels and blocks of cream cheese, but I didn’t need this time. I also got some things for the Thanksgiving baskets at church. I spent 63.xx and saved 51.xx, which I thought was excellent in this time of inflation.

While I was out, I stopped at the Dollar Tree for a few items, and also Pet Supplies Plus. I had decided to get kitty a new collar for Christmas since hers is pretty worn now, and I found a really pretty one on clearance for her for 3.98. Both of these stores are across the street from Meijer, so did a good job combining trips.

Hi Chris,

I love that you like big puzzles. We do also. I wish we were neighbors so we could trade. There is nothing better than homemade pizza. Those are great $1. deals. I love the apples and nuts. Wow, what a savings!

Precious, you did really well on that turkey!! We got a 14 lb Butterball from Aldi @$1.07 a pound. We already had a turkey breast in the freezer but hubby wanted a full bird this holiday. We had a hard time finding celery. That was a great price you got at WalMart but I haven’t been inside a WalMart in years. I usually order online from them.
I know we saved money this past month But we’ve been stocking up on wood pellets for our new stove. Naturally of course they upped the price. Nonetheless, we had to buy 2 tons. Ugh. They did, however, give us $10 off from our order, as a carry over from last years order. So, that was good. I returned a few of the new clothes I bought since I never went to the theater. So, I got about a $25 refund credit. I keep track of how much we charge on our credit cards. I have a monthly tap of $1500. So, I told hubby we almost reached our limit and to be very careful till the next billing cycle(I pay off our two cards in full every month) and what did he do the very next day? He bought himself a drill at $125. You gotta love this man!! We’re two opposites. Anyway, it worked out fine. He just had to have it!!!
Tonight I made lentils with veggies in the Instant Pot for dinner. Over rice. It was delicious. Lunch was my homemade hummus and pita bread with cucumbers, tomatoes & red onions. I try to go meatless on Mondays. We’ve been enjoying the warm weather. No heat on!!!
All is good.

Hi Cindi,

That is a great price for the Butterball. I bought mine weeks ago at $ 1.59 lb. because I was worried that if I waited there might not be any. But even at that price, it is cheap meat.I decided to have a delivery instead of actually going into Walmart so my delivery is coming in about an hour. I bet those pellets will be cheaper to use than natural gas or electric. Yeah on the $10.00 off. I am glad you returned some of the clothes. There was no sense keeping them when you didn’t go. I do the same with our credit cards. I actually had two under $1000. ones this month. One was $ 297. and the other was $997. Not too bad. But we charge drugs, gasoline and dental appointments plus some monthly bills on them. But they do get paid in full when we receive them. One will be huge this month because we each have dental cleanings, x-rays, etc. But I like getting the rewards. That drill purchase made me laugh! Perhaps that drill will save money in the long run. Your meals sounds delicious! This warm weather has been terrific but Friday the temps are going to drop to below normal. UGH! However we are going to enjoy these 3 days of warmth.

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