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My Grocery Shopping This Week

I ran all of our errands on Monday. The car got filled up with gasoline and the prescriptions got picked up at the drugstore.

At Niagara Produce I was happy to find these bags of red and Yukon potatoes since they are in such short supply. They were $ 3.99 each. I also got 2 packages of bacon for $3.99 each.

At Top’s I picked up this large package of 80/20 ground beef for $ 2.99 a lb. with a super coupon which lowered the price at the register. The bananas were $ .55 a lb. They had celery on sale on B1G1F. When I looked at it, they had chopped off the stems that were bad and were trying to pass them off as celery hearts. They were rusty on the ends where they were cut and they were more white than green. Needless to say I did not buy them. Instead I got a package of celery for $ 2.00 that looked fresh.

I used my food saver to repackage the meat into portion size future meals. The potatoes got put away so that they will last a few months. We rarely eat potatoes but when we do, I make baked, mashed, hash browns and French fries from them. The bacon will be gone in no time.

Lastly, I will be using the bananas to make smoothies. I have homemade vanilla yogurt to add to it. But most importantly, I have all different kinds of frozen berries in the freezer to use up in them. This will be my way of making room in the freezer for turkey deals at Thanksgiving time. I am hoping they have them and at a good price this year.

Did you get any good loss leader deals this week? Please share with all of us.

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It’s hit or miss for me at Tops. I shopped at Aldi this week after a 10 day hiatus. I was shocked at the prices. Some items were doubled, even tripled then the last time I was there! OMG! Thank goodness we can still afford to shop there BUT for how much longer??
I didn’t get any good deals this week. Just happy I was able to get anything. And that ‘anything’ cost me $130 bucks!

Hi Cindi,

I don’t think we will be shopping for much longer. So many things I have walked away from or substituted. We are done with any junk food. Some of those bags that used to be $ 2.99 are now $ 7.00. It is going to be popcorn popped in our air popper or tortilla chips that I can sparingly use for meals like taco salad which we are going to have tonight for dinner.

It doesn’t take long to spend $130. The truly sad part is that I don’t see an end in site.

I too am trying to cut out the expensive snacks and other convenience foods that have exploded in price and are really less nutritious. More baked goods, popcorn, my own seasoned crackers etc. I think our health should improve too. Tortillas chips, as you said eaten sparingly, are my last hold out.

Hi Sam,

I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks this junk food is way overpriced. We will be baking as soon as the A/C can be turned off. We have a hot end of the week and weekend predicted. You are so right about health improving too.

Thanks for sharing. I am happy to hear from you.

Hi Precious. I got my grocery shopping done this morning and am happy to say I stayed in my budget. I have $1 and some change left. LOL! I took advantage of some of the holiday meat sales like for brats and whole chickens. Whatever hubby doesn’t want to smoke or grill I will put in the freezer. I got 10 cans of tomatoes and put in my stockpile. I think I will have enough for the year with what I already have, but will check again when they are on sale near Thanksgiving. Kroger also had Folgers coffee on a deal and I got a couple for my stockpile. I also stocked on cheese and some canned soft drinks since they were at a rock bottom price for the holiday weekend. I didn’t spend all my grocery money last week, so I had extra to buy b/c I knew there would be good deals for Labor Day weekend. I checked my condiment situation since they are on sale also, but I am ok. I had stocked July 4 week on those. Using cash for groceries is so freeing to me, I have been doing for over 10 years now. I was still surprised by the cost of eggs: carton of 18 is 3.99 now. Crazy!

Hi Chris,

Yeah on staying within your budget. You did terrific shopping all of those deals. I am curious as to what you paid for the whole chickens. You have to love cash for groceries. Eggs are crazy and we go through them so fast with my son and grandson coming for breakfast on Sundays and I eat them almost every morning. The 60 count are now down to $ 11.24.

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