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A Little of This and a Little of That

My company has left to go home. So I did my grocery shopping for the week at Top’s. There was not much that interested me this week. I opened the large pack of chicken legs to food saver them. Then I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture for you. The chicken legs were on loss leader for $ 1.19 a lb. This was 4 meals worth for us. We use the air fryer to cook them and then add heated Frank’s Hot Sauce mixed with butter to coat them. They have more meat than wings and these are cheaper for our football game meals this Fall.

They had rotisserie chickens on sale for $ 5.99 with a super coupon. Whole uncooked chickens were also on sale this week. However, this was already cooked and I don’t have to turn on my rotisserie oven and make the rub to cook it. I have a busy week so this suffices. I will take all of the meat off of it and freeze it into portions for future meals. Tonight, I will put the carcass in the crock pot overnight to make chicken bone broth. I may make soup this week or next.

The last thing I purchased was 2 sirloin steaks for $ 4.99 a lb. That is all I can fit in my little freezer. I am seriously considering purchasing another small freezer. Beef prices are down(at least for a while) because farmers culled many of their herds because they couldn’t afford to feed them. I will make a decision soon.

We really had a great relaxing time with our company. We only went to a party that we go to annually where a friend smokes briskets, pork bellies and this year she did peppers with cheese and bacon wrapped around them. They were delicious! She invited our extended family which we really appreciated! It was a lot of fun! The rest of the time, I cooked 3 meals a day and Hubby did all of the grilling. I am exhausted. But it was all worth it.

Food prices have risen so high that there are many things that I am just not purchasing any more. If they aren’t on loss leader and we can go without them, we do. I substitute many things. We are eating more salads this summer and we will be making more soups this fall. They are easy and cheaper to make especially the soups. We are making more salad dressings and condiments. We have a bread machine so we make breads. I do have some bread dough in the freezer that needs to be used up by baking it in the oven. But I won’t do that until the A/C has been off for the season.

We are eating leftovers for a few days because I refuse to waste them. So we have hamburgers, some pork tenderloin, cold cuts, wild rice, broccoli, corn on the cob, blueberry muffins and blueberry pancakes to use up. I won’t cook until they are gone. Then I will cook a meal that will last us 2-3 days. This is how I am keeping my utility bills down. More on that tomorrow.

Are you getting any good deals this week?

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You did better than me as far as those chicken legs go. I paid $1.29 for legs and thighs. I freezer pack in groups of 4 (hubby eats 3. I eat 1) and I got at least 12 meals out of the bunch. We have an extra, stand up freezer. So we had room. My husband loves sirloin but I love NY Strip or porterhouse steaks, so e got those at $5.99 (but remember there’s a bone! ugh!)
I’ve been eating leftovers. If fact, at times, I can’t believe what I am eating! In the ‘before time’ I used to throw these ‘crap’ leftovers away. Not anymore. I sit down and eat them next day or whatever. Or I re-use in another recipe BUT I use ’em!!
Saving all my bones to make chicken broth for the winter too. It’s going to be soup, soup, soup!!! LOL.
Still having fun and enjoying life, so it’s all good, right?

Hi Cindi,

We each eat 2 of those legs. They were a good price. I would love a stand up freezer but I have a chest and it is small. We also love those steaks and filet mignon. However, since Covid the quality has been very poor around here. That is why we are eating sirloins. They are delicious.

We will be eating soup a lot also. It is economical and nutritious~

Hi Precious. We did a Costco run last night with our daughter. I hate to say how much we spent, it was over $500, but she will pay for her family’s stuff. I did stick to my list for the most part, was only tempted by one extra package of cookies. LOL! I got a couple of things that were in the sale flyer: Activia yogurt, dishwasher tablets, and Charmin TP. I also got hubby’s nuts and small packages of chips and trail mix he can take for his lunch. It is cheaper than eating out every day so I don’t mind him getting these on occasion. We also needed trash bags, napkins, and yard waste bags for the fall. Hubby got some breakfast sandwiches to take to his office for the mornings he goes to the Y. I know I should take the time to make some for him, guessing it would be cheaper. I also got some Halloween candy and a Christmas present for little granddaughter. And between daughter and me, we bought 7 bottles of wine. (You get a 10% discount if you buy 6). We usually go to Costco once a quarter, so am thinking we will next need to go in late Nov and can take advantage of their Christmas sales if there is anything we need in the sale flyer. One thing I was very surprised they were out of was white vinegar. We asked an employee to be sure we didn’t miss it. The best we can figure is that more people are canning this time of the year and need it for that. I will get some at Kroger to tide me over and get it when we make our next trip.

Hi Chris,

You did great at Costco! They are going to build one here but it will be a year or two. I loved them when we lived in AZ. Sam’s Club will have to suffice for now.

Breakfast sandwiches are easy to make on either thin bagels or English Muffins. I used to make them when we had kids at home. Then just stack them all cooked in a double long bread bag and take out what you need for him. They are much cheaper to make and probably healthier too. If I lived close to you I would help you make them.

Yes vinegar is being stockpiled for canning and for cleaning. When it started to disappear I stocked on a few gallons.

Nice job on the wine and Christmas gift.

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