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Frugal Things This Past Week

 These are the things we have done frugally the past week:

All meals were made at home. No takeout or restaurant food was consumed. We enjoyed Cobb salad, lamb chops, Chef’s salad, turkey club BLT’s, tacos and soup.

We only spent $ 62.92 on food at the grocery store.

We washed the John Deere lawnmower to get most of the grass and dirt off from the spring and summer.

I received $ 11.00 in rebates in the mail.

I took cans and bottles back to Fast Cash and got $3.20 in deposits.

We had to turn on the heat because the temperature has dropped into the 40’s at night here. But we have it set low enough that it barely runs during the daytime.

I cut chives from our garden to put in a couple of omelets and on potatoes.

We watched the Bills game and a couple of Prime movies for entertainment. 

I washed some windows on the inside. With winter coming it is senseless to wash them outside in the Fall.

I purchased a couple of gifts that were on sale for Christmas.

We have decided our protection is important so we will not give candy out on Halloween. This breaks our hearts because we have done trick or treating for the kids the entire time we have been married. But since we are in the high risk group, we have decided it is not worth the risk. That said, I purchased two big bags of organic animal crackers that I will take to my two neighbors for their little ones to share. 

I am reorganizing my refrigerator so that it will be easier to not waste food. I am spring cleaning it while I am doing it. This is a slow process because I pulled my back out a couple of days ago. I have been spending most of my time on the heating pad. When I just can’t lay down any more(which is very hard for me), I do a shelf or door bin. I will show it all to you when I am finished. 

Hubby washed all the dirt and grime off the front door to get that done for the winter. So many things need to be done and they are getting done but slowly. We need to speed it up because the month of October is predicted to be way colder this year than normal. 

I decided we will no longer eat microwave popcorn that you buy in the grocery store. Not only is it expensive compared to popping your own but the list of ingredients is not very healthy. So I have set up a popcorn area of my pantry with kernels, paper bags to use in the microwave, coconut oil, and an assortment of shake on flavorings. The flavorings probably aren’t healthy but are a lot better than the list of ingredients on what we have been using.

Well it is time to go and marinate a whole bunch of chicken breasts in some Italian dressing. Hubby will grill some for our dinner tonight and some that I can cut up and put in the freezer for some future quick meals. 

What have you done frugally this past week? Are you doing trick or treating this year at your home?

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We rarely have trick or treaters (live at the top of a hill), but will likely leave a bowl of candy out with a little sign inviting people to take some. We will leave it out on the end of our driveway (near the mailbox) vs on our front porch, to eliminate the need for anyone to get close. I'm not worried about people stealing it, because just get so few trick or treaters. We are unlikely to let our kids go out and I'll need to give some thought to how to keep them entertained at home, because they will be very sad.

We've done the basics this week – listing & selling things we don't need on eBay, got an old pogo stick out of our garage by selling it on FB marketplace, made meals at home, used our drying rack for most of our laundry, ate/froze leftovers, etc. Nothing super exciting, but it all adds up. Oh, and picked up a Friday Freebie at the grocery store to get creamer.

Hi HP,
Wow. Pogo sticks bring back memories of many, many years ago.

It certainly all does add up! I wish we still had Friday freebies here. Enjoy your creamer!

You had a good week.

Hi AD, this is Chris. It has been a quiet week here. We have been eating/freezing our leftovers. I went to the 10/10 sale at Meijer yesterday and got some things for my stockpile. They had bags of frozen pierogies included this time! I was so happy and bought several to try. Also the frozen pasta like tortellini and ravioli was on a decent sale so I got several of those for the freezer, too.

Our daughter was here with the baby this am, I am going to send you a picture of me with the baby, so check your email.

Just the basics here as usual. Fixing things ourselves, shopping with a list or just skipping it all together. Looking at GOODRX for any coupons for scripts when we need. Sent off for a couple of freebies, brought some extras goodies home from work instead of tossing.

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