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This Week’s Grocery Haul Plus

I just came home from getting a haircut so I decided to do this week’s grocery haul. I have been trying to efficiently do what needs to be done because we have been very busy and will be very busy for the next two weeks.

My shopping this week was at Aldi’s for some things I will need in the next few months.

The almonds were needed for a recipe this week. I found something new which is this 90 second cauliflower rice. That will be handy in the next week or so. I got some more 90 second rice for Hubby too. The mushrooms are to replace the ones I used. I use them in my omelets once in a while. Hubby likes the dried cranberries in his chicken salads.

I desperately needed dairy. Hence the creamer, 2 dozen eggs that were already in the fridge when I took the picture, sour cream and vanilla yogurt.

The applesauce, parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, and cornstarch are staples in my kitchen pantry. The picnic pack of condiments were marked down so those were a good purchase.

The baking powder, baking soda, vanilla extract, and cornstarch were needed staples especially for baking for the holidays. The cookies were a treat for Hubby. The cranberry sauce is to go with a small turkey that I will be cooking soon. I opened a new plastic wrap up yesterday so this is to replace it. Lastly the macadamia nuts are for my treat.

This is my receipt. I spent $ 57.70.

Hubby’s birthday was this past weekend so we celebrated with my son and West with a nice breakfast  along with a birthday cake that I made. I planned a nice dinner of filet mignon and baked potatoes for his dinner. We were going to have broccoli with it but Hubby said don’t bother because it was already enough food. So we counted the chives as our vegetable spice. He loved it and so did I. We grilled 4 filet mignons and made 4 potatoes in the air fryer so we had the same dinner last night. Bonus!

Also, look what I recently found. They only had one but you can bet, I grabbed them. My stores have not had them in two months or more. 

I will try my best to push out a couple of more posts this week but don’t panic if you don’t see any. We are well. This is always an extremely busy time of year for us plus we are trying to fit in some extra appointments that we hadn’t planned on. 

I hope you all have a great day and a good week.

Did you get any or are planning on purchasing any good deals this week? If so, please share with all of us.  

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I also shop Aldi for many things. Do you find the sour cream runny? The last 3 times I purchased it, it was very runny. I ended up buying sour cream at Tops. I like my sour cream to have some firmness to it.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Hope all is well there, thanks for letting us know you might not be around much this week and not to worry. Today I went to Meijer to get a free prescription and I used some of my mailer coupons that are going to expire on 10/4. I got all of the following for 9.68 with my coupons, and I mentioned some of the good deals: 1 gal milk (free), 1 doz eggs .79, bananas, 12 pack Dannon Activia (for hubby), 1 bag frozen mixed veggies, 1 I cant believe it's not butter, 1 bag pretzel rods. I thought this was good for all of that.

We have had a crazy week, I am going to write you an email after I am done here. Everything is ok now, though.

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