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Grocery Haul for this Week

The grocery ads were pretty sad this week as far as sale items go. So I made a trip to Aldi’s for some needed and not so needed things.

We needed some fresh mushrooms, yogurt, and the peppers for some meals this week. Whatever peppers we don’t use, I will slice and freeze for stir fries and pizza. It has been a long time since I had purchased spinach. I love it in my omelets and along with romaine in salads. I was almost out of the cream cheeses and use them in snacks on my diet. Hubby loves strawberry cream cheese on the bagels that I picked up for him. We always need creamer. The Skinny Pop is my guilty pleasure. The oats, applesauce and hand soap are stockpile items. The soap was so cheap. 

The triple candle was an impulse item. It is sugar cookie. I gave up burning candles when my grandchildren were born and went to the battery operated candles. But when I saw this and the price, I wanted it. My grandchildren are old enough now not to go near it. Hubby and I burned it almost all day yesterday. The entire house smelled wonderful.

Hubby loves rice. Since I rarely eat rice, I picked up these easy microwaveable rices. He is happy with them and it saves me time when I am pressed for it. That does not say that I won’t make rice. These are just handy once in a while.

The bread was needed for turkey BLT’s last night. I froze the rest of it. The Hawaiian rolls are needed for sliders this week. I am even going to have one. The rolls are small. The mashed potatoes are easy and a stockpile item. The macadamia’s are for my stockpile of them. It is a low carb nut that I can have once in a while. 

Here is my receipt for $ 56.96. The candle gets included in my grocery budget because it is a small household item that I purchased at a grocery store. Small little household items like this usually are included in my grocery budget. I will be picking up 2 Scotties tissues at Dollar Tree today. There was a coupon in the inserts for them yesterday. I have to go pick up a prescription at the drug store too.

Hubby and I took the weekend off and except for my grocery shopping we were just lazy. We watched the Bills game which we won. So that is two in a row. We spent some time in the yard just enjoying the cool weather. However, we did have to turn the heat on in the house. We have had cold nights and Hubby can’t take the cold. The house had gotten down to 64. We enjoyed grilled lamb chops and BLT’s for dinners.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  

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No really great deals here either. The only things half way decent price-wise are Jimmy Dean bacon for $3.99 and Purex laundry detergent 50oz (35 loads)for 2/$4 (must buy 2) at ShopRite. I have been putting off buying bacon for about 2 months waiting for it to go down to pre-pandemic prices but it hasn't so I'm biting the bullet and buying some when I go shopping tomorrow. I stockpile the same mashed potatoes. I also buy a bag of fresh potatoes but the Idahoan potatoes taste good and will be good if we are told to stay home again and fresh potatoes are not available in the house. There also good on days I'm lazy or tired and don't feel like fussing with the fresh potatoes 🙂 You still did good even though there was little in the way of sales in the ads. You have to work with what you can get sometimes.

Hi Mary,

That is a great deal on the Purex. I so agree with you on the bacon. I have about 6 right now but I don't expect to see better prices any time soon. Your less sentence is the way I roll.

Hi AD, this is Chris. You got some good deals. We had a good weekend. The sleepover with our granddaughter was fun. She fell asleep watching movies with us. Sat. morning hubby took her to get donuts for breakfast while I stayed home and made eggs and warmed up the leftover bacon from our BLTs to go with them.

Yesterday hubby was a cooking fool. He made 3 racks of ribs on the smoker for later in the week when we celebrate our daughter's birthday. She will be 35 this year, which is hard to believe. When I met you online in '08, she had just graduated with her master's degree and was studying for her CPA and starting her first job. Time is flying.

Hubby also made his stuff I call chow chow. It is a mixture of various chopped veggies, garlic, vinegar, pickling and other types of spices, and hot things like jalapeños. He canned 10 jars this year. I don't eat this at all, but did help clean the kitchen, I think he had dirtied almost every pot and measuring device we had. LOL! He will put the chow chow down in the basement for at least a month and then it will be ready to eat. He will probably give some out for Christmas gifts too, and share with our kids, they like it.

Hi Chris,

I am glad you and your granddaughter had a nice weekend!

Oh I can smell those ribs! YUM!

Happy Birthday to your daughter. Time does fly. Mine will be 47 and 45 very soon.

Oh that veggie mix is right up my alley! Enjoy! Men do that when they cook. It made me laugh!

The end of the month never has good sales. Social security checks here come out the first of the month, so they wait until people have money to post sales.

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