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Groceries, Groceries, and More Groceries

Today was a grocery shopping day. I have to tell you that it frightens me to go into a grocery store because people are not social distancing.

I went to Top’s, during their senior hours, to get items that Walmart was out of stock on. It was very crowded with seniors who were doing their best to social distance.

As you can see in the pictures, I got a lot of comfort food snacks. They seem to be going really fast around here. I also picked up a pizza for a Friday night dinner, a lb. of bacon, and many packages of shredded cheese because we were almost out. Our Pepcid bottle was almost empty so I got a replacement. It was the only one in the store which surprised me. 

That white bottle is a quart of hand sanitizer. I was quite shocked to see a table of them. I was also shocked to find toilet paper and Kleenex. Up until today our store had not had these items.

I didn’t want Hubby to run out of Ritz crackers because we are on our last package. The chicken, cold cuts, and tomatoes, etc. are in the picture. I ended up spending exactly $ 176. at Top’s.

However, after Top’s while I still had all my coronavirus gear on, I went to our local meat and produce market. They have no senior hours but they do open early. It was packed especially around the cold cut section and the butcher shop. I only went in for one item from the butcher shop. People were not social distancing. I would move farther away from people who were too close and then someone would come and get on top of me again. It was terrifying.

Finally after being in line forever, I was able to buy a whole beef tenderloin that was on sale for $8.99 a lb. This will give us enough filet mignons to grill for months. The cost of this tenderloin was $ 58.88.

While I was waiting, I was watching people and what they were buying. One man must have purchased close to $800. in meat. Most people were buying up many pounds of ground meat and Italian sausage and pork products. The lady whose turn it was before me tried to buy a lb. of ground sirloin and the butcher pointed to a pan that had a little in it and he said this is all we have. She said give it all to me. They had no chicken left. The meat was going really quickly. I kept hoping that one beef tenderloin would be left when they got to me which it was as you can see in the picture.

I had also noticed at Top’s that they only had three large packages of chicken. I took one. They were on sale for $ 1.99 a lb. I tried to get breakfast sausage and they had none.  

I don’t know what it is like in your area but I would say if you need meat, go get it. People are stockpiling like crazy. I have never seen anything like this in all of my years.

I have to pickup my Walmart order later this afternoon. That is no contact which makes me happy.

Today will be my last day out for groceries for a very long time. It makes me very uneasy so I am not doing it again. We are stocked for a while.

Our governor has things shut down still until at least May 15. Even after they start the phases of going back to work, we will be social distancing. I don’t know if there will be restrictions on seniors. So it may be a very long time that we need to be in the house and I wanted to be prepared with what we needed.

Is your meat disappearing in your stores?  

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People are panicking over meat. There is many rumors going around of meat plants closing and that soon what meat that will be available will be too expensive to buy. I have relatives panic buying what they can of it.

I was at store last Thursday very little chicken. Got two packs stocked pretty well at home. But did order half of hog for 1.89 pound. said not sure when it would be ready. Was ok with that still have some but price increase made me jump on that price. They are even limits o what stores will let you buy. have a good day. Joyce of Pa

Tyson announced that "the food chain is breaking". Predictably, people got scared and are now stockpiling meat. Then there was an announcement of a clinical trial using the main ingredient in Pepcid to treat Covid-19. I knew when I saw that on the news last night that Pepcid would be cleared off the shelves today. I hope you and your readers are able to get the food and supplies you need. I worry about those who can't.

I hardly watch the news. I didn't know that Tyson announced that. I did know that one or two of their plants closed. Thanks for telling me about the Pepcid. I had no idea. I hope everyone had their supplies. If not that they get them soon.

Hi AD, this is Chris. Lots of groceries for you. At least you won't have to go for awhile. I had heard that some of the meat packaging plants have been hit with the virus b/c people work too closely together. I had also heard there was some kind of piece on CNN about the ingredient in Pepcid being tried for a treatment, so that is probably why it was cleared from the shelf. I am glad you got what you needed.

Our state will be starting to open slowly. This Fri they are allowing some of the other medical and dental care that has been postponed to be open again. Vet offices also. Monday is non essential manufacturing, offices, construction and things like that. The stores will open on 5/12. No word on restaurants (daughter's business), day cares, gyms, bars, barbers and things like that yet. Or big things like amusement parks, concerts, etc. Some of the cities here have already announced they will not be opening pools this summer. We are still staying home unless hubby has to go to a customer, but that is not every day. The home office of his company sent more masks, hand sanitizer, etc. Stay safe.

Hi Chris,

Thank God I don't have to go for a while. I have to go out to drop something off at the dentist office this morning and I have a lab appt. next week. But other than that I am staying home.

Thanks to you and others for telling me about the Pepcid.

Good luck with your openings there. Stay safe and stay well.

Hi AD, it is Olga. We are hit or miss here with meat. I am in California and our local Safeways and Costco are running out of meat daily. I went to Trader Joes today and they had a good inventory. They are limiting you to two like products, so each time I go, I purchase extra ground beef and chicken to add to my freezer. My family tends to eat a lot of meat and I think I will try and maintain the freezer full of meat. I am not panic buying, but I will be honest that I am definitely adding more meat to our freezer with each delivery or shopping trip. I totally understand about shopping…it makes me nervous because people are not following social distancing rules. However, I will venture out once a week to add supplies to our freezer and pantry.

Sent hubs to Costco and he picked up 15lbs of ground beef and a pkg of steaks. They had no drumsticks or chuck roast. I am putting a Walmart order together for Saturday delivery so I will see what they have in stock there on Friday night. Diet Coke is also hard to find in 2L, he went to 3 stores to find,I read its because the sweetener comes from China

Hi Patti,

That is interesting about the Diet Coke. Good job on the beef. My Top's had no sausage and I had ordered some on my Walmart pickup and figured I would get an e-mail yesterday saying ti was out of stock. But nope, it was in my pickup.

Hi AD,

I haven't been out since this pandemic started, hubby is the one shopping for us. So far he noticed that meat sections are pretty well stocked (WA state). Things can change quickly here though. We are thinking of stocking meat/chicken this week.


Hi Vanessa,

They sure can change quickly from what I saw yesterday. Good luck stocking your meat. I hope your Hubby stays safe and all of your family.

We have some meat in the fridge & freezer, but will adjust if there is a shortage. It will be hard for my husband mostly, as he's on Keto.

We likely won't go to the store again for a week, so I hope there are still options available.

Hi H.P.,

I am on Keto too so I am hoping that the food supply isn't broken and that the prices don't go really high. Good luck on getting your meat.

Hi, I live in Lafayette, Indiana. The Tyson meat plant in Logansport and Indiana Packers in Delphi Indiana have both temporarily closed due to numerous (100s) positive cases of COVID 19. I believe both plants are pork processing plants. Also, Frito Lay, in Frankfort Indiana, has closed for 24 hours to clean and sanitize their factory as well. I normally shop at Payless(Kroger Affiliate) and noticed today that there is a Max 2 limit on pork products. Stay Safe!

I'm reading blog posts weeks later, so today is May 17. I did a quick inside Wm scan to find our favorite brand of coarse ground hot dogs. (regional brand) None and only a few kinds of regular type hotdogs and a few packages of brats. With these crazy times I am so glad we grow our own beef. Farmer was able to buy 1/2 of a hog from a co-worker who grows them and I have my naturally raised chicken orders in for the year. I picked up my first order this past week. We will get our beef butchered in July. We don't eat meat every night so it definitely lasts a year+.

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