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My Walmart Pickup Order

This is some of my Walmart pickup order this week. I had a lot of cancellations because of things being out of stock. But as you can see I got more bacon and the sausage that Top’s had none of. I even managed to get another bottle of bleach which is a good thing because I am wiping things down with it. I got really tired after doing the two shops in the morning and doing the pickup. So I didn’t take any more pics. Hubby was totally out of body wash. Eggs and meat are a necessity for my diet. I was grateful to get what I did. I ended up spending $ 172. on this order.

My young neighbor shops every Friday. They always ask what I need that they can get. Walmart cancelled my Romaine lettuce. I had everything for salads except the lettuce because they were out of stock. Today my neighbor left this package on my porch. I was so happy that they could find it. They won’t take any money from us the three times they have gotten food for us. They say we are always so good to their sons. But I will pay them back when things calm down.

Well, as if dealing with the virus, isn’t stressful enough. I had a dental emergency late Tuesday. My denture broke. I was able to talk with my dentist right away. He told me if I could get it to his office by 9am on Wednesday, he could take it to the lab to get it fixed. He said the lab is only open one day a week and that is Wednesdays. So I got it down to him. He called me early afternoon and told me to come in about 3:30pm because the lab had already repaired it. He was going to the lab to pick it up and would be back by then. I was not looking forward to it. But I needed my denture. I couldn’t eat. 

I was amazed. He had me wait in the car so that he could clean and sanitize it. Then he came to the door and waved to me. He had on a mask, gloves and special glasses that looked like magnifiers. He had a really good mask like his for me. I just wore it into the dental room. He brought me the denture and handed it to me to put in. He took a quick peek and told me it needed to be realigned but he could not do that until he opens back up again per the law that Gov. Cuomo had placed on dentists. He can only handle the emergency. I was glad to get out of there and home. But grateful to have my denture repaired.

I cooked another pound of bacon in the oven and pressure cooked a dozen hard boiled eggs. So that is what we have been eating for brunches.  

Last night, I cooked this recipe  because Hubby has been craving comfort food. 

The other things we have been doing are cooking, doing laundry, watching movies, working on a jigsaw puzzle and cleaning. Probably about the same things that all of you are doing.   

The only other news in my state is that Gov. Cuomo announced today that he is keeping all the schools closed through the end of the school year. Some people will be happy( like teachers and the kids). But if he ends up opening up NY after May 15th, it is going to put a huge burden on people going back to work. For employees who are not teachers, it creates other problems while getting ready for the new school year in the Fall.  For everyone who is not a school employee and has to go back to work, what do they do with their kids while they work?

Are your schools closed till the end of the school year?

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Here in Ohio our schools are closed until the end of the school year. They haven't made a decision about fall yet except to say that there is a good possibility it will be combined distance learning and in school learning. Today dentists and vets can open back up. However our stay at home order has been extended until the end of May but on May 12 retailers selling non-essentials are allowed to open back up. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Child care centers are not allowed to open back up so people won't be able to go back to work until child care gets taken care of. A LOT of people in Ohio are angry this morning.

Schools are closed here(CO) as well. I have a niece and nephew that are teachers and they are scratching their heads as well. I tried to put a Walmart order together but it just kept changing to out of stock every few minutes. Not worth the hassle. Hubs can go out again next week and get what we need.

Hi AD this is Olga. In California our schools are closed for the remainder of the year (they told us this at the end of March). We are lucky that my husband can work from home and that I am not working so I can help run the household and help the boys with school. Employers here have been really good about giving employees flexibility to work and do school work with their kids. They are saying that CA should be in good shape for meat as we have a lot of farms here in the state that have not been impacted by closures due to COVID-19. I am betting that people here will panic buy, but I am not planning on shopping for another couple of weeks.

Our schools are closed through the end of the school year. We are both working from home, but even with middle schoolers, it's pretty hard for us to keep on top of the schedules. There are very elaborate systems, each teacher has a different system & plan, and we've missed calls. Everyone is doing the best they can, but I probably spend 15 hours/week on the kids schooling. And, we're so lucky that are kids aren't in elementary school.

Our schools will open in two weeks. It's not the school I'm worried, it's school busses. They are packed to the brim and no safe distance can be kept.

We have no shortages except flour and fresh yeast. I think one of the reasons is paid sick leaves, workers are not forced to go to work if they are sick. So they don't infect co-workers. There's no factories closed due sick personnel. Problem with yeast is that people are bying 3 times more yeast than normally and production has difficulties to catch up…
I know many people are suffering heavily because they are not able to meet other people. We are doing fine, being hermets is a good thing now!

I hear you on the school buses. I hope all the children will be told to wear masks.

I guess yeast is a problem being out of stock here too.

We are fine too except for not being able to see our kids and grandkids.

Oklahoma schools are closed but our school year usually starts near the first of August and stops mid May.
I’m very concerned about this virus flaring back up when social distancing stops – but who knows what will happen?

Hi Rhonda,

That school schedule is pretty much liek it was when we lived in AZ.

All we can do as things open up is try to be safe and pray for the best.

In NY also. Almost a neighbor, Lucy town, so our town depends a lot on tourism. Going to be some big cuts someplace. Grandson goes to UB and was hoping for an internship this summer but even kids who already had them have lost them. Just hope he can go back in the fall. His brother is a first year music teacher a couple hours east of you, so hope he has a job in the fall as he truly loves his job. Sure is a strange time. Sometimes feel like we are in the middle of a bad dream with a bad hairdo and cant quite wake up,

Welcome Grammy D! We have to get down to that museum once it opens back up. This has changed so many people's plans. So sorry for your grandson.

I agree with you on how you feel. The one thing that this coronavirus has made me realize is how hard it must have been for Hubby's grandparents who lost 6 out of 9 of their children to the flu back in the 1910- 1918 era. I can't even imagine how they dealt with it.

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