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Frugal Things We Have Done Recently

These are the frugal things we have done recently:

– Hubby mowed the lawn himself.

– We took a walk in the yard, scrutinized the outside of the house, and made a list of the minor repairs that need to be done from the winter.

– We sat outside in our front yard seating area to get some fresh air since it was so beautiful here on Saturday. A few neighbors came by and chatted from a distance.

– We watched the NFL draft.

– We picked out an area that we are going to plant crocus bulbs in the fall.

– I finally was able to get a slot for another Walmart pickup this week.

– We continue to cook every meal at home. I cooked a turkey breast yesterday that will give us many meals. We had taco salads, filet mignon, and chicken stir fry this week too. Breakfasts continue to be eggs and bacon or sausage. 

– We received our electric and gas bill online. It was $ 172. It was higher than last year but it was much colder for the month plus I have been doing extra laundry because we wash a load of towels every night. I also seem to be running the dishwasher more often.

– Hubby washed the floor in the garage to get all the dirt up from the winter. It was so easy this year because we had the floor epoxied this past October.

– I rearranged my freezer again to make more room.

– Hubby and I have been watching a lot of movies on Amazon Prime so we are very happy that there will be new ones starting May 1st.

– I watched about 10 You Tube videos on how to cut Hubby’s hair. It is so long that he can’t stand it anymore. So now I just have to get up my nerve to do it.  

– I have been keeping a close eye on produce so that none of it gets wasted. We eat a lot of salad with our meals.

– We aren’t using any gasoline because we rarely get in the car except to do a pickup or go to the drugstore. BTW, Hubby ordered a prescription a few days ago and the drugstore is having trouble getting it. So we are hoping they get it soon or we will have to have his doctor order something different.

That is all we have been doing frugally. Please share what you have been doing.    

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I need to get comfortable with the idea of cutting hair as well. My youngest child is in desperate need of a hair cut!

We had a bunch of frugal neighborhood swaps, listed items on eBay, price matched travel, chased down a refund, and I was able to use a store credit to find jeans for my 13 y.o. for the start of school. If we ever go back to school! ; -)

Hubby is trying to get his nerve up which is making more me more nervous waiting for him.

Thanks for sharing. I do believe that the kids here will not go back to school until Sept. Time will tell.

Hi AD this is Chris. We have done some similar things as you to keep frugal. Hubby made a big package of chicken breasts on the smoker and we have been eating it for sandwiches, and I used some to make chicken tacos last night. We still have more left that I will either make more things or chop it up and freeze.

Hubby has been getting into garden stuff this year and starting some plants for a vegetable garden. We shall see how it goes, previous efforts have not been so good, but he is ever hopeful.

We are still doing jigsaw puzzles. The one we are working on now is taking longer to get done b/c it is harder.

I also cut hubby's hair last week, have been doing for a long time now. I am seriously thinking about having him cut mine b/c it is driving me crazy.

We are hanging in there, sounds like you are also. Stay well.

Hi Chris,

I wish we could grill out. It is still to cold here. I can smell your chicken. YUM!

Yeah on the garden. I hope he does well.

I hope I can do as well as you on his hair. He used to cut my hair years ago and I would have him to it but my hairdresser will kill me. LOL!

Yup just hanging in there same as you. Stay well too.

Just cut a bit of hair. People try to get it the right length the first time and usually cut too much. You can do it. I have no idea what I have been doing…lol.

Best of luck on cutting your dh's hair. Hopefully it will go well since you've watched the YouTube videos. I've been happy with our home hair cuts and hope you will be too.

The usual…all meals at home even if its PB/J on a low carb tortilla for dinner.
No spending except groceries in fact, we went 2 weeks without even shopping.
Minor repairs and lawn care getting done while he isn't working that much.

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