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Frugal Things We Have Done The Past Couple of Weeks

These are the things that we have done frugally recently:

– Hubby and/or I have made all our meals from scratch. I have been eating a lot of eggs and ground chicken because they are the only things that didn’t make my mouth hurt. No restaurant or take out was consumed.

– I listened to a free podcast while folding laundry and changing sheets.

– I still managed to get my exercising in on the treadmill and bike while listening to upbeat Rock and Roll music from the 1960’s using my earbuds.

– I started exercising my abs using a video I found on You Tube. 

– I found more clothes that no longer fit me. I will be giving them away. I think everything that I have outgrown has been found except for coats that are in my garment bag. I will go through those this week.

– Received a check for $15. and will deposit it at the bank into our savings.

– Did our income taxes and was happy that we are getting a small refund rather than have to pay.

– I was in need of some cold medicines, pain killers, and cough drops so I purchased them at Walmart using some coupons. In my area, they are so much cheaper there than at our drugstores. I scanned my receipt on Fetch.

– I also purchased what I deemed necessary, just in case, the Coronavirus is found in our state. Because if that happens, we will be quarantining ourselves. I realize it’s a long shot but you have to be prepared.

– I spent a lot of time resting last week using my Kindle to read myself to sleep. It has been a rough few weeks between my sore mouth and a horrible cold that is still hanging on. 

– I gave my neighbor, who has two young boys, a box of Lincoln Logs and a large box of matchbox cars that West no longer plays with. The boys loved them and she sent me a picture of them playing with them. It got them out of my house and will give them a lot of enjoyment.

– I mended some pj’s.

– I have done no grocery shopping since my small shop on January 22nd. We have 100% been eating from our stockpile. 

– We had our Buffalo Chicken Wings this past weekend in honor of the Superbowl. But we didn’t order them and have them delivered. I cooked them in our air fryer oven and made up the Buffalo wing sauce to put on them. We had unused sauce leftover so I refrigerated it for the next time we make them.

– After not eating much last week because of a loss of appetite due to my cold, I was craving a good hamburger. So this weekend, I cooked them up for us. I had mine in a lettuce wrap and loaded it up with sauteed mushrooms. It really tasted so good! 

– We are also trying to use up all of our store bought cleaners. Once they are gone, we will make our own.

– I have been working on genealogy for both of our family trees. I found something new after many hours of searching. I was so excited. It is such good entertainment. 

So what have you done recently frugally?

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Hi AD, this is Chris. So glad to see you are posting again, and I hope your mouth is feeling better and healing. My hubby has been working on genealogy also this winter, he enjoys it also, and had gotten a bunch of stuff from his mom over the Christmas holiday to research and add to his account. We have also been doing a bunch of jigsaw puzzles so far this winter. We have friends that we trade with, and I also got a few over the Christmas break, and last week got a few at our Kroger, which is remodeling and has a bunch of things marked down. We like to do the ones that are 1000 pieces.

We had shrimp tacos with guacamole and brownies for our Super Bowl food, they were good. I got some of that new product called Slawsome, in the Cilantro lime flavor, it is perfect for fish tacos. At our store it is with the bagged salads, and is a Dole product. I put the leftover brownies in the freezer for sometime when our kids come for Thurs. evening supper.

Thanks Chris!

I love that you are doing jigsaw puzzles. We do them too!I have 1000 piece one that is going to take us forever.It is trees and they are all yellow. Hubby would love the Slawsome. I will have to see if our store has it.

Our SuperBowl supper/snacks came out of the pantry/freezer, except for hubster going to the store for a small bag of Doritos (2m drive). We had taco dip. Then I made a 1/2 batch of choc chip cookies. We were totally stuffed for a few dollars.

We ate from our fridge/freezer/pantry all week except for lupper on Saturday: BBQ lunch at our fave joint. We shared a lunch platter, had a cocktail and got out for $33. Total bargain!

We were on vacation 1/23-29. We cooked in except 1 dinner which my sister bought as she was staying with us. Super inexpensive week.

February will focus on eating up the remaining garden squash before it spoils along with freezer stock!

Mostly, I have been cooking from scratch. Of course, not always. I try to only buy loss leaders, and use coupons and try to find things in the carts at one store where things are vastly reduced.

Glad to read you are feeling better.
Our frugal ways recently:
Eating mostly from pantry & freezers.
"Cashed" in Rakuten monies for an egift card and was awarded an extra 12% for choosing that instead of paper check. Sent that to my grandkids for clothes.
Farmer and I continue to take lunches, snacks, coffee, water to work from home.
I quit Pandora radio subscription and just use YouTube which is free, when working on the computer.
We will have our taxes done this Sat. I'm hopeful for a refund.
I have been watching large family cooking vlogs. Not that I have a big family, but for ideas for when the grandkids come this summer and for healthy snack ideas. I've also gleaned a few new supper ideas I can make in advance and freeze, to use during Spring Planting time.
We continue to use our natural preventative health way to keep from getting sick. (Kombucha for gut health & Essential Oils inhaled, sleep/rest and lots of water, and hand washing.)
At home Date Night tonight. We'll finalize our tax report and make good burgers in the cast iron skillet. I'm looking forward to just being home and relaxing with a book.
Have a great weekend.

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