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After Almost Two Decades of Retirement

For those of you who don’t know, we have almost two decades of retirement under our belt. Yes, Hubby and I took early retirement many, many years ago. It was the best thing that we could have ever done.

Over the years, we have been asked many questions. The one we have gotten the most is “What do you all day?” Our answer has always been the same, “Whatever we want to do!” 

We don’t have to listen to alarms go off everyday. We rarely set an alarm unless we have an early appointment that we don’t want to be late to. There is no 30-45 minute commute every day. When it snows, we no longer stress about a long, sometimes 2-3 hour drive in bad conditions. We don’t have to drive in bad snow storms unless we choose to.

We travel when we want to but not as much as we used to when we were first retired. Hubby no longer enjoys traveling which is fine. I travel if and when I want to. Many trips to Disney World come to mind. I been invited to go again for a week during Disney World’s 50th anniversary year. I am still deciding whether I want to or not.

Our lives are so much less stressful than when we worked. No dreaded wasteful meetings come to mind. No bosses breathing down our necks. We are our own bosses now.

Yes, we planned early retirement in our twenties.  We got out in our early fifties.  As we worked toward that goal, nothing made us realize that it was the right thing to do more than a parent dying before he reached retirement. Genetics told us all we had to know.

Fortunately, both Hubby and I are in pretty good health physically and mentally. I believe even better health than when we retired. But we have both been really working hard at it. Lots of exercising and healthy eating comes to mind.

I enjoy doing all the little everyday things that make our lives more comfortable. I like to have a clean and organized home that is decorated to our liking. I like to cook and so does Hubby. I really enjoy the meals he makes. It’s a treat for me. We enjoy being outdoors in the nice weather. We both love to read, play games, and watch movies together. We still enjoy going to parties and BBQ’s. We like treating ourselves to our favorite restaurant. We enjoy spending time with friends.

But most importantly, we love being with our sons, DIL’s, and grandchildren. Those are the best times ever for us. We just wish they all lived next door. Family always come first in our lives and always will. 

Someone asked me recently if we regret retiring early and aren’t we bored. The answer is a resounding NO! We have enjoyed each other’s company every day and we are never bored. There is so much to do in life that I don’t understand people who say they are bored. Boredom has never entered our lives. Some days I wonder how we get everything done that we want to do. 

Retirement has also allowed me to blog for the many years that I have been doing it. Hopefully it has helped some of you over the years. When and if I get tired of doing that, I will retire from that too. For now, I am not tired yet and will continue to blog when I have something to say and have the time to say it. I enjoy reading your comments and responding to them when I can also. I feel after all of this time that some of you are my next door neighbors that I have lived next to for many years.

So that all said, I hope we have many more decades of retirement because it is just one of the very best times of our lives! 

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We have been retired for about 6 years. It came before we were ready hubby had bad accident and our life changed on a dime. We got thru it and are doing well and enjoy it. My only struggle is understanding the medicare system which is stressful. We have been debt free and able to enjoy family not close to us due to military. But enjoy any time we have. Have always enjoyed your blog I found your older blog when I started reading your blogs. Have learned so much from your blogs. First one I check when I go online. Have a great day. Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I am so happy that you are enjoying your retirement. So sorry about your Hubby's accident.Medicare can be a pain to decipher but after a while you get used to being on the phone with them a lot. UGH! Thanks for the kind words. You have a great day also.

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