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Ignoring It All In February!

February is going to be the month that I shut down all of the “noise” that surrounds me.

Every day we are inundated by commercials on TV, advertisements in magazines and newspapers, ads in the mail, You Tube commercials, deals in our e-mail, etc. Every one of these things contribute to what we purchase in a month’s time.

I have decided that it would be nice to make this all go away. So these are the things we will do to get rid of some of these things and then we will ignore the rest.

We are recording any shows that we want to watch on TV. When we go back to watch them, we will fast forward through the commercials.

We have unsubscribed from most of the company e-mail lists that we are on. Those we deemed it was prudent not to, we will send to junk for now.

We will not look at Hip2Save or any other deal site online for the entire month. But AD, aren’t you afraid you will miss a great deal? Nope! There is ALWAYS another great deal!

We do get a newspaper every day since Hubby enjoys reading it in the morning. The only ads that we will look at is a quick scan of the food ads. That’s it. All other ads will be recycled without reading them. I only receive one magazine monthly and those ads will be ignored as I read the articles.

I will ignore the ads on You Tube while they run the first 5 seconds or so. Then immediately skip to the content. Any content by the vloggers that are selling something will be totally ignored.

By going in and out of the house via our garage in the winter time, we pass right by our recycle bin. I will drop any ad that arrives in our mailbox into that bin unread on the way in from the mailbox.

I want a peaceful month without all of this “noise”. I want a month away from shopping,, etc. If I don’t look at all of the before mentioned things I won’t know about any “great deals” that I just have to have. 

Enough is enough! I am taking my life and my time back and will be saving a lot of money in the process.

If any of you get tired of always chasing the good deals and being inundated with them, come join me in this challenge in February.

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Great idea! I do alot of that on a regular basis. Farmer records most of the shows we watch with the exception of local news and sporting events. I rarely watch tv. I don't open email ads unless I know I specifically need to order something from that store. There will always be another %-off sale. We don't get the paper and the one cooking magazine is higher end so I only occasionally look at the ads for meal ideas.
We are reducing our spending now and other than a little pantry restocking (coffee!) we don't need anything.
I find it very relaxing to not have to chase down the next big deal.

Hi AD this is Chris. Great post for today. I am tired of chasing the deals also. Count me in for Feb. Thanks for the practical tips to implement. You are so right, there is always another deal.

I don't have to avoid anything because I have never looked at the things you do. Of course, there are TV commercials, but these ads never tempt me. I look at grocery ads, period.

I'm one who has never cared for advertisements and hit mute if watching live. We too generally watch recorded shows hitting FF. As a relative non-consumer, I don't shop anyway. I do take emails from Groupon and Tanga and on occasion purchase super cute items for gifting. These are things I would never find simply because I don't shop.

My only purchases in January have been food and 1uilting fabric with gift certificates!

I'm in for continuing through February and likely March!

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