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2020 Goals: Second Goal

My second goal for 2020 is to lose 30-35 more lbs. My doctor and I have determined that this will be a perfect weight for me. It is actually the weight I was at when we got married. I would like to do it by June 30th.

Can I do it? Yes, but it is going to be tough without exercising more. Hence, instead of exercising sporadically which is about 3 times a week, I will be exercising 7 days a week for one hour each day. I have actually already started that regimen.

I am finding the more weight I lose the harder it comes off. So I will be working out not only on the recumbent bike and treadmill but using small weights. I will also be exercising using You Tube. I love the fat burning dance videos. I desperately need to tighten things up.

When winter is over, I will walk outside too. I love to do this while enjoying the fresh air.  

I track my exercise using my fitness watch. I find it fun to track my progress. It also tracks my sleep which I am finding is one of the most important things. My sleep was terrible before I started taking magnesium every day. Now I sleep like a baby, usually 8-9 hours a day.   

I will continue dieting using a combination of Keto and Carnivore. My doctor says they are excellent diets for me to follow. 

Throughout my diet, I have used supplements to make sure that my body is getting what it needs. So I take a multivitamin every day. I also take 4000 iu. of Vitamin D, 500mg. of Vitamin C, and 200 mg. of magnesium. These have all been approved by my doctor for me. Always check with your doctor to see what supplements are safe for you and that won’t interact with your prescription pills. I get dairy in my SF puddings and some cheese so I don’t take calcium. I have great bone density according to tests. This all works well for me.

So do any of you want to join me in the weight loss journey for 2020? If I can do it at my “young age”, you can definitely do it!

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Hi AD, this is Chris. I am encouraged when you write about your weight loss progress. I agree with you that it gets harder and harder to lose once you get to a certain point. I have experienced that also. My main goal right now is just to maintain. I am not willing at this time to go on an eating plan like you are. I am glad you are being supervised by your dr in this.

I have added a 4th day to the Y since June and am trying to decide if I will continue this regularly after the first of the year or not. I am finding it adds to my hunger and doesn't really provide any benefit with weight loss or my fatigue, although I think it has helped my stamina.

Hi Chris,

You have done well with your weight loss. Only you can decide when enough is enough. Exercise does make me hungry so I try to do it before brunch which is about the time I eat my breakfast. I find exercise works best for me on an empty stomach. When I exercise, I do have a lot more stamina and can get a whole lot more done in a day.

I have lost 105 pounds since August of 2018. I was always a stress eater and was under stress at my job for many years and also taking care of elderly mother for many years. Retirement has allowed me to get my life back to closer to where I want to be. Food was my only comfort. I still have about 50 pounds to go but as you say it is hard as you loose. My problem is, I have horrible knees and will get at least one replaced in 2020. I can’t walk or stand much at all. What videos do you suggest on you tube? I really have not used that much at all. About 20 years ago I did step aerobics and absolutely loved it. I think I am a closet Radio City Rockette wannabe! Now really can’t do much. I did just purchase a sitting elliptical machine called a Cubbi to try and get some. I go see a physical therapist once a month as she has given me exercises to try and strengthen my knees prior to anticipated surgery. My diet is not really keto….I am not much a meat eater, but eat low carb with more veggies and fruit. Still enjoying a drink here and there. I found that when I lost weight about 25 years ago I was way too restrictive and could not live like I wanted, I have been following your progress. How much have you lost now I total? I have had some fun as this winter I did have to buy all new clothes. Everything was way too big to just take in like I did to get through the summer. New fun clothes can be dangerous…..but I only live once and for the first time in a long time I am starting to feel good about myself. I will join you in getting some more pounds off. Any suggestions are appreciated! Here is to a thinner and more healthy 2020! I have enjoyed your blog for many years but never comment on many. Living frugality allowed me to retire early. Such a great feeling to be retired and debt free and ready to enjoy life to the fullest that I can!


That is phenomenal! 105 pounds! You are to be commended. I had the bad knees too but got both of them replaced 13 & 14 years ago when we lived in AZ. It was the best thing I ever did. With my weight loss, I can do anything now. I love this video:
It was the first one I ever did. I have lost 53 pounds so far.

Also congratulations on your retirement! It is so much fun. We have been retired for over 18 years and loving it. I never have a bored moment. The key is to stay active and busy.

Happy to have you aboard on the weight loss goal.

Thank you, and great on your 53 pounds! I will. Heck out the video.
Yes, loving retirement and able to be home. Retirement did make me realize that I was too young to be so limited in mobility due to my knees and need to get at least the right one done which is the worse one. Basically terrified as no family and alone. It have my house set up so I should have no problems, from when took care of my mother. Handicap ramp, lift recliner, installed walk in shower, grab bars, etc. Ortho surgeon appointment in February as de ides until that month when will be on Medicare and off COBRA. Did not want to involve 2 types of insurance for ease on me!! Looking forward to more posts on losing weight and suggestions from all…….and encouragement! Thanks again….have a wonderful Christmas!

This book really helped me through it:

I did no time in a rehab place which was an option. I read the book before I had them done and did all the exercises that my surgeon recommended and in the book. Make sure you do the exercises. That is key,. I was out shopping for my granddaughter who was due shortly after my surgery at 2 weeks post surgery. I believe it was the icing and exercises that made my recovery go so fast. My doctor was amazed at my recovery. I had almost full range of motion on each knee within weeks.

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