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Grocery and Other Shopping This Past Week

We did a bit of grocery shopping this week because we needed a few things and I am making a meat and cheese tray to take to a party soon.

I also needed to pick up a few things at Dollar Tree that I needed to take food to the party on. By buying it at Dollar Tree, it does not matter if the dish doesn’t come home with me. I picked up two different trays because I don’t know yet which one will get used for the party. Which ever one becomes the spare will get used eventually. I am not crazy about the Christmas one but it was all they had. I will be covering the center of it with parchment paper to put the food on if I use it. I also purchased little cup things to hold mustards, olives, and pepper rings. The gold forks and knives will be put next to the tray for people to dish onto their plates with. And lastly, rather than make a second trip, I picked up a birthday card for West who will be 10 in January. So I spent a whopping $ 5.40 including tax.

Here is my Top’s shop:

3 Fresh Express Salad Kits $ 10.00
5 packages of Margherita Pepperoni – $ 7.98(B2G3F)
1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter – $ 1.49 with Store Q

Total was $ 19.47.

Here is my Aldi’s shop:

6 Avocados @ $.69 each = $ 4.14
Bag of Peppers – $ 2.99
Summer Sausage – $ 2.99
3 Prosciutto – $ 2.75 each = $ 8.25
1 Regular Salami – $ 2.79
1 Bite Size Salami – $ 3.99
2 Heavy Whipping Cream – $ 1.55 each = $ 3.10
1 Half and Half – $ 1.55
1 frozen Riced Cauliflower – $ 1.89
1 Irish Cheese – $ 3.99
1 Whiskey Cheese – $ 3.99
1 jar of Olives – $ .79
1 Avocado Oil – $ 6.99
1 Beef Snack Sticks – $ 3.49
1 Pepper Rings – $ 1.65
3 dozen Eggs @ $ .49 each = $ 1.47

Total was $ 54.06.  

Most of the money was spent on the party items. The eggs, salad kits, peanut butter, avocado oil, whipping cream, half and half, and riced cauliflower were needs. We use the cauliflower instead of rice. The pepperoni was such a great deal so I got all 5. Some will go on the platter and the rest we will eat for snacks and in salads. So they won’t last long. We were almost out of each of the rest of the items that get used all the time.

Not all of the meats will get put on the platter. I wanted to buy enough to fill them but there will be leftovers. So anything left from the party platter will be used for an antipasto dinner later in the week.

Yesterday, I cooked a pound of bacon in the oven that I pulled out of the freezer. Since it was an entire pound it took two pans. I really like this method. I may never cook bacon on top of the stove again. 

And after we ate. What was left on this pan and on the other one got bagged up to go with eggs for our breakfasts the rest of the week.

Last night Hubby cooked lots of chicken wings in our air fryer oven.  I made a Buffalo wing sauce with Frank’s hot sauce and butter. They were delicious and will last us two meals.

Did you get any good deals this past week when
you grocery shopped? 

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Hi AD, this is Chris. You got some good deals at the store. I have never made an antipasto platter, but that looks like a nice thing to take to the party. I love how you talked about the Dollar Tree items you bought to serve it with, I am going to keep those in the back of my mind for occasions. I can't believe West is going to be 10 already! And, I heard you were getting weather last night on our news here, so good thing you went out when you did.

I have only been to the store once so far this week to get milk and a few produce items we needed. They have been having the biggest blueberries at Kroger lately that I have never seen before this year. They taste good too so I got 2 pints for $5 which is not bad this time of year. I will do my big shop on Fri.

Yesterday I made the sugared pecans I always make this time of year with ingredients I had gotten at rock bottom prices. I do 10 lb most years so it pays to watch for sale prices.

Check your email b/c I sent you something yesterday. šŸ™‚

Hi Chris,

The antipasto platter will be from leftovers that I am using to make a cheese and meat platter for the party.

Yes, we were getting 2 inches of snow an hour today for a while. Hubby and I both had dentist appts. in another town. The driving was horrid. Roads were a sheet of ice because of all the blowing snow.

Good deal on the blueberries. That is cheap for this time of year.

Yeah on the sugared pecans! YUM! Off to check my e-mail.

I always bake bacon on the weekend and bring it to work…just 15sec in the micro and the office is drooling. I can't think of any outstanding deals last shop but the ads haven't been all that great either.

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