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Eating Down the Stockpile;Keeping It Real

On Thursday night, I grabbed a beautiful pork tenderloin from my basement freezer and thawed it. Then I roasted it for about an hour in our toaster oven at 375 until it registered 160 on our meat thermometer. This will give us about 3 meals with leftovers for a lunch. That lunch will be salad with thin slices on it or I will cook it up with some peppers and onions.

As you can see I made a little pork gravy(about 1 cup) that will last us all three meals  from a packet mix that was on a shelf. We don’t normally eat gravy but it needed to be used up. A little gravy doesn’t hurt our diet once in a while but we don’t make a habit of it.

I also grabbed these brussel sprouts from the freezer and just cooked them in the microwave. It was a bag of petite ones and they were so tender. They will last us again for the other two meals. 

This was an easy simple meal that we enjoyed. Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated. BTW, these are small luncheon type plates that I purchased when I first started dieting to use for my meals. I have found that the size of the plate does matter when you are dieting. We never go back for seconds.

Just keeping it real!

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I love brussel sprouts. We roast or sautee ours in a bit of sesame oil. Yum!! We had tacos last night, and I made enough to put one meal's worth back in the freezer for a ski trip. The adults had taco salad, and the kids had regular tacos. My favorite meals are the ones where the customization is easy.

Oh, I will have to try your way of doing the brussel sprouts.YUM! We love tacos here too but these days we put our taco meat and toppings on salads.

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