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Getting The Freezer Ready

I just spent the morning defrosting my chest freezer. For some reason, the ice built up really fast this time. It was bad!

Before I do it. I gather my tools that I need. A bucket to put the ice in. Coolers to put the food in. My blow dryer to easily take the ice off the walls. A plastic scraper to get behind the ice to knock it off. Towels to dry the inside. Lastly, a plastic dust pan to scoop the ice up with. 

So after unplugging the freezer, I went at it. The blow dryer loosens the ice enough that I can use the plastic scraper to knock it to the bottom. Then I scoop it up and put it in the bucket. When the ice is all out, I dry the walls and bottom. Then I plug the freezer back in.

Next I went through all of the food to make sure it was all good and reorganized it before putting it back in. I only had to toss a loaf of bread that looked pretty sad and a half pound of ground pork that was freezer burned. 

I learned how to easily defrost a freezer when I was 19 years old and first married. We rented an apartment that had a refrigerator – freezer combo. The freezer was not frost free. So when we buy chest freezers to save energy, we always buy ones that are not frost free. That saves us even more energy!

But now I am ready to put those turkeys in that I buy this month when they are cheap. 

I have a 1/2 gallon of milk on the bottom which will come out to thaw later this week. I have one turkey left from last year that I will roast for Thanksgiving this year. Under the top containers are two reusable grocery bags. The one on the right has all of our frozen vegetables and French fries. The one on the left has all of our frozen fruit that I use for smoothies and muffins. I also put homemade frozen meals on the top of that one. 

The right hand container holds 16 pounds of butter that I purchased last year. I also have 5 pounds in my upstairs fridge. So I have determined that if I have that much left, I am not stocking on butter this month.  

The left hand container holds our grated cheeses that I purchase on sale.

You can also see on the left hand side that I have two large containers that stack. I keep meats in those. 

I also found that I had 10 lbs. of bacon in this freezer along with 3 pounds in the upstairs ones. Since I had bacon on my list to buy this week, I was thrilled to be able to take it off the list.

The meat that you can see is meat that we will be using the next couple of weeks. I will transfer it to my fridge freezers as we eat down the meat in those.

It is stacked on top of the containers that hold all the rest of the meat. One container is nothing but chicken and turkey. The other container holds ground beef, stew meat, steaks, pork chops, lamb chops, and all of our fish like haddock and salmon.  

Now I am ready to do my weekly shopping tomorrow. I noticed in the Aldi’s flyer that they have the Butterball turkeys that have been $ 1.29 a lb on sale this week for $ .87 a lb. I will pick up one or two tomorrow since they are our favorite brand.

We will go out to vote in the early morning tomorrow and then I will drop Hubby off at home. I have 4 stores to go to tomorrow. He hates shopping. I love that he hates shopping because I don’t have to worry about extra items that aren’t on my list going in the cart.

So I will be back with my grocery hauls later in the week. 


Every Day

This is The Disaster That I Have Been Working On

Lest you think that my home is organized and clean all of the time, I am here to show you that it is not. 

I am like anyone else who has hot spots that are a mess. 99% of the time you can walk into the living quarters of the house and it is neat and clean.

However, the basement and garage are another story. Now you all saw the pictures of the garage after we had the epoxy floor put down. That has stayed pretty organized. The floor of course is dirty with dirt and salt from parking the SUV in it in this winter weather.

But the basement is a mess. Every time, I am on the treadmill, I see what a mess it is! UGH!

So, with the exception of going to a Doctor’s appointment this morning and doing my exercising, I am working all day in the basement until I get tired. I want this space done this week. Because once the areas I am showing you here are done, then I have to empty the pantry which is a separate part of the basement so that Hubby can put up the walls in there and put down the carpeting. 

It evidently has been easy for us to just leave things a mess when we are looking for something or throw something down there and not deal with it when we are tired. The above area isn’t too bad but some of it needs to go on the shelves after they are cleaned out. 

I want to be able to walk or run on the treadmill without having to look at this mess. 

I will be purging things that we don’t need any longer and organizing the rest.

So know that until I post tomorrow or the next day that I am working in the basement in my free time. I do have to grocery shop for a few things on Senior Discount Day at Top’s tomorrow.

Do you guys have messes like this? 

Every Day

My Day on Tuesday

We woke up to 10.7 inches of snow yesterday morning. But it continued to snow. We ended up with 11.5 inches. Here is a quick picture I took through a screen on our breakfast room window.

Hubby started his day off snow blowing the driveway because we had our yearly cardiologist appointments at 8:40 am. Our cardiology office had moved and is quite a distance from us now- about a 28 mile round trip. The traffic was horrid. It took us 25 minutes to go a half mile after we turned out of our subdivision. It took us an hour to get to the doctor’s office. It was the doctor’s first day in the new office so it was a learning curve for him with the new computer system. He said we were his first patients. We never got home until 11:15am. We both had good appointments and don’t have to go back for a year. The doctor was thrilled with my 50 lb. weight loss and took me off a medication which really made my day.

We did make a quick stop at CVS in another town on the way home. I was happy to get four large cans of the Abound Mixed nuts(no peanuts) for our Thanksgiving and Christmas party mix. They had the best price on these mixed nuts. They were $ 8.99 each for over a pound can.

We had not eaten breakfast before we left so we were both starving. I made us bacon, eggs, and some avocado for lunch. Hubby is now on my diet. I am giving away anything that he can’t eat. 

After doing the dishes, I went outside and shoveled the front porch which Hubby can’t do with the snowblower. It is bitter cold out and getting colder. Winter came in with a vengeance. 

In the afternoon, I did some cleaning, got the mail, and did some reading.

After getting a burst of energy, I organized my greeting cards. I used to keep them in file folders in a large file box. It was bulky, heavy, and I had to dig way down in to find anything. It just wasn’t working. 

So I purchased a greeting card box and organized it. 

It is going to be much easier to use. Everything is in there and there is room to expand. I am delighted with it. Little projects make me happy! So I will be doing a lot of them over the winter. 

Last night we watched some shows on TV which is something I have not done in months. Then it was early to bed since we got up so early. 

I hope you all had a good Tuesday.

Every Day

Guess What I Am Doing This Weekend

Yes, it is organizing weekend! I spent yesterday shopping. Trips to Dollar Tree, Five Below, Target, Big Lots, and Niagara Produce were on my agenda.

Big Lots has changed so much and I am loving popping in there anytime I go by. I loved the dish towels I got there last time and I wanted more before they were gone. They are so absorbent. I also found dish cloths this time to match. I needed another large spoon and a new veggie peeler. Mine was so old it wouldn’t peel anymore. The measuring cups were not the ones I wanted so they are going back. I don’t know what I was thinking. I love the OXO angled ones so I ordered them at Amazon.

The hand soaps are only a $1.00 and the scents are terrific. I also grabbed some emery boards because I forgot to get them at Dollar Tree. And I found Teriyaki sauce that has the lowest sugar and carbs that I have ever seen. 

The organizing bins I ended up getting at Dollar Tree and Target. The low profile bins had covers and were on clearance at Target for $2.00 each. Score!  I love the locker type bins at Dollar Tree. They had just gotten a shipment so I was able to get many. The small drawer organizers are perfect and they has just been restocked too so I was very happy. I use the poster tack to keep them from moving around in my drawers when I open them.

The ones on the right have already helped me organize my medicine cabinet. I was so tired of reaching for something and something small would get knocked out. So I used those to corral that problem. I have one empty shelf up top.

So are your organizing or cleaning this weekend?