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Guess What I Am Doing This Weekend

Yes, it is organizing weekend! I spent yesterday shopping. Trips to Dollar Tree, Five Below, Target, Big Lots, and Niagara Produce were on my agenda.

Big Lots has changed so much and I am loving popping in there anytime I go by. I loved the dish towels I got there last time and I wanted more before they were gone. They are so absorbent. I also found dish cloths this time to match. I needed another large spoon and a new veggie peeler. Mine was so old it wouldn’t peel anymore. The measuring cups were not the ones I wanted so they are going back. I don’t know what I was thinking. I love the OXO angled ones so I ordered them at Amazon.

The hand soaps are only a $1.00 and the scents are terrific. I also grabbed some emery boards because I forgot to get them at Dollar Tree. And I found Teriyaki sauce that has the lowest sugar and carbs that I have ever seen. 

The organizing bins I ended up getting at Dollar Tree and Target. The low profile bins had covers and were on clearance at Target for $2.00 each. Score!  I love the locker type bins at Dollar Tree. They had just gotten a shipment so I was able to get many. The small drawer organizers are perfect and they has just been restocked too so I was very happy. I use the poster tack to keep them from moving around in my drawers when I open them.

The ones on the right have already helped me organize my medicine cabinet. I was so tired of reaching for something and something small would get knocked out. So I used those to corral that problem. I have one empty shelf up top.

So are your organizing or cleaning this weekend? 

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