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This is The Disaster That I Have Been Working On

Lest you think that my home is organized and clean all of the time, I am here to show you that it is not. 

I am like anyone else who has hot spots that are a mess. 99% of the time you can walk into the living quarters of the house and it is neat and clean.

However, the basement and garage are another story. Now you all saw the pictures of the garage after we had the epoxy floor put down. That has stayed pretty organized. The floor of course is dirty with dirt and salt from parking the SUV in it in this winter weather.

But the basement is a mess. Every time, I am on the treadmill, I see what a mess it is! UGH!

So, with the exception of going to a Doctor’s appointment this morning and doing my exercising, I am working all day in the basement until I get tired. I want this space done this week. Because once the areas I am showing you here are done, then I have to empty the pantry which is a separate part of the basement so that Hubby can put up the walls in there and put down the carpeting. 

It evidently has been easy for us to just leave things a mess when we are looking for something or throw something down there and not deal with it when we are tired. The above area isn’t too bad but some of it needs to go on the shelves after they are cleaned out. 

I want to be able to walk or run on the treadmill without having to look at this mess. 

I will be purging things that we don’t need any longer and organizing the rest.

So know that until I post tomorrow or the next day that I am working in the basement in my free time. I do have to grocery shop for a few things on Senior Discount Day at Top’s tomorrow.

Do you guys have messes like this? 

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First, it's not that messy. 🙂 Second, no I don't have "messes" like this. We're in a small home and no basement/attic for catchall. Everything has it's home and if we don't use it, it is gone. The exception is clothing items that we keep because they are paid for and prevent future purchases. (We have never been into clothing fads so the items that are 20yo are fine). All the clothing is either hanging in the closet or folded in our small shelving closet and armoire. Each year I have to replace my 2pr of jeans but that's it.

Enjoy your organizing time-I really find it glorious to have everything in it's place!

Hi Elle,

It's less messy now. Hubby helped me with the storage wall. We threw out a lot. That area should be done tonight or first thing in the morning. You have a great plan for keeping everything neat.

Hi AD!

Yes! my daughters playroom and our garage are the messiest part of the house. Hubs and I are planning to tackle the mess in the coming weeks! -Vanessa

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