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There Is Another Shortage

If you use pepperoni all of the time like we do, shop for it while they have it. There is a shortage especially for pizza places. I went out this morning looking for it since we use it on an almost daily basis for snacks and for pepperoni pizzas. The first store I went to had none. The second store only had a few. I asked if they each had some in stock. They told me no that people that sell pizzas had been in last night buying in quantities. This is how it will affect us. The pizza parlors have to get it from somewhere. 

So I ended up going to three other stores so that I could leave some for others. I got what I hope will hold us until the shortage is over. The stick’s don’t expire until January of 2022 so they are in my meat drawer in the fridge. The rest is in the freezer. Pepperoni freezes very well. 

This all was paid for out of my stockpile budget not my monthly grocery budget. 

Every Day

Shortages Coming

I am feeling a bit better today. I should be back permanently on Monday.

That said I had to quickly post about the shortages that are being seen in our food supply. I found out from a good online friend last night that there are shortages of certain items in our supply chain. This friend I would trust with my life. If they say there are shortages coming, I believe them because they have never been wrong on this type of thing. 

I also verified it with my store manager this morning.
Coke and Pepsi have put out press releases that they are having trouble getting aluminum cans. Here is one of the articles. This will affect canned items and beer. In case you haven’t noticed aluminum foil has really skyrocketed in price.

Flour, pasta, canned soups, other canned products like veggies and fruits that come in aluminum cans, dry beans, and rice are also in short supply. I noticed a sign when I shopped this morning that sugar is also in short supply. My store had a sign limiting it to 1. That makes sense because of the poor sugar beet crops. Flour, pasta, dry beans and rice is most likely because people are stockpiling for the spring and winter not knowing if we will have another bout of the illness.

I went shopping this morning at the crack of dawn and stocked up on some of these things. I also stocked on olives because of the poor crop in Italy. Hubby loves his olives. In this global economy that will affect our prices. I wanted more olive oil but it was so incredibly expensive that I wouldn’t pay the price. As much as I am not crazy about canola oil, I got two of those. At least I can use it multiple ways, in baking, frying and salad dressings.  Hubby loves his olives. The rest were things we needed for the cold winter here and the spring. I spent almost $174.00 from my stockpile money. 

So if you need any of the items in my pictures, I would strongly suggest you stock on them now. I expect that in a few days, you won’t even be able to find them. Many of my shelves of the shortage items I mentioned were getting very empty.

I hope you all have a great weekend! See you on Monday.