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There Is Another Shortage

If you use pepperoni all of the time like we do, shop for it while they have it. There is a shortage especially for pizza places. I went out this morning looking for it since we use it on an almost daily basis for snacks and for pepperoni pizzas. The first store I went to had none. The second store only had a few. I asked if they each had some in stock. They told me no that people that sell pizzas had been in last night buying in quantities. This is how it will affect us. The pizza parlors have to get it from somewhere. 

So I ended up going to three other stores so that I could leave some for others. I got what I hope will hold us until the shortage is over. The stick’s don’t expire until January of 2022 so they are in my meat drawer in the fridge. The rest is in the freezer. Pepperoni freezes very well. 

This all was paid for out of my stockpile budget not my monthly grocery budget. 

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This is one shortage that will not affect me at all since I am allergic to pepperoni. I know lots of people will be affected. Good thing to be stocked up!

We've had lucky lately buying large quantities of pepperoni at Costco. I would never have stocked up as much as my husband, but he found a great deal. 🙂

We have most in the freezer, but he also enjoys snacking on it, as he also eats mostly Keto.

Hi AD, this is Chris. I hope you are having fun with West. I like reading about what you do, it gives me ideas of things to do with my granddaughter when she comes on Thurs. We are not huge pepperoni fans here, but I did see the shortage was on our news in the past few days. I am sending you an email after I get done writing here, so check your spam. LOL!

Hi Chris,

I am loving having West here. He is a lot of fun. Right now while I write to you, he and Grandpa are out having a chat in the yard and a dish of ice cream. I am about to join them. But no ice cream for me. I will check for your e-mail right now.

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