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Shortages Coming

I am feeling a bit better today. I should be back permanently on Monday.

That said I had to quickly post about the shortages that are being seen in our food supply. I found out from a good online friend last night that there are shortages of certain items in our supply chain. This friend I would trust with my life. If they say there are shortages coming, I believe them because they have never been wrong on this type of thing. 

I also verified it with my store manager this morning.
Coke and Pepsi have put out press releases that they are having trouble getting aluminum cans. Here is one of the articles. This will affect canned items and beer. In case you haven’t noticed aluminum foil has really skyrocketed in price.

Flour, pasta, canned soups, other canned products like veggies and fruits that come in aluminum cans, dry beans, and rice are also in short supply. I noticed a sign when I shopped this morning that sugar is also in short supply. My store had a sign limiting it to 1. That makes sense because of the poor sugar beet crops. Flour, pasta, dry beans and rice is most likely because people are stockpiling for the spring and winter not knowing if we will have another bout of the illness.

I went shopping this morning at the crack of dawn and stocked up on some of these things. I also stocked on olives because of the poor crop in Italy. Hubby loves his olives. In this global economy that will affect our prices. I wanted more olive oil but it was so incredibly expensive that I wouldn’t pay the price. As much as I am not crazy about canola oil, I got two of those. At least I can use it multiple ways, in baking, frying and salad dressings.  Hubby loves his olives. The rest were things we needed for the cold winter here and the spring. I spent almost $174.00 from my stockpile money. 

So if you need any of the items in my pictures, I would strongly suggest you stock on them now. I expect that in a few days, you won’t even be able to find them. Many of my shelves of the shortage items I mentioned were getting very empty.

I hope you all have a great weekend! See you on Monday.


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This is the second time today I've seen/heard about the shortage. The first time was on YouTube (Alaska Prepper). Fortunately, I have been consistently stocking up on most of these items regularly, just because these are things we always use. The shortage has not yet reached Dutchess County NY, but I am sure we are not far behind. Walmart has been having shortages all during the pandemic so far. Many shelves are empty. Thank you for the heads up. Hope you feel much better soon.

Hi Mary,

Nice to hear from you neighbor! Yup, it seems the word is spreading rather rapidly. Looking at the shelves in the stores, they are getting bare again. I think people are definitely worried about what Fall and Winter will bring. I have a very large subscribe and save order coming this weekend. I ordered it well before I was concerned about another shortage and I am so glad I did. Thanks for your good wishes.

I was worried about you and glad your on the mend.
I think there will be all kind of shortages, both because of natural causes, Covid, and unrest from the election no matter who gets elected. I don’t see the election going smoothly after all the protests, etc.
Our son works in a can lid factory for Anhueser Busch. He says AB owns their own aluminum production in Canada and they are not having a shortage.
I have stocked up on the same things as you and will continue. I also think prices on everything are going to increase so any staples we can buy now will cost significantly more in the future.
I am not usually pessimistic but I am very concerned about the future of the USA

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks so much. Yes I am feeling a lot better.
I have to agree with you! Things are definitely upside down.

Well at least Anheuser Busch we can count on for beer.

Prices have already increased here in NY. I get sticker shock every time I go to a store. But you are right they are going to continue to increase. You can't give away all of that stimulus money without causing inflation. So between inflation and the sickness, we are in for quite a ride. Even if the shortages don't come about, we will be spending less money for the products now than later. There has already been between a 3% and 4.78% increase on meats, poultry and eggs and that is only the numbers through May. Some estimates are saying increases up to 30% by winter. UGH!

Hi AD, this is Chris. I am glad you are feeling better. I have a friend who works for a Coca Cola bottler in the Midwest, and she has also mentioned the can shortage, so you are definitely correct about that. She did say they are not having trouble getting the plastic bottles for the 2 L and 20oz product.

I went to do grocery shopping today and Kroger had a lot of cereal on sale so I bought 8 boxes for hubby, it should keep him going for awhile. They weren't rock bottom prices, but decent back to school prices. Target has the kitty litter deal starting this Sun so we will be going sometime early in the week to stock up on it.

I will look over your pictures and see if there is anything I think I should stock up on. My pantry is doing pretty well

Hi Chris,

Thanks. I can get the 2 liter if we run out but they don't last as long as the cans do. But the 2 liters are good to rinse out and bulk up your water supply so that is a bonus. I am happy that you are doing well stockpiling that pantry. Give a hug to your new grandchild for me.

Glad you are doing better AD. Thanks for the notice. I have an order to pick up in the morning so I just added foil, sugar, oil and a few other things. I sure hope they still have the items.

Glad you're feeling better. I must add that fruit and veg cans are not made from aluminum, they are steel or steel and tin. But that could be in short supply too, or else the actual fruits and veg themselves…

I am so glad you are feeling better. Thanks for the heads up on certain shortages. We're a little low on olives also. I've also seen the shelves getting empty again. Especially in the canned goods aisle 🙁

We did a recent stock up at Costco for pasta, rice, olive oil & diced/pureed tomatoes. We are in reasonable shape for the basics. We don't have much in the way of shortages here (for te moment), but prices are sky high.

Thank you so much for posting this! I did go out and and get rice, some canned tomatoes, and olives (I am going out again on Monday to get more as we use them and love them a lot). So far what I am seeing here is pricing are going through the roof, and we are having challenges with sugar and flour still. I am going through my storage today for food to update my list of what we have and what we need, and tomorrow, I am going to inventory our freezer. Then I will go to Costco on Monday and get stocked up. My goal is to have my pantry and freezer ready to get us through the next 5-6 months. So glad you are feeling better!

Hi Olga,

I hear you about the prices! And they are only going to continue to get higher. Better to use some money out of a bank account especially since they pay so little interest and stock up. You will get more for your money now than waiting until later when the prices keep rising.

I love that you did your inventory. It is a valuable tool to figure out what you need. Good luck on your stock up at Cosco.

We went to Sam's Club this evening specifically to start our stock up. TP ALL GONE! The associate in the area was as amazed as me. She said when she left work on Friday afternoon the area was totally stocked and when she came in today, all gone. So I"m on the hunt now and hopefully I can get some. We still have the big 96 roll package and we have lots of cheap, thin wash clothes if we need to go the "Family Cloth" route.
We stocked up on pasta, canned tomatoes and beans, some fruit for the grandkids. I'll try to get some rice (we don't eat much) at Wm and will add to my flour stock. Also yeast as I"m making bread again. And yes, while we were out, we wore masks as our city officials have mandated it while in public. Some day this will all end.

Hi Kay,

Oh, no t.p. again! Check amazon. I got an 80 count box not too long ago.

I hope you are right about it all ending. I am in NY and we have been mandated to wearing masks for months.

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