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Frugal Doings March 29

The things we have done frugally today:

– Hubby made a huge crock pot of chili on Saturday which is why we needed the onions that our neighbor got us when they shopped. I have not eaten rice in over 13 months. Hubby made a pot of it in the pressure cooker and I decided I would have some. I just put a thin layer under my chili. It really did not taste that good to me. So last night I had and will tonight have riced cauliflower under it. Yummy! We will freeze most of the leftovers for future meals after dinner tonight. I will leave a small container of chili in the fridge to put on hot dogs one night. I had had a can of chili on my grocery delivery order but it was out of stock. Hubby’s chili on the hot dogs will be so delicious. 

– Hubby was craving something sweet so I made a cinnamon coffee cake today. He was so happy to have some for breakfast with his coffee. I had 1/2 an avocado and some scrambled eggs.

-I washed a load of towels in hot water using laundry sanitizer. This is something I have been doing every day. At the end of each day, I collect them from all of the bathrooms and the kitchen.

– I cleaned all of our kitchen counters, cabinet knobs,  bathrooms, light switches, door handles, alarm panels, door locks, computer keyboards and telephones with disinfectant. I do this daily.

– Since I have so much time on my hands these days, I have been using some of it to update my price book so that when this crisis is over I have accurate prices to know when something is a good deal or not. I have been doing this by using our ads every Sunday. This price book fits nicely in my handbag, so when I shop I always have it with me.

– Hubby has been binge watching movies, mainly the Species series. These kind of movies give me nightmares so I don’t watch them. I have been doing some reading and watching some You Tube videos. 

– We have not used the SUV in about 2 weeks. So we still have almost a full tank. Staying home is a huge savings in gasoline and not spending except for food is too. 

– Our town assessor has been busy though reassessing us all again. This time they only raised us $ 17,000. However they have raised us $ 67,500. since 2015. So this year we are considering fighting the new assessment. I may be calling some realtors to come out and give us the price that we could sell this house for so that I have some comparisons. 

– I have been doing my daily exercising in the house because it is so important to stay as fit as I can during this virus outbreak. Here I am fast walking on my treadmill on my way to those 30 minutes. I have to learn to take a video instead of a photo so that it isn’t blurry. We have also been taking all of our daily vitamins and supplements. 

– I finally sat down mid afternoon with Hubby and watched the movie “Total Recall”. Spectrum who is our cable provider gave it’s customers free Showtime and Epix for a month during this virus. We are taking full advantage of it.

– It is in the 60’s here today so as soon as we eat dinner, we are going to sit out in the yard for a bit.

I hope you all are having a nice frugal day. What did you do frugally today? I would love to know. 

Every Day

Preparing For Thanksgiving

Being that it is a cold and dreary Saturday, I decided it was time for my refrigerator deep clean. I wipe out the fridge the day before I go grocery shopping each week. However twice a year, I give it a really good deep clean. Since Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks, I decided it was time.

On the left side of the beverages, I keep any leftovers that we need to eat, meal prep, and our lettuce keeper. Those three containers that are stacked are our pork chops, diced potatoes and steamed broccoli leftovers from dinner last night that we will eat tonight. I love these containers for leftovers and for meal prep. They hold a lot and stack easily.

I take everything out so that it is empty. I use microfiber cloths and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to clean the entire inside. I take all of the shelves and bins out to clean in my sink with it. I like this cleaner because it has vinegar which gets rid of any smells that linger.

I am so happy that it is all done and ready to receive the things we need for Thanksgiving.