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Preparing For Thanksgiving

Being that it is a cold and dreary Saturday, I decided it was time for my refrigerator deep clean. I wipe out the fridge the day before I go grocery shopping each week. However twice a year, I give it a really good deep clean. Since Thanksgiving will be here in a few weeks, I decided it was time.

On the left side of the beverages, I keep any leftovers that we need to eat, meal prep, and our lettuce keeper. Those three containers that are stacked are our pork chops, diced potatoes and steamed broccoli leftovers from dinner last night that we will eat tonight. I love these containers for leftovers and for meal prep. They hold a lot and stack easily.

I take everything out so that it is empty. I use microfiber cloths and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to clean the entire inside. I take all of the shelves and bins out to clean in my sink with it. I like this cleaner because it has vinegar which gets rid of any smells that linger.

I am so happy that it is all done and ready to receive the things we need for Thanksgiving.

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Hi AD, this is Chris. Thanks for posting these pictures of how you organize your refrigerator. They are helpful. We have the same style of refrigerator and sometimes it is hard to figure out how to adjust the shelves. We drink a lot more milk than you do. Where you keep your leftovers, I made it a smaller space to put the eggs in horizontally instead of vertically. This is how my mom did, but I like your way also. The main thing is I don't always seem to have enough space for large items, but maybe that is b/c of the milk.

Hi Chris,

Milk takes up a lot of room. I don't drink it. I do buy milk for Hubby for his cereal. However I forgot to get it yesterday morning and since we have about a foot of snow, I am not going out to get it. It may wait until just before Thanksgiving so that it will be in date for Alexa's chocolate milk.

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