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A Little of This and a Little of That

When I cleaned the chest freezer the other day, I pulled out a couple of bags of frozen bananas. There were 7 total so they made this pan of 2 dozen muffins. The pan is so large that it just barely fits in my big oven so I had to bake it in that instead of the countertop one. We use these for snacks for a week or more. They go fast around here because Hubby loves them.

I pulled strip steaks out of the freezer this morning for Hubby to grill. I baked potatoes and added steamed brussel sprouts to our meal. I also reheated the corn that was leftover from the KFC bowl yesterday for Hubby.

When I got up this morning at 6am, I just had 2 muffins and a cup of coffee. If I am hungry later, I will make eggs and ham. Hubby had muffins also.

I spent about an hour in the basement today but didn’t finish it. It has been so dreary and rainy around here that I am not very motivated.

Hubby’s new Dell computer arrived so has been busy getting ready to transfer all of his data and files to it. This and setting it up will keep him busy for a few days.

Have you done any baking recently?

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Those muffins look delicious! I bake a rotation of muffins and freeze them for a quick breakfast. I bake blueberry, banana, chocolate and a cinnamon one. A muffin coupled with a boiled egg and some fruit is a quick and easy breakfast. Almost all my “bakery” type items are baked homemade now as it is so much cheaper. I like that I can control the amount of sugar as well. So many store purchased items are too sweet for our taste. Enjoy!

Hi smhuh,

Oh your muffins sound wonderful! Blueberry will be next here since I have a few bags of blueberries frozen from when they were in season last summer. That sure is a great breakfast. I use monkfruit in place of sugar in our home,

Hi Precious! I made muffins also, I think I had commented already that they were cranberry ones. It has been cloudy/rainy/snow showers, etc here this week also. I am making a big chicken pot pie for family dinner tonight. I was going to make a cake also, but a family member is going to bring one. So off the hook for that.

I went to Kroger today for my weekly shopping, but not much in the ad and no good clearance today. So I mostly got things we needed that were the usual fresh things. I also got extra eggs since there is word the bird flu is in our area again. So guessing prices will go up again soon. We got our gas bill, but not electric yet. I will chime in when it comes.

Hi Chris,

I love cranberry muffins. I am sure you and Hubby enjoyed them. Your dinner sounds delicious. You are so right about the eggs. I am about to order a 60 ct. box from Walmart while they are still $9.98.

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