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Things We No Longer Buy

A while ago I posted what foods we no longer purchase. This is a continuation of that list showing other items that we do not buy which will save you a lot of money.

  • Most store purchased cleaning products. I do buy Comet, carpet cleaner, Bar Keepers Friend, and gas stove top cleaner. I use bleach or denture cleaner tabs to clean toilets. Most other cleaning items are made using vinegar, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. I have many store products still but when I run out of one I do not replace it. I don’t like all the toxic chemicals in the store bought products.
  • Paper towels. I use rags and microfiber cloths. We just wash them over and over again. If a rag gets really messy, we just throw it away. I save my paper grocery delivery bags to drain bacon.
  • We gave up using fabric softener sheets years ago. I don’t like the smell in my clothing. My wool balls take the wrinkles out of my clothes when I use the dryer. I prefer to hang clothes.
  • We are using up all of our laundry detergent and then will make our own.
  • Disposable wipes. I use a rag with homemade all purpose cleaner.
  • Sponges. We use a dish brush that is reusable and can be washed in the dishwasher every time we run a load of dishes.
  • Air fresheners, I don’t like the chemicals or smells.
  • Dishwasher cleaner. I use a cheap packet of Kool Aid lemonade.
  • Jet Dry. I use vinegar.
  • Most makeup. I use a little foundation and/or powder, blush and lipstick. I never use makeup when we are home alone.
  • Salon haircuts and color. Hubby cuts my hair and I don’t color my hair any longer. Some of the chemicals in hair dyes can cause cancer.
  • Dry Shampoo. I use cornstarch.
  • I have never gotten fake nails at a salon or put on my own. I no longer use nail polish.
  • Perfumes. I don’t like the smells.
  • Skincare products. The only thing that I use besides a bar of soap is Noxzema Classic Original on my face. It is the only thing I have used since I was in high school. Yes, I have some wrinkles but not many considering how old I am.
  • Hair conditioners. I see no need. If my hair starts to get fly away, I just use some vinegar when I am showering.
  • Very little toilet paper. We have a Bidet. I mostly buy a little for the guest bathroom.
  • Sprays to grease or oil pans. I just fill a reusable bottle.
  • We never buy straws.
  • We do not buy shaving creams or razors. We use our electric ones.
  • We buy no magazines. They are a waste of money. It is mostly ads.
  • Christmas or any seasonal decorations. I am in the process of giving most of them away.
  • We quit buying Christmas gifts for extended family many years ago.
  • We only buy candles for our emergency storage.
  • Plastic containers. We are using what we have and then will toss them when they no longer work. I try to use glass jars now for leftovers.
  • Ziploc bags. We are washing and reusing what we have. I do buy food saver rolls to make bags to preserve our meat and fish though.
  • I no longer buy jewelry. I have plenty and do not wear it very much. I have given special pieces to my granddaughter.
  • Gym memberships. We do our exercising at home or on walks.
  • I no longer buy heels. Besides being afraid of falling, I believe they are not good for your feet.
  • Books. I use the library or my Kindle.
  • I have never purchased meal delivery services and never will.

That is it for today. Feel free to add to this list in the comments.

    I am in the process of thawing a large ham(17 lbs.) to cook on Sunday. It will give us a couple of dinners, bean soup, and many cold cuts that we will slice on our meat slicer. Some of the cold cuts along with some diced ham will be frozen for future meals. I refuse to pay the prices that they want for cold cuts.

    We had bacon and easy over eggs for breakfast this morning. Tonight, Hubby will bread some haddock and fry us up some fish fries. I will also put some French fries on the air fryer setting on my new oven. We love Chiavetta’s fish fries but they have gotten very expensive and are much smaller than prior years. So we are doing our own. I will have to keep my eye out for a haddock sale again because this is the last package I have.

    I wish you all a great weekend.

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    Hi Precious. I was wondering how you drained the bacon if you didn’t use paper towels. As I looked at your list, we don’t use some of the stuff you mentioned either, or we use a lot less. We do have our Y membership, but we don’t have cable. The big thing for us now is that we are down to 1 car since Hubby retired. I do have $$ saved for another one, but we are going to see if we can get along ok with 1 car. I hope we can, it will be a big savings.

    I had a good shop at Meijer yesterday. I picked up my free prescription and kept to my list and budget. I needed several h/ba items, but what I needed was on sale. I still have enough left in my budget to get some of the butter from Kroger.

    HI Chris,

    I thought I told in the past I use the brown paper bags from Walmart deliveries that I have stockpiled. A couple of layers does it. But maybe I forgot.

    We have managed with one car for 13 years. We just work around what the other wants to do or go together. That is one of the reasons that we coordinated so many of our doctor appts.

    Nice shop!

    I have a few similar things on my list. I don’t like having my finger nails painted, so that’s a definite no for me. Once a year or so, I get a manicure with clear polish, if there’s a special occasion. I get my toenails done maybe 4x/year, but they get pretty beat up due to running, and I’m often in the process of losing a nail. The polish helps cover that, otherwise I prefer no polish as well.

    I’m not a makeup person. For flyaway hair (I also don’t use conditioner), I prefer a quick swipe of hand lotion (take a tiny amount, rub it between your palms, then use your palms to flatten down the fly aways.) Works great & most folks already have lotion around.

    Also not a magazine person, and do all of my reading on the Kindle. I do splurge & pay for the subscription, as I’m a speed reader (took a course, which I don’t know if it was a blessing or a curse, as it’s super helpful at work, but I crush through books as well), & consume a lot of content.

    We have a bidet, don’t use fabric softener, and also primarily clean with vinegar.

    My husband knows not to buy me jewelry, although his family does often get it for me when I see them, as it’s a very traditional gift. It’s a lovely thought, but I’m very much a minimalist, and don’t wear much jewelry, beyond my core basics.

    I broke a bone in my foot years ago, and now wear mostly flats or sneakers. I do have a few wedge sandals that are for dressier occasions. I’m not a shoe person either. 😉

    Not a candle or air freshener person, and we don’t exchange Christmas gifts for anyone outside of our immediate family.

    Loved to read your list!

    Have you or any of your readers used the online Misfit Markets for food purchases? I almost signed up, but feel uncomfortable giving my credit card info till I get some feedback from those who have used it…

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