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Yesterday & Today: How We Saved Money

Yesterday I went out in a blizzard. I had planned on picking up Hubby’s prescriptions so I went at 9AM. The roads were slick but I took it easy. It was only 8 miles round trip. While I was driving, I noticed just how beautiful the snow was on all of the pine trees. On my way home the snow turned to freezing rain. Shortly after I got home, it turned to rain and washed all of the snow away. But it was pretty while it lasted. Anyhow, I paid $ 180. for 3 prescriptions. We pay this for these 3 scripts 4 times a year. Drugs are so expensive. But at least, I was able to scan my receipt into Fetch and get 1150 points. Hubby was up when I got home and was grateful that I had picked them up.

I cooked up a pound of bacon and we made bacon, egg, and cheese McMuffins for breakfast. We made them again today too. And there is leftover bacon for tomorrow morning.

For dinner yesterday, I had pulled out a mason jar out of the freezer of leftover homemade chicken soup to defrost. An hour before dinner, I added a pint jar of chicken and broth that I had canned 2 years ago. By doing so, I knew that we would have enough for dinner then and today. Hubby used the rest of the crusty Italian bread to make garlic bread and broiled it in my new oven. So that was our dinners for two nights. It was so delicious and the perfect meal for this cold and stormy weather. Today we had up to 60 mph winds. It was ugly here. Thousands of people lost power. We were lucky that ours stayed on.

Hubby gave me a badly needed haircut. So $.00 out of pocket. He does as good a job as my former hairdresser did. But he is $ 45. cheaper for just a haircut.

Spectrum who is my Cable TV, home phone, and internet provider announced today, out of the blue, that they are raising the bills effective on January 31st. If I estimated mine correctly, it will cost us $6.00- $ 7.00 plus tax more per month. I will wait until I get my bill the beginning of February and change my budget to reflect that. Keeping up with all the increases is starting to be a real pain!

We stayed in today which saved us gasoline, time, and money. This afternoon we watched NCIS Sydney. I am really starting to like that show.

I have not ordered anything online at Amazon or Walmart or anywhere else so far this year. I may make an order for a Walmart delivery order when I have a larger list of items that I need that are cheaper there than elsewhere.

We are trying to eat through the meat in our freezer. We want to eat it while it is still perfectly good and not freezer burned. I am rotating it eating up the oldest first. Then I can give it a good defrost which it really needs. Clean it up and start from scratch. By not using up most of my grocery money these next few months, I will have the money saved in the budget to replace the freezer items which is mostly meat, vegetables, and fruit.

I keep adding to my list, many things that I am no longer buying this year. There will be an upcoming post on that.

Did you save any money these last few days? Are you eating out of your pantry, fridge, and freezers?

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Hi Precious! Some good, frugal days. I am making things from what I have also. I made a chicken rice casserole out of the leftover rice and some chicken from Sunday. I added a lot of veggies to it. I also made a one pot meal of some pasta, sauce, Italian sausage, spinach and mozzerella cheese that all needed to be used up. So we have been eating comfort food also for the cold days. We got similar weather to you the past few days, but not as bad. The big thing here was the wind.

Today I am going to stop by the Dollar Tree to get hubby a Valentine and then I am going to Meijer to do my grocery shopping and pick up one of my prescriptions. It is still free with my new insurance, and Meijer is running the buy 7 or more items get them all for $1 each sale. Kroger’s ad was not so great this week. I will probably stop by there sometime when I am in the area to get the butter that is on sale. I never got to Aldi for the butter at Christmas and Kroger has for .50 more this week. I still have some, but will pick up a few for the freezer.

Hi Chris,

Those meals sound scrumptious! You are so lucky to have a Kroger. They always had such great deals when I shopped Fry’s in AZ. It’s always nice to have a year’s worth of butter. I choke when I see the prices these days for it.

I looked at Top’s for next week, Except for a deal on chicken, the flyer is unremarkable. They have very few deals…mostly B1G1’s. They always mark up the one that you have to purchase so they are not a deal. There is one that I will look at but if they did it on that, I will not buy it.

Happy shopping!

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