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2024-The Weekend & Day 8: Saving Intentionally

We had a wonderful weekend. I hope you all did too.We ate leftovers on Saturday for dinner. Yesterday I made a beef stew with beef tenderloin end cuts cubed, fresh celery, carrots, onions, and canned potatoes in the crockpot with beef broth. It was delicious and we will have it again tonight. Here is a picture of my dish tonight. Sorry, it is so blurry. There was so much gravy that I made that Hubby said he wished we had some crusty type bread. So I picked him up a loaf of crusty Italian bread at Top’s this morning to serve at dinner tonight.

The highlight of our weekend was watching our Buffalo Bills football team beat the Miami Dolphins last night to take the AFC East Championship. I can’t wait to watch our first playoff game at our stadium against Pittsburgh this coming weekend.

These are the items I purchased today: one loaf of Italian bread on sale for $ 2.99, 2 boxes of Top’s Rotini on sale for $ .99 each, 4 cans of Hunt’s pasta sauce on sale for 4/$5. minus a $ 1.00 digital coupon = $ 4.00 for all, 5 Prego spaghetti sauce on sale for $ 1.49 each when you buy 5 jars totaling $ 7.45, and 1 tomato that was not on sale for $ 1.67. Hubby asked for another tomato like we I purchased last week. This was not on sale but was so delicious last week. My only other option was boxes of 4 tomatoes each that looked awful compared to this tomato. They were on sale B1G1 but when I did the math, it worked out to about the same price per pound that I paid for this tomato. I didn’t need 8 tomatoes either. So I made the best choice for us. I paid $ 18.09 and saved $ 15.66.

Since I was getting low on pasta and sauce, when I saw these sales, I stocked. I don’t mind jarred sauce because I doctor it. My tip for the Hunt’s is that I use it in place of tomato sauce in recipes and for homemade pizza. I can usually find it at $1.00 a can like I did today or sometimes under that. It is a 24 oz. can and I can’t find tomato sauce for that price. I just use what I need and then put it in small portions(small jam jars) in my freezer. Then I pull out what I need the night before I need it.

Other than those things today, I did a load of wash using cold water and a Tide To Go stick to treat a stain on one of my house dresses. I checked the dress when it was washed and the stain was gone. I hung the laundry to dry. I changed our sheets on our beds and remade the beds when they were done. I cleaned the kitchen and sink so that it is nice and clean to wake up to. I hate waking up to a mess in the morning.

I got my exercise doing all the walking while grocery shopping.

Tonight I am going to let You Tube put me to sleep. I did not sleep well last night at all.

Did any of you save some money these few days? Please share your tips with us.

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Hi Precious! Congratulations to your Bills team. Of course, there is no love lost here with the Steelers, so good luck on the upcoming game. Our son in law is excited his team, the Browns, also made the playoffs. I am not sure who their game is with. I think the Ravens.

We had a good weekend mostly. Older granddaughter started her basketball games on Sat. She is still in the part of the league where they are learning the game this year, so the coaches referee and no score is kept. Hubby then went with her parents and her to the big Lego spectacular at the convention center. While they were there older granddaughter had an accident and face planted. She bit her lip pretty bad but it didn’t go through. They went to the first aid station and the folks there said accepted medical practice now is no stitches mostly for lips. They are doing ice and she is being careful what she eats and sitting out some things at gym/recess so she doesn’t get hit in the face. Daughter called and talked to the nurse at her dr and is taking her to the dentist to be sure her teeth are ok. It is already looking better, but was quite an injury. You know how the mouth swells up. Sat evening hubby and I had some friends over for a belated Christmas dinner. I made meatloaf and it was so good.

Sunday we kept the girls for awhile. SIL always works on Sundays and daughter needed to put some time in also. January is always when she is preparing for the audit of her company. We took the girls for ice cream and also to the little candy store nearby. I had wanted to take them before Christmas, but we never made it b/c I was sick. We let them each choose 2 things. So we did spend about $16 between the 2 places.

Yesterday hubby did a few hours of work for his former company. I went back to the Y and also did 6 loads of laundry. I also made a whole roasting chicken in our crock pot for supper. It was so good and we have quite a bit left for other things. I made rice to go with it and we had leftover veggies from Sat. Last night I watched the season premiere of Antiques Roadshow and fell asleep during the second one. LOL!

Hi Chris,

Thank you for the congrats and the wished for this weekend’s game. My sister loves the Brown’s. I think they are playing the Houston Texans on Saturday afternoon.

I like those kinds of sports games for younger kids.

Oh no, I am so sorry about your granddaughter I feel so bad for her. I hope everything heals up quickly and well.

It sounds like you had a very busy weekend. The girls must have really enjoyed the ice cream and candy.

I am happy that you got to go back to the Y.

I so love roasted chicken. I threw together homemade chicken soup today. More on that tomorrow.

You sound like me falling asleep with the TV. I can do that just watching a You Tube video.

Picked up a few groceries for the rest of the week and only spent 35.00, heck 2 prescriptions cost more than that. Sold 3 cases of expensive cat food that Shelby doesn’t have to have any longer. Used up the rest of the spinach and working through leftovers. For the first 10 days of the month we have only spent 48.00 on groceries.

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