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2024-Day 4 & 5: Saving Intentionally

I didn’t post yesterday because there was nothing to really tell you about that was on the agenda. We had cheese and crackers and meats leftover from the charcuterie board(when my family was here) for brunch and then I made hot meatball sandwiches smothered with mozzarella for dinner. We are trying to use up a lot of leftovers so they don’t go bad. Otherwise, we watched TV and I read my book for a while. We also cleaned some items out to donate.

This morning I had to take the donations up to Goodwill. We have been cleaning out the house and donating what is like new or in good condition.

After Goodwill, I went to Top’s again to get another package of bacon while it is still on sale with the Super Coupon for $ 3.99. I have to pass Top’s to go to Goodwill. They only let you use one SC in an order and it was a good way to pick up another one. We eat a lot of bacon especially for breakfast. We also used up some lettuce the other night that was still edible. We threw away what wasn’t. It really aggravates me that the lettuce is of such poor quality that it goes bad quickly. However, I found a package of Romaine on sale today for $ 3.99 that looked great. No orange or bad spots on it. We will see how long this lasts. If it doesn’t. I am done buying it.

I have always been annoyed that Top’s very rarely marks food down at reduced price. Once in a while, they mark down a piece of meat but that is about it. Well today, I saw a reduced price rack of bakery goods. I had never seen it before so I assume it is new. The entire rack was full. As I was perusing it, I remembered that Hubby was craving an apple pie the other night. So I looked for one and they only had a different kind. Then I spotted this apple cobbler in the picture. It was $ 2.64 marked down from $5.29. I can’t make an apple cobbler and bake it for that price. Hubby is thrilled and we will have a piece for brunch. Today’s groceries cost $ 10.62.

This was dinner tonight: cheeseburgers and French fries with gravy. I have been eating my French fries with gravy since I was in high school. We(friends)used to go to our favorite hangout restaurant after school and order those. We will most likely have the same thing tomorrow night since I cooked 4 burgers.

Did any of you save money today?

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Hi Precious. Hubby and little granddaughter went with me to Kroger this morning. We did a good job sticking to my list, so I was happy about that. Little granddaughter loved helping to pick out the produce and put in bags and put it in the cart. We had to teach her to be careful with some of the things. I got a dozen eggs today and showed her how you open the carton to be sure none of the eggs are broken. Then I asked her to carefully take the eggs over to her Pa so he could put them in the cart gently. We got in the checkout line with no candy. I let her carry the eggs into the house from the car and she was so proud of herself. I spent $90, but got some extra things since it is supposed to snow this weekend and we had been gone so needed a lot of fresh things.

When we got home little granddaughter helped hubby put the food out for the birds and squirrels. She loves to do this. We had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in a picnic under the dining room table. We had a good nap today too. Hubby and I took down the Christmas lights after she left so it would get done before the bad weather. We had chicken quesadillas and leftover salad I had ordered with the pizza last night for our supper. It was all good. We are in our comfy clothes tonight watching TV.

Hi Chris,

I love that you are teaching her to shop! Did you get a lot of snow? It snowed here yesterday and overnight. But I don’t think we have more than 4-5 inches.

I just love the picnic under the dining room table. That is such fun.

Dinner sounds delicious.

It sounds like Hubby is enjoying his retirement.

Precious, most of it melted since the temps went up and we had rain also. The roads were just wet, so I was thankful for that. Sidewalks ok, just a dusting on the grass and back deck.

Well I can safely say I only spent 4.00 on groceries this week. Did a Walmart return for 30.00, walked out empty handed. I did have to order more magnesium for me and allergy immune chews for brown dog. But that’s it!

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