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2024 Day 3: Saving Intentionally

Before I talk about today, I have to tell you that I changed my mind about what I was cooking for dinner last night. I had forgotten that I had thawed a large chicken breast 2 days before. It needed to be used. So I butterflied it and made orange chicken. We had tossed salads as a side.

I did not go out anywhere today. I am trying to only go out once a week to run errands. The only exception would be if we had doctor appointments. I am hearing that gasoline prices are going up again. So I want to make sure that the discounted tank of gas that I got yesterday lasts as long as possible.

Breakfast this morning were bagels with jam/cream cheese with our morning coffee. There was no lunch. I did have an afternoon snack of a couple of Tillamook sausage sticks. Dinner tonight was the BLT’s that I had planned for last night. They tasted so good in the middle of winter. Hubby made some SF lime jello after dinner so we can have a sweet treat later.

More cleaning was on the agenda today and Hubby vacuumed more rooms in the house. There seems to be dog hair hiding everywhere. But I think we have finally have gotten it all taken care of.

I read more in the money book I started. I also watched a couple of You Tube videos today but fell asleep in the middle of them. So I had a wonderful afternoon nap that I must have needed.

So I spent no money today. However, I probably will next week. Some of the best deals especially on meat are in January every year. I got our ads for next week in my mail today. There are some great deals at Top’s next week that I will be taking full advantage of.

I hope you all have a nice evening!

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I needed to pick up cat food (I only picked up 1 can yesterday to see if her Highness thought it acceptable), checked clearance and picked up a half loaf of multigrain sourdough for 1.49, spent 6.50. Chris is a cabinet installer and a tool hoarder, but he decided that he had an extra tool he bought and didn’t need so I returned it (240.00). I did forget my Walmart return so I will do that tomorrow. Breakfast for dinner…

Hi Precious, sounds like a good, at home day. I know I am so glad to be home from our trip and can sleep in our own bed tonight, in our own home where we control the temperature. Hubby’s mom keeps her house at 75 and I was roasting. We keep ours at 64 at night. We closed the door to our room and opened up the window to get some cool air in, but it took awhile.

Hi Chris,

It’s always nice to come home for all the reasons you state. 75 is a little high but older people do get cold easier than the younger ones do. Oh Wow, I wonder what her heating bill will be those windows open. Yikes!

Precious, she told us to open it, but we kept the door closed. Our bedroom was upstairs. And we closed it every morning when we got up. So hopefully her heat bill won’t be awful.

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