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A Little Of This And A Little Of That

I am getting low on meat so I purchased ground round on sale for $4.79 a lb. for a total of $ 30.80 at Niagara Produce. This will give us about 11 meals. Hubby told me the night before that we needed celery because he used up the last of it in turkey salad. So I picked up one while I was there only to find out later that we had a new one already in the other produce drawer. So I cut up one package into pieces and froze it for soups and stews. I also needed two reusable bags at $ .99 each. They are so much bigger than the other bags. Mine seem to disappear when the family is here. I also stopped at Top’s and got a package of their on sale chicken breasts for $ 1.99 a lb.

Today I have a doctor’s appointment so I will stop at Top’s again because they are having a 3 Day Sale with some great loss leaders to get you into the store. I will be getting either a whole or half pork loin depending on what grade it is. They are on sale for $ 1.69 a lb. If it is Select, I will not buy it. If it is Choice, I will. They also have Heluva Good block cheeses for $ 1.99. I will be getting Extra Large Cooked Shrimp for $ 7.77 a lb. too. All of these are terrific prices for us. I will buy nothing but these loss leaders.

Now that all the turkey leftovers from my son are gone, I have been doing quick meals because we have been really busy in our basement going through every storage box and bin and reorganizing things. More on that later. We have had copycat Chick Fil A sandwiches, pizza, and tonight we will have taco salads to use up the rest of the romaine lettuce. Tomorrow night will be fish fries and French fries. Then I think I will make a beef stew in the crock pot for the weekend.

Hubby and I have been really busy in the house getting rid of anything that we are not using by donating it or tossing it. As I have mentioned briefly before, our garbage pickup rules are changing on January 1, 2024. Instead of being able to put out 6 bags or cans of garbage a week, we will have to use just the 1 that we have to buy from our garbage company for $ 65. That extra charge will appear on our property tax bill in January along with the the full year’s cost( about $ 260.) of the garbage pickup. It is the one on wheels that the truck picks up and dumps the garbage. I have to wonder how many garbage people are losing their jobs the end of December because of this. We have been using a recyclable one for a few years. Because of this we are trying to get rid of anything we aren’t using this month while we can still put out 6 cans or bags. Hubby went through the entire office and pitched so many things that were not being used. Now we are working in the basement.

In the spring, this is going to become a real problem because of grass and bush clippings. Hubby has 5-6 bags of clippings per week. This along with the garbage may not all fit in the new can. Hubby has had a conversation with our Town Supervisor about how we had the cans on wheels out in Arizona that were green barrels that you put the bush and tree trimmings out and they picked them up. He informed Hubby that the garbage company did not offer that but he will look into it. Meanwhile he told Hubby that we can buy an extra barrel for another $ 65. and for an additional property tax of $ 33.75 each year of the contract. We are happy that it is an option but we really won’t need it until he starts mowing in the spring. So since we can buy the extra at any time during the year, we will wait until then. In the meantime, we will get a feel for how much this new can will hold. Maybe it will work. We’ll see.

We also learned a valuable lesson this past week. Don’t ever buy from a third party seller at Walmart! We have had two items that we have had to return. The first was flannel sheets that were dirty. The package was taped up like it had been a return and then shipped to us. The second was Cross Pen Refills that we ordered from China. After a very long delay that package came yesterday. Not only was it not even close to what we ordered but our mailman brought it to our door telling us that they had paid some of the postage but there was $ 5.25 in postage due on it. Yikes this was for a $10.99 order that was supposed to be postage paid. Of course I had to pay the postage only to find out later when I opened it that it was not what we ordered. But the worst part of all of this is that when you bring your return back to Walmart, they tell you that they will return it to the seller and the seller will credit you. That will take 15 days or more. I asked if this is a new policy and she said yes. Walmart is no longer giving you the credit when you make the return. Well this stinks! I don’t have high hopes that the China one will be credited and I will just chalk up the postage to lesson learned. I will be very careful from now on to make sure that I am only buying from Walmart or Amazon and not a 3rd party seller.

Well, it is time to get started on my day with making bacon and eggs for breakfast. You all have a great day!

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Shop Rite had some good sales. We bought chicken legs and chicken thighs for only.99 cents a pound. Chicken breast were $1.99 a pound and center cut pork chops were $1.99 a pound. They had a sale on Italian sausages at $1.99 for both hot and sweet. Yes, please. We stocked up. Now we’re set for the winter. I dig buy one package of beef stew meat at Aldi (not on sale but a good price) The weather is perfect now for beef stew!
Bring it on!

Hi Cindi,

I loved ShopRite sale when I would go to my son’s home. They always had such good sales, It is too bad that the Market 32 and Top’s conglomerate are buying their stores. I would have been all over those meat prices. Especially the Italian sausages. I am so glad that you are now stocked for winter.

Enjoy that stew beef. I will be cooking that soon. Stews, soups, and chili are all on my menu plan.

Hi Precious. Thanks for the warning about buying online at Walmart. I didn’t realize they had that. I knew Amazon did and try to avoid. I hope you get your money back. I got caught by Amazon recently that if you return something to them, you have to click that you want your refund to go back on your credit card. It is not the default option anymore. The default option is a credit on your Amazon account. We don’t shop often at Amazon, so I would have rather had the cc refund. Letting your readers know to check for this if they have to return something to Amazon.

Your new trash policy sounds similar to what we have here. It has worked out ok for us. Usually we have more recycle and only 1-2 garbage bags. We do have the yard waste also, I hope your town can get this. We have a mulching mower so Hubby doesn’t have to do much with the grass clippings. Most of the leaves he puts on his compost pile.

We are still eating turkey and ham leftovers, but they are almost gone. I used some of the turkey carcass earlier in the week for some delicious soup. Haven’t gotten to the ham bone yet.

I think after I go to the Christmas candy sale tomorrow at Kroger I will be done with my Christmas shopping. We made a huge trip to Costco last night with daughter to get the last gifts, the pecans I use for Christmas cheer, and some other things we were getting low on/sale items we needed. Nothing is wrapped, but will take a day to do sometime. I wanted to let you and your readers know that Son had asked us for a Costco membership for Christmas and they have a nice display of boxes for them. In the box is the membership information and a reusable shopping bag. So it will be easy to wrap. The display was over by where you can buy appliances and cell phones in our store.

Hi Chris,

Thanks! I did the return to Walmart yesterday and they wanted to know how I wanted to return it. I opted to have Fed Ex pick it up and when I continued, Walmart said you do not have to return it but it will take 5-15 days for your credit. However I am out the postage but I will consider that lesson learned. I knew about Amazon’s policy too but thanks for sharing it for others who may not.

I am hoping it does work out. Time will tell.

Soup is what I miss about not cooking turkey. I hope you really enjoyed yours. I will make some this winter when I cook the free turkey I purchased. I see either bean or pea soup in your future. Yummy!

I am glad that you are almost done with your Christmas shopping too. It is starting to get crazy around here with traffic and people. Time to stay home.

Thanks for sharing with my readers about the Costco membership.

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