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Frugal Things We Did This Past Week

  • I cooked a pound of bacon in the microwave three times this week instead of using my gas stove top.
  • For a breakfast I toasted an English muffin in the toaster oven. I used some of the above bacon on it. Then I cooked my egg(45 seconds) and melted my slice of cheese in the microwave. No gas stove top was needed to make this.
  • I washed 3 full loads of wash using cold water and the ECO cycle. I had a lot of sheets and all the bedding from the dogs sleeping with my son. I was really busy after my son left yesterday vacuuming all the furniture, carpeting, and the hardwood and tile floors. Those dogs shed like crazy. But I love my son and the dogs coming to see us.
  • Showers this week were short 3 minute ones.
  • We made tacos from scratch for Sunday night’s dinner. Lots of toppings: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives, cheese, and sour cream.
  • We ate all of our leftovers or froze them.
  • Stocked some of the Thanksgiving deals while the prices were rock bottom.
  • Received a $17.24 rebate in the mail
  • Hubby made fried rice from leftover chicken, celery, carrots, rice, an egg, sesame oil, and soy sauce to go with pot stickers for a fabulous Chinese meal while my son was here. We ate the leftovers last night and froze some fried rice that was left. We will start on the turkey leftovers tonight.
  • Hubby made a huge pot of party mix for the holidays. This has been a family tradition for all of our marriage and for Hubby when he was a kid. The cereals and pretzel sticks were all purchased on sale at Top’s. The nuts were purchased at the warehouse club using an e-coupon. We brought some to my grandson on Thanksgiving. My son and DIL are Keto so they won’t eat it. My other son received some to snack on if he got hungry on the ride home.
  • I returned an expensive item I ordered from Walmart to the store for a refund. It wasn’t what I expected I was getting and it was dirty like it had been a return.
  • All of my Christmas gifts are purchased and wrapped. I purchased a gift card for one gift using a reward point from Top’s. I paid $ 40. for a $50. one.
  • I plan on using the 2 fresh yams that we brought home from our son’s for a sheet pan meal next week.
  • I baked two loaves of pumpkin bread in the toaster oven, one for breakfasts this coming week and one is in the freezer for Christmas.
  • We will be eating leftovers and from our freezer this coming week.
  • I spent some time making a menu plan for 2024. Yes, I am planning out the entire year.

That’s it for the week. What did you do frugally?

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Super curious about the yearly menu plan! Please share.

I’m getting ready to head out on a long business trip (the longest I’ve ever taken, & I’m dreading it), so I need to get organized around the house before I got.

Hi Precious, good frugal week. Hubby cooked the turkey and ham for Thanksgiving outside on the smoker and grill. He was low on pellets for the smoker so had to go get some. They were on a deal so he bought ahead to start the season next year too. He will also get some at Costco when they come out next year. So the pellets were sort of frugal since he got them on a deal.

He also got deals on the bird food he buys this time of the year. He gets most things at our local Wild Birds Unlimited store. They are more expensive on some of what he buys, but the quality is better, so it really does end up being the more frugal choice in the end. He buys their no-mess bird seed and uses their anti squirrel pepper stuff so the squirrels don’t eat the seed. He gets corn for them. Because he does this, the birds don’t waste as much seed as they would when he bought the cheaper stuff. Plus the anti squirrel stuff at WBU works, which some of the other brands he has tried that are cheaper did not. So if any of your readers like to feed the birds like Hubby does, those are some tips from him.

I went to Kroger today to get milk and while I was there I checked the clearance. They had the smaller cans of pumpkin and cans of cranberry sauce for .25 ea so I bought some. They also had some canned peaches, pears and mandarin oranges for .68-.72 ea. I try to keep some of these for fruit in the winter, so was happy to see them.

We worked on the Christmas lights today. Not quite done, but so far they look good. I will send you a picture when we are done. Little granddaughter is coming over for awhile tomorrow while daughter takes her sister and a friend to the local college’s women’s basketball game.

Hi Chris,

I bet that turkey and ham were delicious. I am glad your Hubby got a deal on the pellets.

Great tips for feeding the birds.

Wow! What a deal on the pumpkin and cranberry sauce and the fruits. I would have been all over the pumpkin to make muffins and bread. Also we love mandarin oranges on salads.

I can’t wait to see the Christmas lights. Enjoy your grandchildren.

12 days Diet Coke free so savings there
unfortunately we had to buy a new booster pump but MIL chipped in half being it’s her property and all
Received 2 grocery GC’s
Used .25 off fuel, usually Chris uses all the points since his tank is bigger but I snagged this one

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