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Frugal Things This Past Week

These are the things we have done frugally this past week:

  • Made a return to Walmart of a dented can from a grocery delivery
  • We had a small hole in the basement wall where the new A/C unit stuff comes in from outside. The A/C guys filled it on the outside but I could see daylight from the hole on the inside. Hubby went down to the basement and filled it with plumbers putty. I don’t want that freezing cold air this winter coming into my house.
  • The winter fertilizer has been put on the lawn so the lawn should winter the weather well.
  • When Hubby put the new motor in the furnace he noticed that one of the screw holes was stripped. He has been researching how to fix that and he will be doing it tomorrow.
  • We have a magnetic closer on our mailbox and the postman knocks if off once in a while. Hubby repaired it again.
  • We had a freeze here so Hubby and I trimmed bushes that need to be trimmed in the Fall and threw out most of our annual flowers. We put our hanging baskets in the garage to store them.
  • We ate every meal at home this week. With the prices today that saves a boatload of money. I made beef stew, shrimp fra diavolo, a night of odds and ends from the refrigerator, and Chef’s salad. I even had some beef stew leftover to freeze for another meal.
  • We invested in another large CD.
  • All our patio furniture has been put away in the shed.
  • I waited until our gasoline tank on the car was almost empty. I filled it using $.80 off a gallon from Tops Rewards.
  • We took the screen door off of our back door and put the storm door on.
  • Hubby went up to our tire place to get the regular tires changed over to the snow tires so that the car is ready for the snow we are supposed to get next week. However, there is now a manufacturer’s rule( because of liability issues) that the tire places can’t put snows or even regular tires back on the car if they are over 10 years old. So he had to purchase 4 brand new snow tires which cost us $ 750. Since we will have to purchase 4 new regular tires when the snows come off in the spring, Hubby left all 8 tires with them. So that was an expense that we weren’t thinking about. Fortunately, we save for major expenses. FYI, our SUV was 10 years old last April and had all the original tires. We only have 46,000 miles on the SUV. The man who we always deal with said he was sorry about that. Then he joked with Hubby and said no one keeps their car 10 years. Hubby says I have always kept my cars for a long long time. We have always taken very good care of our cars doing the maintenance when it needs to be done and keeping them very clean. This 2013 car we have now has never had to be repaired. It has had minor body work done when a lady hit it in a parking lot at the aquarium. Otherwise it has just gone into the dealer for recalls.
  • Talking about recalls, Hyundai sent us one yesterday to have the entire underside seal coated. They are doing them because they are rusting out. Since they want to do that free for this 10 year old car, Hubby got an appointment to have it done.
  • I have been taking 3 minute showers this week.
  • We have not used lights in the daytime
  • We have had a warm spell so we saved on heating for about 3 days.
  • I found a bunch of printed grocery lists that are over 20 years. I will be using them up for my lists the next few weeks.
  • I picked up some Halloween cookies that my friend, Jessica, made custom for me at her bakery. I will be giving them to the 4 little kids that live on either side of me for Halloween. I will take them over this weekend for their parents to give them on Halloween. We are not doing Halloween trick or treating because of our age. The schools out here have Covid again. We just can’t take the chance of getting it from someone we answer the door to.
  • I did one load of wash using cold water and hung most of it to dry. The dishwasher was run twice this week.

That was it for this week. Feel free to share with us what you did to save money this week in the comments.

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It was a decidedly unfrugal week (we were on vacation in Hawaii), but a few minor wins:
-Saved a credit card offer for discounted snacks/meals for our return flight. It was a long enough flight that we bought a meal. Saved about $8.
-Made dinner on Thursday night, even thought I was exhausted from travel, a full work day & helping DS17 with college applications. Takeout sounded super tempting, but I skipped.
-Uploaded receipts to Fetch
-Made protein bars for DS17

Hi Precious, it was kind of a topsy-turvy week this week, but I cooked at home all week and we ate leftovers too. I did get the laundry done all in one shot so didn’t have to keep the dryer running extra. I took little granddaughter to the library for an outing on Fri. We were also able to have the heat off for most of the week and I was able to air out the house. I take short showers like you, but have never timed them, may have to check it out. Looking forward to the trick or treaters on Tues. 🎃

WE have friends who ALWAYS go out to dinner on the weekends. Sometimes lunch too. Needless to say we have never joined them. In fact, they don’e even ask us. We kade them think that DH follows a special diet so we can’t eat out. The thought of blowing at least @100 every weekend with them (meals and drinks) is just too foreign for us. WE happily eat at home almost all of the time. But I do miss going out on the weekend evenings and socializing. I’d invite everyone over here for dinner and drinks but ka-ching! Just can’t. Plus my house is too small for 4 more couples!
It was a slow week for us. I ate mostly leftovers. DH has mostly fresh each day then I eat his leftover for lunch next day. It’s fine. DH and a neighbor re-roofed our 10X1`2 shed (20 years old!). That saved us around $1,700. It was a very good score. But hubby said ‘never again’. He said is was very hard work!!!
I haven’t had a snack or candy all this past week. No Halloween for us! LOL. I’m trying to get off sugar. Just in time. Have you seen the cost of candy these days??

Hi Cindi,

I agree with you about blowing money eating out every week. It is such a waste. We go out once or twice a year normally Now we will be blowing a wad on a party soon but those are only done when there is something really special.

Nice savings on the roof on the shed. Roofing is so expensive now.

We are also trying to get off sugar again. Covid ruined my diet. I was so stressed. I did see the cost of some bags for Halloween at Walmart. $25-$30. a bag. UGH!

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