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Frugal Things This Week

These are the things that we have done to save some money this week.

Since so many dairy products are in very short supply or non-existent at our markets, I decided it was worth the money to buy these. We eat a lot of Mexican food so sour cream is a necessity. I also use heavy cream in my coffee. Then there is cream cheese which is used for so many things. They will also save us a bit of money over buying these foods. Prices keep going up!

The induction motor for our furnace came yesterday. It has the gasket and everything else we need to install it. We paid $ 214.+ tax and got free shipping. The heating company wanted $701. + tax. Hubby will be installing it tomorrow.

These are the leftovers from the lasagna that I made for Hubby’s birthday. We ate it the last two nights and it is now in the freezer in containers.They are Bento containers for the freezer so I can add a veggie and some garlic bread to each before I heat it all up. We will probably pull them out on our busy days over the next 6 weeks or so. I also made his carrot cake. He was delighted. Celebrating at home saved us so much money!

I had been planning on buying a new makeup bag. The one on the top is the old one that I keep in my vanity. However, it is permanently stained and the inside liner is falling apart. Since I don’t wear as much makeup as I used to, this smaller bag is perfect to contain it all. I was going to order a new one yesterday. But then I remembered that I had some bags in my makeup bin that holds extras. Those extras are contained in bags. So I pulled the bin out and found the new one. It was holding spare lipsticks. Swapping the lipsticks out to the old bag and the makeup to the new was perfect. I don’t know what makeup bags cost today but every little savings helps.

Hubby has been working in his gardens getting them ready for winter. His grass that he planted on the sides of the driveway is all coming up. He has been watering it everyday by hand since our sprinkler system has already had the lines blown out.

We need deli meat so I pulled a turkey tenderloin from the freezer to thaw. I will be roasting it for dinner tonight. Then tomorrow I will cut it up on my meat slicer to use for deli meat. I paid $ 5.99 for this tenderloin many months ago. It is 1 and 1/2 lbs. Buying that much deli meat would have cost about $14.50. Plus mine will taste so much better. We have a tomato and some already cooked bacon to use up. So BLT’s sounds good for dinners this weekend while we watch football.

I cooked a dozen eggs in the instant pot for easy breakfasts and snacks.

I did one load of sheets using the Eco cycle of my washing machine this week. I am trying to save as much energy as possible since our heat is now on. It’s getting very cold at night.

That’s about it! I hope you all have a great weekend! Feel free to share what you did to save money this week in the comments.

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I’m curious. Where did you buy the deli slicer? How much did it cost? Do you find that it is economical? Sorry for the questions but I’ve been thinking about buying one myself lately.
Thanks so much!

Hi Cindi,

It is a Rival. I have no idea where I bought it or how much I paid. Back then things were cheaper…!971iish. It. mostly plastic except for the blade and a few other pieces. It is like new and has lasted well over 50 years.

Thanks. I’ll give a look. We go through lots of deli cold cuts here. I’ll do a cost analysis to see if it’s worth it. 🙂

Hi Precious, we got back from the wedding ok. I sent you a picture of the flower girls. It was not a hugely frugal week for us because of it, but good memories were made. This is why we are frugal, isn’t it?

I had not heard of the dairy powders you bought, didn’t know they were available. Thanks for mentioning them. I am not sure if they would be frugal for us or not, but will check into them and think about it.

Kitty was glad to see us when we got back. Our neighbors watched her and I got them a gift card for DQ at Kroger (for the fuel points) as a thank you. They had the freeze pops marked down 2/$1 so got a package of those also. Our grandkids play with their kids, so I thought that little extra treat was good. I watch their kitty when they travel also.

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