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Frugal Things We Have Done the Past Few Days

I had every intention of writing to you about our special day last Saturday. However our celebration turned into the entire weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, we celebrated our 56th wedding anniversary. Because we went out to dinner with friends last week, we decided to cook at home on both days. We had the same dinner each night which included a drink before dinner. Then Hubby grilled filet mignon each night for each of us. I baked a dozen potatoes in the air fryer so as to not heat up the house with the oven. We each ate one and one ear of corn on the cob each night. Dessert was cherry ices. With the exception of our son and grandson coming for breakfast on Sunday, we had a quiet weekend just enjoying each other’s company. We spent a bit of time outside in our yard because it was so beautiful outside.

On Sunday, I made scrambled eggs, French toast, many sausages and a pound of bacon. Our grandson is now a teenager and he can sure pack the food away. After breakfast, we played rummy.

It was a wonderful weekend full of good food purchased on sale, good conversation, and no cleaning.

On Monday morning, I made scrambled eggs and sliced up the leftover filet mignon and heated it through with some garlic and butter. We had leftover cold cut sandwiches and potato salad for dinner. Hubby made it from the leftover baked potatoes.

On Tuesday night, we had potato salad and grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. Breakfast was easy over eggs and leftover sausage and bacon from the weekend.

Breakfast this morning was a big slice of cantaloupe. Tonight I will be making spaghetti with Hot Italian sausage and sauce. We have not had spaghetti in quite a while and we are craving it.

I will be grocery shopping tomorrow for just a few things we need.

Hubby has been busy around here. The hinge on our bottom folding cupboard door broke. He found a hinge on Amazon at . Boy, it was expensive.

It turned into a bigger project than he thought though. The hinge is installed on the cupboard but it does not line up with the original holes. So Hubby will fix it as soon as he can get the stuff he needs to do it.

He also has been doing a great job keeping up with the weed whacking and dead heading the flowers. I have been pulling weeds as I see them.

Our lawn is lush and green again after having the sprinkler system repaired. Now it gets water every other day that it doesn’t rain.

I have done two loads of laundry this week using cold water. Some of the clothes were hung to dry and others were done in the dryer.

We should be getting our prompt from the utility company to read our meters in a few days. I can’t wait to see what difference the new efficient A/C does for our bill looking at the same period last year and accounting for the high heat we have had this time including some 90+ days.

What have you guys been doing to save some money?

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Hi Precious. Over the weekend we had little granddaughter’s birthday party, as you know. Daughter asked me to bring a fruit salad and I mostly used fruit that we had and bought a few extra pieces to fill in at Kroger. We give cash for birthdays but the little girls we also give a small gift. I had found a cute little kid pedicure set at the after Christmas clearance sale for 75%off that I had been saving. I wrapped it in paper I got at a local yard sale a few weeks ago. She was thrilled.

We are still eating leftovers from last week. Will finish the last of them tonight for supper.

I had forgotten to report back on our gas/electric bills for this month. They totaled $158.60. Not bad with all the heat.

I got some great deals at Goodwill on summer clothes.

One bad thing, however, that happened to me was I bought $50 worth of fresh produce form a ‘gourmet’ luxury grocery, thinking I would get top quality. WRONG. Everything soured, turned rancid, wilted either in a few scant days or instantly after I brought it home. I couldn’t believe it. Most was inedible. YUCK! I wound up throwing the whole lot away. I wouldn’t even compost it because it was so bad. Never again. The produce at Aldi looks better and better.

No money back but never shopping there again. They lost a customer. Went to Shop Rite and bought peaches $1.99 a pound. Delish!! Also got cantaloupe and salad. All good. Who knew?

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