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Our Journey To Keep The Grocery Budget Under Control

On Thursday, I made another turkey sandwich for brunch to use up the rest of a tomato, some turkey, and more lettuce. I also added two very small pieces of bacon that were leftover last night.

Hubby made himself some scrambled eggs with sauteed onions and a bagel with butter.

That night we actually went out to dinner which is a rarity in our home. We have good friends who we go out to dinner with every once in a while. As a thank you for them helping us out a few times this past year, we treated.

We went here to We had good food, drinks, and lots of laughs. It was a very enjoyable evening. This does not come out of our food budget but from our entertainment budget.

On Friday, Hubby ate his leftover reuben sandwich from dinner for brunch. I pulled some deli roast beef and 2 kimmelweck rolls that I had frozen from the freezer to thaw. I cooked up a packet of au jus gravy and made a beef on a weck for brunch.

For dinner I ate my leftovers from the restaurant which was some turkey and stuffing with gravy, cranberry sauce, and a medley of steamed cauliflower, green beans, and multi colored peppers. Hubby finished the pork fried rice.

We have quite a bit of deli meat and rolls in our freezer from when we had company recently. I don’t like to freeze it for long so you are going to see lots of sandwiches until it is all used up. That is fine with me as I try to get my strength back from being ill. We also have a huge stockpile of paper plates and paper containers that are square that I got on deals. The plates were purchased at a low price just as Covid 19 started. So we are using up many of them. It is saving me from washing dishes so often and saving on water. I finally ran our dishwasher last night after 5 days because I had been using paper so often.

On Friday I went to Niagara Produce to get some fresh romaine lettuce for $ 1.99, green seedless grapes at $ 1.99 a lb, and some cheddar cheese for $ 2.69. I could have purchased the cheese cheaper elsewhere but it wasn’t worth the gasoline to drive there. My total was $8.92. Since my budget for July was $400., I now have $391.08 left.

Today is a very special day! I will be back to talk about that tomorrow. I hope you all have a great day.

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Hi Precious. Grocery shopping this week has been kind of catch as catch can since the past few days have been so busy and I wasn’t able to get out on my usual day. I am usually more organized, but since I use cash, I am under budget. And, I think I got most of what I need. We had the best time yesterday with the our granddaughters. We went to the local history museum. They had so much fun playing pretend with the exhibits. There is a big lunchroom area, so we went ahead and brought our lunch instead of buying. We did buy ice cream.

This morning we took the girls to Menards so hubby could buy some replacement light switches and electrical outlets for daughter. She and son in law are re-doing one of the bedrooms for little granddaughter to be in a big girl bed. Hubby will go install what he bought later. The little girls had fun looking at the different displays. I think their favorite was the doors. Tomorrow is little granddaughter’s birthday. I can’t believe she will be 3. That has gone fast.

A couple things we have done, we have been giving the dogs pumpkin and fish oil for years, its really not needed any longer and they have been fine without it for the past couple weeks, (savings 100/mo). I found non prescription urinary care cat food that works for kitty (savings 50/mo). Of course I will keep everything on hand just in case they need it but in the meantime the vet agrees. Last weeks Costco trip was expensive but eggs are 1/2 the price than here (bought 6 doz), 1-Ny Strip will feed both of us instead of singles at the grocery store (50/mo). He certainly didn’t need to buy 3 canisters of nut clusters but baby steps, right?

Hi Patti,

That is quite a savings for your dog and your kitty too. I had to use that kind of cat food for my cat up until she died. I remember how expensive it was. Good score on the eggs at Costco. LOL! Yup baby steps.

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