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Grocery Hauls, Errands, Etc.

I was out most of the day yesterday running errands. I hadn’t been out in a very long time. I started my day when I left at 8:40am to go to a doctor’s appointment. That went well. The doctor had put me on a new medicine but being it is new, it was very expensive. However, I haven’t felt this good in about 5-6 years. He was pleased that it is working so well. He found me some samples in the office and told me when I get close to running out, to call the office. He said they always have samples hanging around and I can come in and get some more. That is a huge savings because the script is $90. OOP.

When I left there I stopped at B.J.’s for potstickers, triscuits, Frank’s hot sauce, a large block of aged cheddar cheese, and a fresh large bag of broccoli. Everything but the potstickers were for Easter weekend when our family will be here. That total came to $ 42.94. However these things were cheaper there than anywhere else along my route.

Next stop was Niagara Produce to pick up 4 rib eye steaks. They are for dinner the day my son and granddaughter arrive. It is supposed to be a nice day. My son will help Hubby get the grill out of the shed so that we can have our first grilled meal of the season. The steaks were $ 15.99 a lb. which was a huge splurge. They cost $ 53.40. I also got 1 lb. of shrimp for $ 8.99 and some tomatoes for $ 2.31 for a total bill of $ 64.70. I can justify the cost because it is cheaper than going out to dinner and I had quite a bit saved in my grocery budget because I have not purchased a lot over the past few months. We have been eating from our pantry and freezer.

The next stop was Walmart for 2 packs of Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer Signature Blend for Easter dinner. Hubby also needed some Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea. I got 3. He drinks this most of the time instead of soda. And I purchased a bag of baby potatoes. The total was $ 49.67.

Then I went to Aldi’s which is pictured above. The Keto ice cream was a splurge especially since I make my own Keto ice cream which I will be doing for dessert for Easter dinner for the 7 of us. I was out of peppers which I use in salads and stir fries. The mushrooms will be sauteed for the steaks on Friday night. The cheap bar of cheddar cheese will be shredded with my Kitchen Aid for meals next week. The rest of the meats and cubed cheeses will make a charcuterie board for when my family arrives on Friday. They will be hungry for lunch when they get here. This is easy to make for me. I am taking the lazy way out on Friday because there will a lot of cooking going on here on Saturday for our Easter dinner. My total for this store was $ 34.71.

Next I went and got gasoline using $. 20 off a gallon with gas points. My total was $ 32.80. I paid $ 3.26 a gallon after the gas points.

I had planned on going to Top’s also. However, there were no parking spaces to be had when I got there. I couldn’t figure out why it was so crowded until I realized that it was senior discount day and our kids in the area are on spring break so lots of parents have taken the week off plus they are Easter shopping. I could have hung around for a parking space but I figured the 6% off and the driving around was not worth my waste of gasoline or time.

So I drove to Rite Aid to pickup 3 cheap prescriptions which cost $ 20. total.

I had planned on getting our SUV washed too but it was raining when I was out so I will do that today along with going to Top’s in a few minutes when it isn’t so crowded.

I spent a lot yesterday but I got the best prices by going to different stores. I felt wonderful when I got home after all of that. I think perhaps all that exercise was good for me. Every stop was on my route coming back from the doctor’s so I didn’t waste gasoline.

However when I got home, I picked up the mail. We had a letter from the tax assessor with our 2023 assessment. They upped us another $66,000. In just the past two years my assessment has gone up by $137,000. This is getting ridiculous! So Hubby is doing the work to grieve it. I expected it should go down or at least stay the same because prices have dropped. UGH! So today, I will be making appointments to have realtors come and give me an estimate of what it is really worth. We estimate that we will be paying over $15,000. in school and property taxes this year. UGH!

So how is your week going?

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Hi Precious. You and your family are going to eat very well this weekend. 🙂 I feel the same way you do about buying some expensive things like the steaks, it is definitely cheaper than eating out.

It is a quiet week here so far. Hubby left Monday to work out of town for a few days. I am hoping he will get home tonight before the storms we are supposed to have. I have been eating leftovers and keeping to my Y class routine. I did get my hair cut at Great Clips on Monday also, and kept older granddaughter after school that day.

This morning I went to do a few errands. First I stopped at Dollar Tree to look around. I was looking to see if they had any headbands I could use for little granddaughter when she comes over. Her hair is long and I thought this might help her be neater when she eats if she is not in a pony tail. I got a package to try. Have you ever tried the coffee they have at DT? They had a 6 oz package of a brand from Mexico, so I figured for $1.25 it might be worth trying and I wouldn’t be out much if I didn’t like it. The specialty coffees in the grocery store here are 6.99 or so for 10-12 oz now. I quit buying them.

Next I went to Meijer to get my free prescription and had a list of a few other things to get. They had 4 lb bags of sugar for 2.19, which was quite a bit cheaper than Kroger, so I picked up a couple. We are going to need to make an Aldi run sometime soon, so will compare their price too. I had a $10 reward at Meijer for my purchases, so spent 19.xx

On the way home I stopped at Dollar General. I don’t usually shop there, but wanted to see if they had any smaller size hot pads (I didn’t like the ones at DT and Meijer did not have small ones.). They did have some for $1 that were pretty good, so I got a few to try. The smaller size ones are easier for me to work with.

I have a question for you and your readers, wondering what kind of shampoo/conditioner you use? I had been using the herbal essence that is 2 in one, but I guess they don’t make it anymore? So I am going to have to find something else. When I was out at the stores today I noticed all the women section was separate bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but the men’s section had some that was 2 in one. Missing the days of when we could get free shampoo.

Hi Chris,

We don’t buy expensive steaks very often these days, so this is going to be a real treat tonight.

I hope Hubby got home safe and sound. I always hated it when Hubby traveled.

I have not tried any coffee from Mexico. Let me know how it is. Yes, coffee is very expensive these days. That is a great price for sugar.

Good luck with the hot pads.

We use Vo5 or Suave which I stocked on for under $1.00 each quite a while ago. One thing I have learned over the years is that soap is soap. No sense spending a lot to wash your hair. I don’t use conditioner except to shave my legs. So a bottle lasts forever.

A challenging week in the finance dept and the weather dept. Still daily snow events and today it was only 14deg. I know spring is out there somewhere…
Had a molar pulled yesterday – 425.00 for an hour appt.
the RV Chris bought made it home on Saturday so he had to insure it and an ATV, get title changes and plates for 2 trailers and the ATV.
BUT, I did get a refund from an overpaid medical bill and the sisters found an old life insurance policy of my Mom’s that we got disbursed.

HI Patti,

Yikes. That is still winter at 14 degrees. We are 34 here this morning. BUt wre have had some 60’s sporadically. So sorry about the molar. Dental bills are so expensive. I hope you really enjoy that RV. Yeah on the refund and life insurance.

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