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The weather was so damp and wet on Monday that I didn’t go to Top’s until yesterday. I wanted the $ .99 a lb. chicken that was on sale. We are low on chicken so when I saw this price, I knew I had to stock up. They had no whole chickens left but I got 2 big packs of drumsticks and 1 big pack of thighs. The drumstick packages were $ 3.48 and $ 4.00 each. The thighs were $ 5.54. This is the cheapest meat we can get around here right now. I used my food saver to repackage it all. I put 4 drumsticks in each package and 2 thighs in each package. I ended up with 6 meals of drumsticks and 5 meals of thighs. At a total cost of $ 13.02 that works out to about $1.18 per meal for meat. By adding some cheap veggies, we have a meal for under $1.50 for the two of us.

I also picked up sour cream for $ 2.50 and some treats for Hotch when he comes to visit with my son and granddaughter. They were a total of $ 7.78.

So today I spent a total of $ 23.30.

I also wanted a 2 lb. container of fresh strawberries that were on sale and also had an E coupon. They would have been $ 4.99. However, they had none left. The produce person told me they sold out on Sunday(the first day of the ad). This was only Tuesday so I guess they didn’t get very many. Produce is being rationed in other markets in my area(including Aldi’s) so there must be a shortage.

Between the whole chickens and the strawberries being gone, it taught me a huge lesson. If there is something I want that is a great sale, I best get there in the first couple of hours on the first day. As much as I hate shopping on weekends, I will just have to do it.

Today, I will again be spring cleaning. I have planned taco salads to use up some older lettuce. Those will be easy because the cleaning will wear me out.

Are any of you seeing produce rationed at your markets?

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Boy, its getting harder and harder to stay within budget when grocery shopping! I went this past Monday to Aldi. Prices have gone up on almost everything. While we don’t have rationing of produce here, the quality is suffering. You really have to pay attention to what you are putting in your cart. All stores in this area (Dutchess County) are the same. Also, I had to go to 2 other stores just to find some eggs. An Aldi employee told me they didn’t have any for a couple of weeks now. I finally found them at another store. They were around $4 a dozen. Not great, but not as bad as it has been.

Hi Mary,

It’s the same everywhere. Walmart and Aldi are the worst. At least I can get meat on great sale price at Top’s. We are also seeing mold on produce especially berries and cauliflower. I think if this inflation continues, soon no one will be able to afford food unless you re a millionaire or billionaire.

Hi Mary. I live in Dutchess County too!!! Small world. My Aldi was out of eggs for two weeks. I spoke to the mgr about it. He said they get a morning egg delivery every single day. People are lined up and buy everything up within minutes. I hope it’s due to easter. I bought a dozen at Shop Rite for $3.99. Aldi has been selling eggs now for $2.24 BUT there is a limit of 6 dozen. Who in their right mind buys 6 dozen eggs??? Geeze. Also, I like the real milk coffee creamer. That has been out for months! This week, Aldi finally got them in. I bought 4 and will freeze three of them. I usually dilute it with skim milk. Tastes just the same (50/50 ratio)
I follow the Shop Rite flyers and when chicken thighs, legs or boneless breasts go on sale (.69 cent to $1.99 a pound) I stock up. It’s the only way to survive.
We’ve been eating out of our pantry and freezer and I stupidly thought my food budget ($500 a month) would go down because of it. WRONG. I am only buying necessities/replacements and we’re back to spending $450 to $490 a month again!!! Aldi prices are rising but they are still lower than everyone else (which doesn’t bring on any happiness).
Hang in everyone. I heard it’s still going to get worse.
Oh and BTW, Precious, I got my electricity bill for February/March. It went up $50 for a little less usage than last year!!! We’re living like hermits and it still isn’t helping!!! Go figure!

Hi Precious. We are not seeing any rationing on produce here, that I have noticed. The produce section has been stocked well at our Kroger. Those were some good chicken prices you got. And, I get the same dog treats for our grand doggies.

Hi Chris,

We are seeing rationing on other items too. Thanks for telling me that those are the dog treats you get, I never know what to get for our grand doggies. We have three of them. I hope Hotch loves them. He loves coming here. The minute my son pulls into the driveway he can’t wait to come in the house. He gets very excited.

We have a large produce stand nearby, and there is always a huge amount of produce, at reasonable prices. Sometimes, the quality is a bit hit or miss, so you have to pay close attention to what you’re getting.

Our local store occasionally limits number of items you are purchasing when it’s on a steep sale (including produce), but otherwise, we have no limitations on how much you can buy. We’re still not quite into berry season here, so we don’t buy imported berries (too expensive, and quality is usually not as good due to transportation time). We do have a lot of local options, which tend to be cheaper & better.

Hi HP,

I wish we had that here. But we only have it as things come into season over the summer. You are fortunate to have those stands. I can’t wait until berry season.

We are seeing a lot more limits(rationing) in our stores recently.

I “hoarder/stock” if I need a weekly/daily use item I have been known to clear the shelf so I don’t have to think about it for a few months. The last time we needed chicken tenders Chris bought all 13 bags, need Crystal light…buy a case. If its not, then I usually buy 4-6.

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