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Happy Easter To Everyone

We hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend. As you can see I am all ready to get cooking today for tonight and our Easter dinner tomorrow night. My house is finally all Spring cleaned.

Yes, we even climbed to get to the top of these cupboards to clean up there. We have 9 ft. ceilings in the kitchen so it wasn’t easy. So much grease and dust. We use our fan on our stove all the time but we still seem to get grease up there. I am just so happy to be done with it.

One of the things Hubby did after he cleaned and polished the hardwood floors was to stick the corners of our rugs down. Both of us have almost fallen recently because the corners were starting to curl. I found sticky things on Amazon that are reusable and won’t damage our floors. They have taken care of the problem.

On Wednesday, I finally got to Top’s where I picked up some fresh asparagus, a jar of Hellman’s mayonnaise and some Ritz crackers that were all on sale. I also spent some time that day arranging a realtor to come out and assess our home and property for us. Hubby has set up an appointment to meet with the assessor before grievance day to discuss the assessment they sent us. Hubby and I have spent quite a bit of time researching the comparables they gave us. 99% of them are assessed thousands of dollars below us. There are only two of us who seem to be way out of whack. Anyhow, we will see how this goes with the assessor. If she won’t budge, then we will hire a professional to grieve it for us.

I will be baking a Keto cake today. We will be enjoying our rib eyes for dinner tonight. We are so excited that our son and granddaughter will arrive today.

Tomorrow, our other son, DIL, and West will join us for a turkey dinner. It will be so nice to have all of us together for a change. It has been a long time since that has happened.

So enjoy your celebrations with your families! I will be back next week.

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Hi Precious, your kitchen looks beautiful. Happy Easter to you and your family. I am so happy everyone will be there. I am especially happy the cousins will be able to be together. Hubby and I are leaving today to go see our parents. We will be back on Monday.

Hi Chris,

Thanks so much. MY grandson and granddaughter had the best time. They are about the same height now. They are so much taller than me. I am the shrimp in the family. My sons had great time catching up with each other. I loved every minute of it all. I am glad that my son and granddaughter are now safely home. It’s a long trip and I am so grateful that they could come for a few days,

Happy Easter to you too! You have a lovely kitchen. Enjoy the time with your family. My entire family minus my son and nephew will be spending the holiday at my brother and SIL’s home. Family is the best.

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