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I hope everyone is expecting spring soon. It is going to be in the 50’s today and the next few days. That will be about 20 degrees warmer than it has been. I am planning on walking a short distance with Hubby today. Since he has lost so much weight, he has started to walk again. I am enjoying that. We used to walk a lot.

What have I been up to besides spring cleaning? Well, the spring cleaning is going well. It is slow but I am getting there. But besides that I have been neatening up and organizing my pantry. That has told me what I am low on and need to get. So when I find a good deal, I order what is needed.

Lately, there have been very few good deals at Walmart. I am finding that their prices are ridiculous. However, we needed tuna especially since the nice weather is coming and we will be eating a lot of salads. I am very fussy when it comes to tuna. When I was a kid, my mom sent me to school with a lot of tuna sandwiches. Hence, I wouldn’t eat tuna for years. It took Hubby a long time to convince me that tuna can be good. So this tuna is one that I will eat. It is delicious and healthy. When I saw it was just $1.58 a can, I ordered a dozen. That is a good price for here. I can get tuna a bit cheaper on sale elsewhere but I don’t like the ones that the other supermarkets carry.

We have been eating down our freezer and I am hoping to roast our last turkey that I purchased at Thanksgiving on sale sometime in the next few weeks. That will help to give me some more room. Plus I would like to defrost it again when it is not so full.

The other reasons for wanting to pretty much empty the freezer are: to use up things that are getting older so they don’t go to waste, to see what I actually need ( my inventory online has gotten out of hand while we have had so many medical issues), and to use up most of the frozen vegetables since fresh will be here in a few months. Plus meat is so expensive I want to use that valuable space for meat. Hamburger, hot dogs, chicken and steaks will be going on sale for Memorial Day. That week has some of the best sale prices that I can get on those things all year. This is the time of year that I also buy my ketchup, mustard and BBQ sauces. Even though it is only March, I am planning ahead because the end of May will be here before I know it.

What have you done to be frugal recently?

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Hi Precious, thanks for the tuna recommendation. I have been stocking up on it also this time of the year. Plus the canned salmon for salmon patties. I will be stocking up on some of the same things you do for Memorial Day.

The grocery deals have been not so good here either, I have just been buying the few loss leaders and our usual fresh things. Hoping for a turkey breast sale around Easter and if there is one, I will buy several so hubby can smoke them this summer and fall. It is almost time for him to start smoking meat and looking forward to it.

One not so frugal thing was that when we did our taxes, we ended up getting refunds from everywhere. So, we adjusted hubby’s withholding to have less taken out. Better that we have a little extra than the government. LOL! When we get the refunds, I will put them in savings. We have several things we are saving for in the short term.

Hi Cindi,

You are welcome. I haven’t had salmon patties in years. Thanks for the suggestion.

Fresh has been most of my purchases too. I hope you get a good deal on those turkey breasts. Top’s has Jennie O turkey breasts on sale this week for $1.99 a lb. I am not sure if that is a good price. I haven’t purchased one in years. I have the ad that starts next Sunday. Hams are on sale, I still have ham in the freezer from Christmas. I don’t see turkey breasts but they do have whole chickens, drumsticks and thighs for $.99 a lb.

Adjusting your withholding is the right thing to do. When we worked I looked at it every January and we adjusted accordingly. Better you earn money on it than the government. Good luck with your goals.

Precious, the whole chickens for .99/lb is good. And the 1.99/lb for the turkey breast is less than the 2.49/lb I paid recently on a nice weekend when hubby wanted to smoke something.

Hi. Much like you I decided to start eating out of our freezer. It should have been defrosted last year but never done. We’re eating stuff dating back to 2020!! Some home made soups dating back to then, I’ve tossed. I like freshly made soup but once I freeze it, for some reason, I never ever eat it again. Oh well.
I don’t consider myself frugal anymore. I’m more living within my means, getting whatever I need for the very best price and just living my life. My husband and I went out on a Saturday night, with friends, for the first time in decades. yes! Decades! We went bowling and had a blast. Our lane wasn’t ready so we hung out in the cash bar, bought a round of beers. $18. We played 3 games, that and rental shoes for the both of us came to $38. Afterwards, we went out for pizza. $47 (w tip) for 2 pies and we drank water! The whole evening cost us $103. I couldn’t believe it BUT it was worth every single penny. I couldn’t believe how crowded the bowling place was. Waiting lines galore. It was so nice to be out with people!!!
I just decided I want to live my life and hubs and I want to enjoy ourselves. I’ve turned off the TV, stopped with the depressive news and we are just enjoying life. At 72, I think it’s the right decision.

Hi Cindi,

I am sure when I look through ours that there is at least some from 2022. Some soups freeze well and others don’t is what I find. Oh, I bet you are a lot more frugal than you give yourself credit for.

That sounded like so much fun. Bowling was a favorite when we were younger. We belonged to a Monday night league with all of our friends, Mom babysat and we were very grateful to her. I am glad that you had such a good time.

I hear you on the news. We don’t have it on in this home either. Too depressing. 72 is still a baby! I am quite a bit older than you. Actually you are the age of my baby sister.

Precious, we had such a good, good time bowling. It was my husband’s birthday and he pickup up the beer tab and the pizza tab. Next time, we will split it. I think we are going to go once a month. It’ll be a lot more financially reasonable when we split the bill, half each, with the other couple. LOL. It’s just so comforting to know, we can still get out there and have some fun. It’s not all doom and gloom. Take care! Glad your DH is feeling better.

Good to see you!
As you said, not very many good deals these days so we are eating from the freezer and pantry as well. Stocking up on weekly eats when things are available regardless of price (chicken tenders, bread, lunchmeat, cheese etc). We are still staring at snow piles taller than roof lines but once it starts melting…look out, blink and it will be gone. Chris did go to Costco today and eggs were 5.99 for 2 dozen limit 2. That’ll get us through another few weeks.

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