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This Month’s Utility Bill

I am trying to keep my mind busy so that is why I am posting this tonight instead of tomorrow. My son, Sean has been admitted to the hospital with a huge gall stone. They need to remove his gall bladder asap. His surgery may be tonight, if not it will be tomorrow morning. They want to operate as soon as they can because of the size and they are worried about it moving. If it moves, he will need two surgeries. I have been praying for him and if any of you who read this would pray for him, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

We got our monthly bill for electric and natural gas today. The bill was for 28 days. The bill was $ 256.09. Our KWH’s were 490. Our natural gas was 5 therms. Our average daily temperature for this period was 31.

Last year’s bill for the same time frame was $228.23. It was also for 5 therms of gas and for 485 KWH’s(just 5 less than the current bill). The average daily temperature was 32.

So as you can see these bills are almost identical except for the cost. The current bill is $ 27.86 more than last year. At the rate we are going, we will be paying approximately $360. more this entire year than last year.

The only good thing I can say about the utility bills is that it seems to be warming up here so perhaps we can turn our heat off in May.

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I am praying that your son’s surgery goes well and that the stone doesn’t move.

Thankfully it is getting warmer. We haven’t needed the heat on very much the past week — just for an hour or two to take the chill off and then we turn it back down again.

Hi Mary,

Thanks so much for the prayers. It did go well just not the day they said it would. See my latest post. I can’t wait to turn off the heat. I am happy for you that you can turn it off most of the time.

Hope your son, Sean, is doing much better.
We shut our heat down at night (midnight) and then boot it up around 4 am. Seems to be working out OK.

HI Cindi,

Thanks for the well wishes. That is a great way to save. But out house would be so cold if I did that. We have high ceilings in the house plus 2 cathedral ceilings. Anytime that we have had a power outage the heat drops rapidly.

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