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Monday’s Frugal Things

Today is my grocery shopping day for this week. So I went first thing this morning to Aldi’s and got 6 nice avocados on sale for $ .69 each. I love when these are in season. Three when they ripen will be used for breakfasts and three be used to make guacamole which I will freeze in portions sizes.

At Top’s, I purchased coleslaw that Hubby had been begging for which cost $ 2.79. They had strawberries on a B1G1 free sale which were $5.99 for both minus a $1.00 DC = $ 4.99. They also had boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $ 1.99 a lb. which is the lowest price in our area. So I stocked on 15.34 lbs.( limit of 3 pkgs.) which cost $30.53. Top’s total was $ 38.51 and Aldi’s total was $ 4.14.

The chicken breasts will be cut lengthwise tomorrow. Some will be left as half breasts and others will be cut into chunks and tenderloins for fajitas and casseroles. I will use the foodsaver to put it in bags and freeze it.

In my spare time, I have been cleaning our storage bins in the basement. I started after New Year’s when I took the tree down. At that time I went through all of the ornaments that we weren’t using and boxed them up for my sons’ to go through and keep what they want. Then I started going though the other Christmas storage boxes when I was up to it. I am still working on them. I found these and about 20 other packs of guest towels and napkins all purchased at 90% off after many Christmases. I had forgotten them since we don’t do Christmas anymore. We usually go to my son’s who lives closer to us. Since we have plenty of regular napkins for an emergency, we are using these up. I don’t need to take up space to store them anymore.

I had eggs and bacon and Hubby had salami and cheese chunks for brunch this morning. Dinner tonight will be the leftovers from our turkey dinner.

I am off to do some more cleaning out of storage boxes.

Are you saving any money today?

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Hi Precious. It was laundry day here. I did 6 loads. They were full loads since I do most laundry every other week. I did as many loads as I could on short, cold washes. I did use the dryer, but was mindful. The soup I told you about earlier in the day was delicious. I went to my Y class and had older granddaughter after school. I am tired tonight and will watch tv in bed.

We are also having coleslaw this week. I made dressing for it at lunch time, and bought a bag of shredded coleslaw mix. I often make my own, but haven’t been to the produce stand lately, so took the easy way out. I think I paid exactly the same for our coleslaw mix!

My only wins were: using up a $10 off/$10 purchase at Safeway, a similar $4 CVS reward, and a $20 grocery store reward. I’m getting much more diligent about tracking down & using rewards before they expire.

I also received a large settlement, due to ongoing payment issues at my employer. All of that money is going into the boys college accounts, which will put me well on the way to my 2023 goal for savings.

Hi HP,

I know I paid less than I would of buying cabbage right now. Plus we can’t eat a big head of cabbage before it would go bad. Hubby makes our coleslaw dressing too.

You did great with those rewards and coupons off. Every penny counts!

Congrats on the settlement! I love what you are saving it for.:-)

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