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This Weekend’s Frugal Things

I wanted something easy for dinner last night. I always keep a big bag of meatballs in my freezer. So I just put them in a microwave dish with some Rao’s spaghetti sauce and nuked them for dinner. We had a salad with it. We will eat the leftovers tonight(waste not want not).

Our son and grandson came for breakfast. My son helped my Hubby with a few things around here. My son also knew that I was in a lot of pain yesterday. But I had 4 prescriptions to pick up at Rite Aid that were needed. I had planned on getting them after they left. But instead he drove Hubby to the drugstore to get them. I was very thankful!

Hubby spent a bit of time yesterday cleaning out his dresser. He has lost so much weight that many things were way to big for him. He also had a pile of white T-shirts that he hasn’t worn in a long time. I will be cutting those up into rags. He found about 10 pairs of summer shorts and many sleep pants in a bottom drawer. He will try them on today. He suspects that they were there because they were too small. I will take a second look at all of it with him today. He will keep anything that is like new and fits now. He also found about 20 ties that he no longer wears. The ties and anything else that he doesn’t want or is too big will get donated this week.

He surprised me this morning when he got up and was wearing one of his sweaters that he hadn’t worn in 30 years. He looked great!

Hubby descaled the Keurig this morning. He does not use the descale liquid that Keurig sells. He runs vinegar through our machine a few times and then runs a couple of things of water though it to get the vinegar smell and taste out. Then he puts in a new filter which we buy enough for a year at Be sure to clip the $.55 off coupon if you need them.

We got our bill for fertilizing our lawn this season. We were surprised that it only went up by $25. I can’t wait to get the natural gas and electric bill tomorrow. YIKES!

I had no bagged mozzarella to sprinkle on our meatballs tonight. But I had a block of mozzarella which I buy cheaper than the shredded. So Hubby grated it using the attachment for our Kitchen Aid mixer. Doing it this way eliminates the cellulose they put in the bagged shredded cheese.

We had snow today and it is still snowing here. I am hoping it stops so that I can get out to stock on some sale items tomorrow.

Did you save some money this weekend?

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Hi Precious. I had a fail this weekend. I had bought some milk at Meijer the last time I was there and the date was still good when I opened it. But it was starting to turn bad. I have the worst luck with milk from Meijer and Aldi. The Kroger milk always has a good shelf life and lasts even past the date. So I ended up putting it down the drain. Do you know any recipes to use for milk that is turning bad so I wouldn’t waste it the next time? I didn’t take it back b/c Meijer is further away from our house than the Kroger I usually shop at. This has happened to me before and I told hubby that I am only buying Kroger milk from now on. I went to our Kroger and the milk there had sell by dates of Feb 4 and 5.

Other than that fail, we ate leftovers and what we had at home. We had the little girls today all day so daughter and son in law could work. I am pooped tonight and so is hubby. He played out in the snow with them.

Hi Chris,

Yes, sour milk can be frozen in an ice cube tray. When they are frozen, put them in a baggie and throw them back in the freezer. A standard tray holds 2 ounces of sour milk in each cube. Use them in place of milk in baking.

I am glad that you guys had fun with your granddaughters! They do wear you out!

I make rice pudding with stale milk. I also use it to make Mac & Cheese. You can also use it to make a quiche or regular pudding servings. I would NEVER pour it down a drain. Sour milk tastes good in some of the recipes I mentioned. When all else fails, freeze the milk for a future recipe.

We had a bunch of frugal wins:
-Used flight credits & a gift card for flights to tour a few colleges
-Used a free night hotel award for the same trip
-Found iBotta offers on a few things we needed, including some stuff at Rite Aid.
-The Friday Freebie was a milk alternative of some sort, and while it was free at the grocery store, iBotta had an offer for $1.50 off, making it better than free.
-Used Panera bonus gift cards to take my 15 y.o to lunch. I’m trying to do more one on one time with the teens, when the opportunities present themselves.
-I also went through & inventoried all of our gift cards & travel credits, so we can ensure we use what we have.

A while back I had purchased a whole chicken from TOPS at .99 cents a pound. We roasted it finally the other day. We had it for dinner with potatoes, onions and peas. the next day we had chicken sandwiches. The day after that hubby made a soup out of the carcass. I was able to freeze two containers of the soup for another future meal. I added noodles to the soup and it made another fine dinner!! All from one little whole chicken!!

Hi Cindi,

You did great! I love doing turkey or chicken because it is so economical Your dinners sound yummy, especially the soup. So many meals for so little money! Keep up the frugal work! I know I will. I got my gas and electric bill and I am not a happy camper. Post today!

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