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Trying To Save Every Way We Can

We both love shrimp. But the prices have been so high that I have stopped buying colossal($12.99) or large shrimp($9.99). When I found this 12 ounce package of raw medium on clearance for $ 5.72 a couple of weeks ago, I got one. We decided tonight to enjoy shrimp cocktails with a small side salad. We made our own cocktail sauce using ketchup and horseradish that we always have in the fridge.

First thing this morning, I thawed it in some cold water. It was raw so it needed to be deveined, cleaned, and had tails that needed to be removed. That was a pain but it was well worth doing the work myself. It only took me 1-2 minutes to cook it in the microwave so the energy cost was negligible. If the price goes up on the medium shrimp, we will just not buy it anymore.

There are so many things that I have stopped buying because the prices have risen too high. I haven’t bought coffee, soda, mayonnaise, any kind of plastic bags, aluminum foil, personal care products in weeks. I am making our coffee stretch by only having 2 cups a day. I was drinking 5. We have quit buying soda. We drink iced tea, hot tea, homemade cocoa, or lemon water. Sometimes, we just drink ice water with our meals. We are making our mayonnaise stretch by using less. We have some plastic bags and aluminum foil that I purchased before the prices went up. We have plenty of soap, lotion, body wash, shampoo, makeup, deodorant, floss and toothpaste. We are making them all last by using the minimum we can to do the job. We have quit using throw away razors or blades. We each have electric razors.

I am not buying any more paper towels. We are using rags for anything messy. I really appreciate my son, when he visited recently giving me a shirt that had a hole in it. I cut it up for rags. I am using cheap paper napkins to drain bacon which is basically what I used the paper towels for. The napkins are much cheaper than the paper towels.

We will be asking the dentist for two toothpastes and two flosses when we have cleanings.

We are making all of our own breading for meats, poultry, and fish from coconut and almond flour and one egg with a little cream mixed in. Then we either cook them in the air fryer or in a little avocado oil in the electric fry pan.

Tomorrow’s family breakfast will be scrambled eggs, bacon, and some sausage. My grandson does not like eggs but will eat pancakes. So I will be making him a stack from scratch. Since his 13th birthday was a couple of days ago, I will put a candle or two on the stack. We talked to him on his birthday and he was excited that my son had driven him to school instead of him going on the bus as usual. The reason he was excited is because he could ride in the front seat. He is almost 6 ft. tall and he couldn’t ride in the front seat until he was 13 years old. Yes, that is our nanny state. No height or weight requirement just age. Doesn’t make any sense to me!

We are cutting back on having bacon with our morning breakfasts. We have a lot of ham leftover in the freezer from when I cooked it after Christmas. We will be eating a slice of that fried up instead of bacon. Bacon is expensive so we will save what we have in the freezer for our family breakfasts.

Hubby and my son are going to be installing in the wall tomorrow the parts that Hubby purchased to hide the cords behind the TV on the wall. The only exception is that my son is giving us the HDMI 10 ft. cable that we need. I am so glad that this is getting done. I could not stand looking at the messy cords.

I am only doing one load of wash every 10 days or so now that all the bedding I am giving to my son and our other sheets are all done. It will be dried on racks and the shower rod.

What have you given up because it has gotten too expensive?

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I have always used Pantene shampoo. I usually water it down by 50% to make it stretch. The other day I went to purchase a bottle of my usual Pantene and the price had jumped from $2.83 to $5.89. Needless to say I didn’t buy it. I have to see what I can get at the Dollar Store now. And dilute it also!! My fave coffee real creamer jumped almost in the same way. It used to be $3, now it’s $7….so I stopped buying that. Anything where the price jumped, I stopped buying.

Hi Precious. I have cut back on soda, and buying in 2L on a good sale instead of the cans, which are crazy expensive. Drinking more water now, and a smaller glass of milk for supper. We enjoy some of the premium brands of coffee, but I have switched to the cheaper brands like Folgers. I still watch for sales and clearance for the more expensive brands, but the deals are few. Sometimes our kids will get us a nice bag of coffee for a gift. It is always welcome. I was trying to think if there is anything else we have had to give up/cut back on, and I can’t think of anything off hand. We are pretty frugal already, like you are. People who aren’t frugal probably think we give up a lot already, I think. If I think of anything else, I will come back and comment.

I wanted to mention to your readers, that if they are in a job that the company allows a clothing/workboot allowance, that it is a new year and you should have a new allowance. Hubby has a work boot allowance and got a nice pair this week that his company will pay for most of them. He tries to be a good steward and gets a nice pair so they will last longer. He is not always in the field, so doesn’t have to use the work boot allowance every year.

Hi Chris,

Soda 12 packs are ridiculous! They say it is the aluminum cans that are so expensive. I watch for everything clearance. But the only time I have ever found coffee on clearance was on freeze dried at Aldi.
Thanks for telling my readers about the job clothing allowance.

We are much pickier about what we buy, and are better at ensuring everything we purchased gets used. We are lucky, as my husband & I get lunch for free at work (plus snacks & drinks) & every student in California gets free lunch/brunch. That really just leaves us with dinners + weekends. The kids do sometimes eat a bit before school, and they certainly snack. All of that has helped us keep up with rising food costs, especially since during COVID, we had none of those cost savings.

We put off a few larger expenses, because are in a very expensive stretch of life right now (kids in high school, soon to be college). We are waiting for a major home remodel, & may choose to move out. We thought about doing it over the next few years, but construction costs are just wild right now.

Hi HP,

Free lunch is a big help! I think all the schools in NY have it also. I remember putting our boys through college! I wish you the best on that. It is so expensive. Construction costs are so expensive.

I wouldn’t say we have cut anything out, yet. But I have been taking the time to look for sales, coupons, online codes, etc. This week a store I really don’t like to shop had had a few loss leaders so I had Chris stop there to pick them up. We have also become more diligent in using less, eating less, using things up. Just having better awareness has helped save some money.

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