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Sunday’s Frugal Things

Breakfast this morning was bacon and over easy eggs. I baked an entire pound in the oven. I under cook it just a bit so that I can warm it in the microwave each morning and not have it come out like a rock. It will last most of the week.

I have two black barrel type end tables. One in the great room next to the sofa and one in the bedroom next to a recliner. They are great for storage. I keep linens in the one in the bedroom and blanket type throws in the one in the great room. I noticed when I moved the one out of the bedroom that the black paper that is on it was pulling away on the cover and the barrel right where they make contact. So Hubby super glued it and it is now like new.

I did some more organizing in the pantries today.

This afternoon, we watched the Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins game. We won.

Hubby made Keto breaded haddock using pork panko rinds, almond flour, coconut flour, and an egg wash. We served it with broccoli.

I am taking it easy the rest of the night. I didn’t feel well when I woke up this morning.

Did you do anything to save a bit of money today?

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Hi Precious. Congratulations to your team. I didn’t spend any money today. Hubby went to Menards to get a replacement smoke detector we needed. He also saw they had the seeds out already for the garden and picked up several packages. I am mentioning this in case some of your readers want to check their stores. He also got a package of the button type batteries that were on sale for $4. We were out. We had leftover chili that daughter made and shared with us for supper.

I got the coffee ready tonight so hubby just has to turn it on in the morning. He has to work at a different job site tomorrow, so this will save him from having to spend money at a drive through for a coffee. He has a thermal cup to take it in.

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