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Friday and Saturday’s Frugal Things

I was just worn out yesterday from all the things I have been doing since I got home from the hospital. I slept in late on my new bed which I love. I found a Marie Callendar potpie in the freezer the other day after looking for something else. Hubby hates potpies unless I make homemade. So to get rid of it, I ate it for breakfast. Not Keto, but I am not letting food go to waste that we already have.

I spent the morning doing more sheets, etc. They were from the two beds that we slept on for 3 nights. They are now done and the beds are all made up and ready for guests. I also closed those rooms off again so that we are not heating them. While they were drying, Hubby and I watched CSI- Las Vegas which we had recorded.

About 1pm, I went into our room to watch just one You Tube show. Then my plan was to do some more organizing in the pantry. Well, I don’t even remember the show. I fell asleep and woke up at 4:30pm.

Dinner was taco salad which was layered with romaine, onions, diced fresh tomatoes, black olives, a sprinkle of fiesta cheese, the seasoned taco meat and then sour cream dollops on top. It was so good!

We got about 3-4 inches of snow yesterday. I was quite surprised that our snowplow guy showed up. But he did and plowed the little bit of snow last night.

Today, it is now Saturday. As soon as Hubby gets up, I plan to remove the top drawer of my freezer in my fridge. I can’t get the bottom one open. It is stuck. So I will put all of the contents of the top drawer in a laundry basket first so that he can lift the drawer out. Then I will quickly clean the bottom drawer and remove some of the contents to our chest freezer. Then put everything back. I always work fast so that nothing thaws. I did do this and organized it while I was doing it. It made me realize that we have way to many pork products so we will not be buying any of those for quite a while. We also have lots of haddock so I will thaw some for dinner tomorrow night.

I am seriously considering thawing a turkey to cook this week. I won’t stuff it but just roast it in the convection oven and then take most of the meat off and freeze it in portions for meals. Of course we will have some the day I roast it. I will make bone broth for soup overnight with the bones and skin. Some of the turkey will be sliced on the meat slicer for cold cuts for Chef’s salads.

Thank goodness all of the laundry is finally done around here. I really do not want to see my upcoming utility bill after running the dryer so much.

After the freezer is taken care of, I need to pay a bill, register the warranties on our mattress covers, and write my doctor through the portal to get a prescription. He gave me two samples of a new drug to see how I tolerated it. I just opened the second sample and I love this drug, so he needs to write a script. I need to contact the manufacturer and get a coupon for it because it is really expensive.

Brunch was hamburgers. I had 2 in the freezer that were getting old and needed to be used up.

We made taco salads again for dinner tonight. They are so good.

Now Hubby and I are watching the NFL game: Seattle against San Francisco.

I will be off to bed early tonight.

Did you do anything today to save money?

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Hi Precious. Little granddaughter and I had a good day yesterday. We played inside all day. She flits from one thing to another, so it is good we have toys. We made towers with blocks and laughed when we knocked them down. We played with the baby dolls in the basement. One of our neighbors had given us a Fisher Price doctor kit so it was fun to give the dolls checkups. She especially loved giving shots, of course. LOL! Hubby and I had leftovers for supper and opened another puzzle last evening.

Today we went to older granddaughter’s basketball game. It is fun to watch them learning the game. Hubby and I went to Play it Again Sports after the game to get me some new hand weights for my Y classes. I like to take my own to use since Covid. I am ready to move from 3 to 4 lb now. We also got the 5 lb so we didn’t have to make another trip when I am ready for them in 6 mos or so. We went to church this evening and will continue to work on the puzzle.

I am glad your new beds are working out well for you and hubby. That was a lot of laundry you had to do, glad it is done. We had taco salads for lunch today with our leftover taco meat from earlier in the week. We like them too. I am glad your new medicine is working out too.

Hi Chris,

It sounds like you and your granddaughter had lots of fun. It’s so much fun to watch the little one play sports. You had a very busy day.

Thank you. We are enjoying the beds. Oh Chris, I am so glad that most of the laundry is done now. Hopefully I won’t have to do any for a week or so. Those taco salads are so yummy!

You have been busy! Did the usual chores but also put together the rug cleaner I bought months ago and cleaned a couple area rugs. Chris borrowed a snowblower attachment for the skid-steer from a neighbor to clear more snow as we are running out of snow storage. Made pudding and HB eggs, baked bacon, used the IP to make ribs, heated up leftover pizza for lunch.

Hi Patti,

You will love the rug cleaner. That was nice that the neighbor could help you out with that.You reminded me to make hard boiled eggs. Thanks. Hubby loves egg salad and I like then with bacon for breakfast. You did a lot of cooking.

I hope you are making sure to get lots of rest – your body needs it!

I picked up a few gift cards for places we frequent (a sports store for soccer equipment & Home Depot) & earned $60 in grocery store rewards. I also made two batches of soup for the freezer (plus last night’s dinner) & a loaf of homemade bread.

Today, I’ve defrosted all of the bananas that have accumulated in our freezer, and I need to make muffins with those.

I received my annual bonus for work, and maxed out my 401k, saved a big chunk for the boys college, & added the rest to savings.

Hi HP,

You are so right! I pretty much took it easy this weekend. I just didn’t feel good.

Nice score on the gift cards and the grocery rewards! I just love soup this time of year. Enjoy it.

I need to do some blueberry muffins. Enjoy your banana ones.

I love that you saved all of that money! Great job!

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