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Thursday’s Frugal Things

I am so excited because the new beds are coming today. I am just hoping that the blankets that I purchased fit. They sold them on Amazon as XL twin. But when they came they are marked twin. Update: They fit beautifully!

Brunch was turkey slices spread with cream cheese. Then I rolled them up and cut them into bites. They are so good!

I did a load of washable rugs this morning. It seems like I have been doing laundry all week. I guess I have been.

Dinner tonight was chicken nuggets and salad.

The grocery ads came for this next week starting on Sunday. The only thing that I saw was chicken drumsticks at Top’s. They are $ .99 a lb. but I have plenty of them. So this will be the second week in a row that I have done no shopping with the exception of the fresh tomatoes.

I needed a pillow for my new bed. Hubby did not want a new one. So I ran up to Walmart and got one that was on sale for $ 14.97. I looked at bedspreads but did not like any of them. So I will keep looking.

We decided today that we will lock in another large CD because the rates are way up. I will work on that tomorrow.

Tonight we watched some more shows that we have recorded: Part one of the finale of Blue Sky and the 3 FBI’s.

Did you do anything to save a little money today?

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Hi Precious. Today I had my class at the Y. For lunch I had leftovers from the restaurant dinner we had last night. I made chicken and pierogies for supper with salad and fruit. I had bought the lettuce and pierogies at Meijer yesterday but everything else I already had at home. A family member brought brownies for dessert. My new crockpot worked beautifully for the chicken. I picked up older granddaughter from school today and we had fun playing card games like Slap Jack, Old Maid and Go Fish. Tonight I will get to bed at a decent time since I have little granddaughter tomorrow all day.

Our new mattress is very comfy and I hope you love the new bed!
I returned a mattress cover to Amazon took too long to get here so I bought one at Walmart

I’m assuming your new bed are adjustable twins? That’s what we have and I think they are maybe 5 years old. The XL blankets should work
I had a doozy finding a bedspread until recently and found one on Amazon marked oversize. It’s perfect. I measured across both ways and added how long I wanted it to drop over the sides to find ours

Ours is also tricky with the nightstands, when I rise my side up a lot, I can’t reach my nightstand. So I put the nightstand on sliders and move it back and forth as needed.
Hope y’all enjoy yours!

Hi Rhonda,

Yes,they are. Th blankets are perfect. Thank you for the tip on the bedspreads. I will look there. That was a good solution with the nightstand. We are already enjoying it. I slept well last night. I did a bunch of work this morning and decided to go watch You Tube(just one show) and fell asleep until 4:30pm. I have been doing so much recently that it’s like I am trying to catch up on days worth of sleep. So no post today.

Thanks Rhonda

We bought a new queen mattress three years ago. It came with a free adjustable electric bed frame. You can raise and lower it. Great for TV.
Shop rite has chicken legs on sale for .69 cents a pound. No offense but our dog loves them! We don’t trust a lot of dog food mfg. so we try to include chicken in her diet. Sometimes for breakfast she gets a scrambled egg.
Got a good deal also on boneless chicken thighs for $1.49 a pound. I bought 30 of them for $15. Froze them in pacs of 5 which will equal 6 dinners. The days of boneless chicken breasts are few and far beteeen. The thighs are working out just fine. Who knew?

Hi Cindi,

Nice on the bed. Aldi’s also has chicken legs on sale for $ .79 a lb., Top’s has them for $ .99 a lb. The sale flyers start tomorrow. I believe the Aldi’s ones are a Wednesday deal. That might get me into Aldi’s. We have a lot of chicken right now so I am not sure. The thighs have so much more flavor than the breasts. We have some in the freezer also.

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