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Friday’s Frugal Things

We had bacon and eggs for breakfast.

I have been trying to find out why an insurance claim for the Hospital ER back in July 2022 was denied. I got a denial of claim letter on Oct. 25, 2022. I called the insurance company on that day and was told by a representative that it was because they needed more information from the hospital. She told me to sit tight and I would hear soon. Well, I had gotten nothing as of yesterday. So I called the hospital and asked if it had been paid by my secondary insurance. She said no that they had sent two denials. She said Medicare paid their portion but my secondary was denying it. I asked how much was left of the bill. She said $190. I knew there would be a deductible that I would have to pay for the ER but not that high. So at 8am this morning, I called the insurance company to ask what the hospital had to do to get this paid. I also told the woman I talked with that I am very frustrated with this. Everybody is passing the buck and I am left in the middle. She said hold on while I look at the claim. After doing so, she told me that it should never have been denied. If Medicare pays, they pay. She said the computer is stupid and she really meant it. I also told her so is the girl who I talked to on October 25th who should have realized that it should have been paid. The woman I talked to today is reprocessing it and making sure it goes through this time. She says I should get the benefit statement in the mail within 20-25 days. She is also calling the billing office at the hospital today and advising them that it was denied in error. They will get their money within 20-25 days. Then they can bill me the co-pay. Moral of this story: Never give up even though it is very frustrating. You just need to get to the right person. The $190 was not coming out of my pocket. We pay for the best secondary plan every month so I was not giving up. I will follow up in 20-25 days and make sure that I get the statement and that the hospital is paid.

I spent some time organizing my food storage today. It had gotten out of hand with Hubby’s hospitalization and then mine. I will spend a little time each day until it is the way I want it..

We are also starting to take some items off of dressers and end tables in our bedroom to get ready for the carpet work to be done on Tuesday. We also have to remove the bed on Sunday. That should be easy because it is a sleep number bed and comes apart in pieces. That will go out with the garbage next week. We are paying the people who are doing the carpet work extra money to move 3 dressers, a recliner and 2 end tables out of their way. They are too heavy for us to do it.

I spent some time reading a book on my Kindle.

Just before dinner, I helped Hubby mount our big screen TV in the bedroom on the wall.

For dinner tonight, we will have porterhouse steak cooked in the air fryer. Hubby does all kinds of steaks perfectly in there in the winter. I will also make some salads to go with it.

We will catch up on Yellowstone some more today too.

Did you save any money today?

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Hi Precious. I went to Kroger this morning to do my regular grocery shopping. I spent 69.21 and saved 19.01. I really saved more than that b/c I got a package of chocolate pudding and a can of jellied cranberry sauce in the markdowns. One thing I had read in one of my frugal groups on Facebook was to see if your grocery has medium eggs and price them vs the large eggs. They can be a better buy in this time of high egg prices. Our store had a 30 pack of them for 7.89. I did the math and it was quite a bit less than the 12 or 18 pack of large eggs. So some of your readers might want to check this out at their stores and see if they would be a better buy.

I had little granddaughter all day and we had a good day. Hubby and I had leftovers tonight for supper and they were good. I am glad it is Friday.

My son fought a hospital billing error for a YEAR. His insurance rep kept telling him it was taken care of and the Urgent care billing dept kept telling him it was taken care of but he kept getting a bill for it. Well, finally, someone in the billing dept saw that no one had entered it into the computer as being paid, so that was why he was still getting billed. She fixed it while still on the phone with him. No more bill. The bill was for a little over $3,000, and the last bill stated that if it is not paid he will no longer be able to be able to get treatment there until it is paid. Needless to say, he didn’t give up.

Today’s savings come from other people’s mistakes. At the checkout at the grocer today, when the cashier weighed the two pounds of bananas DH bought, the scale read 0.17 lbs @.52 cents per pound. DH was charged only nine cents instead of $1.04. When we got back home, the applesauce container was leaking. Brought it back and got both a refund plus another new one for free. $2.34 on our side! I paid for one month of Paramount Plus @$4.99 a month and near the end of the month, I cancelled the service. That was over six months ago. Not being charged BUT we still get the streaming service. For free. Not saying a word! Got a half dozen eggs for free from a good neighbor of ours this morning. Ordered Tums from WalMart (as part of an order) and the bottle was delivered broken on the bottom. Refund issued ($3.89) and I didn’t have to return it. I went through the whole bottle, kept the good tums and discarded the broken bits. Scored an almost full bottle. For free. Ordered an electronic humidifier for my bedroom. It was delivered fine but looked very odd. Not what was pictured on the website. Got in touch with Amazon and they said not to return it but issued me a refund. $36.50 score!!! And it works fine, just looks bizarre.
Transferred my low paying CD to another CD paying a higher interest. I was supposed to be charged a $1602 penalty for early withdrawal (from the first bank) but they only charged me $695. WTF? That was a savings of $907. Again, I’m not saying a word. The new bank CD pays a higher rate (4.25% vs 2.45%) AND they show the interest I am earning daily! So I get to see my savings grow and compound. At the end of every month, they automatically deposit the month’s interest in my checking account. It is going to be a BIG help for us paying higher prices as inflation continues to rear its ugly head. At no extra pain nor extra work either one of us has to expend. Whew! I’ll take whatever help we can get!

Hi Cindi,

Wow on those bananas. Did you get the applesauce at Aldi’s? I find that that is their return policy. Do you have Spectrum cable TV? We get Paramount Plus for free for one year. How nice of your neighbor to give you eggs. I love Walmart’s return policies. When I have a problem with something on a delivery order, they do the same thing. Nice on the Amazon error. Yeah on the CD. I am about to buy a large CD at the credit union because the rates are up. I am glad that the interest will help you out.

Precious, we do have Spectrum is that what it is??? I was never informed and it’s not on my bill. But I’ll take it. Been enjoying Tulsa King, 1923 and 1883 ad well as Yellowstone. Great deal!!!

It probably is. I had to sign up on a site for it for a year free. But who knows they may just be adding it on for their customers now. No it doesn’t show on your bill. We watch 3 of them too. Is Tulsa King worth it? The commercials didn’t look like I would like it.

Tulsa King is my new favorite. It’s a bit funny and very brutal at times. Perfect combo IMHO. Try it.

Oh. Thanks for the update. In any event, we’re getting Paramount Plus at no charge. We’ll take it!!

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