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Thursday’s Frugal Things

Today is the day the garbage and recyclables gets picked up. I had saved a few boxes to use around here and decided I had too many. So I broke down every one that we didn’t need and they are now out of the house.

All garbage was collected from all of the wastebaskets and our can in the kitchen. I had a very full bag but there was some that I couldn’t fit in. So I grabbed the thick plastic bag that they gave me at the hospital to bring my things home in to get rid of the rest. I even went down in the basement and emptied the wastebaskets near the work bench and a garbage can that we keep to put trash in. The old filter that I had changed for the furnace even fit in there. It was then full and I closed it with a saved twist tie. This saved me from using another trash bag. They have gotten so expensive that I am always thinking out of the box on how to save one. I hate spending money on things that we just throw away!

Today, I decided to cook up a lb. of bacon in the electric fry pan. We had homemade egg McMuffins with the bacon, eggs, and cheddar cheese for brunch. The leftover bacon will get used for meals over the next few days. I would never go get McDonald’s ones. Mine are better and I save the time and gasoline of going to get them. Not only that but I am hearing that their prices have skyrocketed.

I am now using bar soap in the kitchen to wash hands. As the last of the liquid soap containers empty in the bathrooms, I will be switching to bar soap there also.

This morning I previewed the Top’s ad that starts on Sunday. They have some good deals on chicken, pork tenderloins, 4 packs of soup, salsa, and ground beef. I need none of these things so I will not be shopping there next week. If anyone here shops Top’s and is interested in seeing this ad, it is

Hubby all of a sudden this morning asked me if we had any sheets for the new beds since they are being delivered next week. I told him that I had ordered two sets for each and they had just arrived on our porch. We still need blankets so I searched for them today and ordered 4 for the 2 beds. I got cotton thermal blankets. These prices have really gone up. I paid $45.00 a piece for Twin XL ones. But I had the $100. gift card to go toward them. Plus I will get Amazon points for the purchases. They arrive Tuesday just in time.

Instead of waiting for my son to come, Hubby and I managed to get the 4 wreath and candles boxes into the basement and up on the shelves.

I paid the property tax bill today. I also paid my son for my portion of the cellphone for all of 2023.

I tried not to overdue it today. So no nap was needed. Hubby and I watched recorded programs from this week both this afternoon and a couple tonight.

Dinner was the leftover chicken cordon bleu casserole. We have more in the fridge for lunches.

That’s it for today. I am off to bed.

Did you save any money today?

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Chris is in Denver for 2 days and Costco has eggs for 3.20/doz. So far he picked up 10 doz (the limit) I may have him get 10 more tomorrow.
He also picked up a few other pantry replenishment items.
Glad you are feeling better!

Hi Precious. This was a crazy day. I usually do my grocery shopping on Thursday mornings, but when I went to our Kroger, the power was out. It was crazy b/c I had just gotten gas for my van at their gas station on the premises. I always fill up when I get to half a tank, especially in the winter. I only get gas about once a month, so I let the kids have our gas points and I just take the .03 gal discount with your Kroger card. They use more gas than I do and hubby has a company car.

I went to my Y class and it let out early b/c someone fell and the squad was called. Then on the way home I passed an accident that had just happened and I got a piece of the road debris stuck under my car. Luckily one of the officers that came was able to dislodge it and I didn’t have any damage. Hubby looked things over and drove it when he got home to ease my mind further. One of the people in the accident had to be taken away by squad also. So I have been doing a lot of prayers for these folks that were in my path today and hope they didn’t have serious injuries.

I decided I wasn’t going to go anywhere else, and was careful when I walked down to get older granddaughter after school, didn’t want to fall. We had the kids for supper tonight and I made mini meatloaves, mashed potatoes, lettuce and applesauce. I had also made some banana bread and we still had some of the cranberry muffins. I usually try to have fresh fruit and some fresh toppings for the lettuce, but had to improvise on those since I didn’t get to the store. It was ok

For Christmas I asked for and received a new, larger crock pot from hubby’s folks. I put my old one in our Buy Nothing Group on Facebook earlier in the week and chose someone tonight who is going to pick it up on our porch. I will go to get my groceries in the morning before little granddaughter comes over for the day. We got our property tax bill in the mail today and it was $3643 for the half and the other half is due the end of June.

Hi Chris,

That is so nice that you help your kids out that way. I don’t blame you for not going out after all of that. YIKES!

Your dinner is the best comfort food ever. I love just plain old lettuce with a little dressing.

Is that just property or does it include your school taxes?

We saved big money today. oo Hoo. Shop Rite started their annual Can Can sale. we’ve been going every year for like forever now. Def over 20 years!! We stock up on canned goods for the year. Only the stuff we need and eat. Tuna fish, beans, veggies, plum and crushed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil…..things like that. We buy them by the case. For example: 10 cans of tuna for $8.99 (bumble bee albacore in oil or water).
The Can Can sale certainly is NOT like it used to be but a money saver nonetheless. We bought $141.77 worth of canned goods for only $68.36. That’s a savings of $73.41. This will last us all year.
Gas now here is $2.99. That’s great!
I returned a package of applesauce to Aldi. The box was leaking. They replaced it for free plus I got my money back!!
Today was the first time I was able to follow the WW diet perfectly. No cheating or over eating! It took me 4 days to get on the program, but I’m on it now. Wish me luck!

Hi Cindi,

Yeah on the can sale. I used to shop them when we lived in AZ but they don’t have them here. You saved a significant amount of money. Wow, your gas price is so low. I wish you a lot of luck with your WW.

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