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Wednesday’s Frugal Things

I will be taking it a bit easier today. I overdid it yesterday and I am hurting quite a bit more today. I took a nap and watched some You Tube this afternoon.

Hubby had some granola for breakfast before he went to a doctor’s appointment. While he was out, he stopped and picked up 2 prescriptions for us. They were on his route. I had an egg and some avocado for breakfast.

I had a Walmart delivery this morning. I am happy to tell you that they had eggs. They weren’t cheap but at least they weren’t out of stock.

I purchased 2-18 count brown eggs for $ 7.14 each. They were cheaper than the white eggs. We were needing shrimp for a recipe and it was on clearance for $ 5.72. The bacon was 24oz. and was $ 5.97. We were down to our last Half and Half so I got 3 for $ 2.78 each. The lime juice was $ .96. I got 2 chili powder, 2 garlic powder, and 2 garlic salt for $ 1.00 each. The total was $ 45.27 including the tip. These are basics in our house that we needed. Then I also filled in my gaps with the spices.

After my nap, I made dinner. I made

This was so delicious that we added it to our cookbook. For some reason the butter rose to the top. Perhaps we didn’t stir it in long enough. But it didn’t matter, anything with butter makes it taste better. She says in her recipe that this serves 6. But we believe it will serve us for 4 meals.

Hubby is doing what he can around here for me. He took apart the part of the Dyson vacuum that holds the dirt and cleaned it really well with soap and water a few minutes ago. He will leave it overnight to dry. He had already cleaned the roller when he put the new end cap on.This vacuum looks new and it is about 19 years old. The better we can maintain what we own, the less money we will need to spend on replacements.

That’s it for today. It’s all the energy I had to get things done. I have to learn to slow down a little but it is not easy because I have done so much every day all my life.

What did you do to save a bit of money today?

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Hi Precious. I had a good frugal day. Went to the bank this am to make a deposit and then to my Y class. After it was over I went to Meijer to pick up my free prescription and checked the Christmas clearance at that store. They had the tall wrapping paper I wanted for $1. It was all kids kind so I just got 1. I looked all around, but the only other thing I got was a package of gift card holders for .90 in case we give someone a GC for a gift. I also bought some bananas and a big tub of salad for tomorrow evening when the kids will be here for supper. My total was 7.xx. I stopped at church on the way home to drop off some donations and to get a Mass card. I was home all afternoon and rearranged some of my stockpile. Supper was some pork with stove top stuffing, green beans, cottage cheese and applesauce. It was all from my stockpile/freezer. I also worked on my Kroger list for tomorrow morning and loaded a bunch of digital coupons. Not sure if I will use them all, but I have them if I need them. My brain is kind of fried tonight so I will probably go to bed early.

Hi Chris,

Wow! You had such a productive day! Nice clearance shopping and grocery shopping. Supper sounds yummy! You have to love cooking from your fridge and freezer. I will be doing a lot of that. Unless the ads next week have super loss eaders, I most likely will not do any shopping. There is too much I need to do here. I am off to bed soon!

We got a check in the mail as part as a settlement: a whopping $5.38!! Hubby fixed our vacuum today but realistically, he said the fix will not hold for long. Looking at new vacuums. I need a beater for the rugs and it must be soft enough not to scratch our wood floors. Found one for $79 BUT holding off for a while.
I finished sewing myself a long flannel night gown. It’s a bit too big so I washed it in super hot water and it’s sinning in the dryer now. If it’s still too big, I’ll take it in or give it to my sister and sew another one for myself. Can’t complain if I need a smaller size. Wo hoo!
It’s the 3rd day since I started my WW diet and I am happy to say I almost made it a perfect day. Had a diet dessert after dinner BUT went over the points. Tomorrow I will do better.
I’m going to use my sewing machine to darn the holes in my white socks. Works like a charm and spares me from buying more socks!!Boiled a boneless chicken breast. I save the water because now it’s a broth. I made chicken salad with celery and carrots. This saves me $6.25 because I don’t buy the ready made chicken salad at the deli bar. I had it for lunch. DH had it for dinner!
Because of the warmer temps, all heat was turned off in the house for most of the day.
I’m enjoying doing this daily. Great idea.Keep it up because it makes me think.
Hope you feel better.

Hi Cindi,

Even $ 5.38 helps! The only people who make money on those class action settlements are the lawyers. That’s a shame that the fix won’t last long. But you know that he did his best. Maybe it will h9ld longer than you think. Here’s hoping Good l

Yeah on the smaller size. I wish I still had my sewing machine. I darn socks my hand now. I got a lot of use out of it but it died. Good luck on WW!

We make chicken salad a lot. Hubby loves it. That is one thing that I have never purchased at a grocery store. Good for you making it yourself.

I love that you can turn off your heat. Not warm enough here.

Thank you! I am glad that I can help. You think I can make it 365 days. I am hoping so but things happen.

Hi Precious. I hope you are able to get some rest. Today, the most frugal thing that I did was while I was grocery shopping. When the total came up it was for $208 dollars, when I was expecting it to be more like $180. Well, after making sure that Kroger had scanned my shoppers card, I paid and moved to the side to look at my receipt. None of my digital coupons came off, and they were having a sale buy 5 items and get $1 off each item. That did not come off as well. So I went to customer service and asked very politely if she knew why. Turns out their coupon system was down company wide. She went through my receipt with me and I was able to pull up my account on my phone and show which coupons should have come off and she credited me back $22. And then she thanked me for being so nice and understanding about it. It’s not her fault the coupon system was down. I wonder how many people bought things and just paid full price since their coupons didn’t come off. We are pretty well stocked here so I am hoping for much lower grocery totals for the rest of the month.

Hi Rachel,

Thank you! More people should be nice to each other! I am so glad you caught that. Twenty two dollars is a lot of money. It was so kind of her to give you such good customer service. I will be doing what you are doing: buying less and eating from the stockpile. Prices are getting so high that I just don’t want to pay them anymore. Unless there is a fantastic loss leader or I need something fresh, like milk, eggs, etc. I will not be buying.

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